GUESS THE POKÉMON (Violin Charades)

GUESS THE POKÉMON (Violin Charades)

Hello guys, welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin, and today we’re gonna be playing… Pokemon Violin Charades! *TEWIAY intro* Recap for people that haven’t seen our violin charade videos before, it’s charades except with violin. So no talking, no body language, and you only have to express and communicate whatever that we draw out of the bag with violin playing. We’ve put 151 Pokémon, the original series, into a pouch and we each gonna have 8 minutes…? 8 minutes to guess… – As many as we can.
– Yeah. And we printed out a little sheet for reference. But we can’t really see the names here. All right, scissors paper rock. Scissors, paper, rock! – You wanna play first?
– I’ll play first. Okay! Actually no, no! I don’t want to play first, I’ll guess first. Ooh, okay! I’ll guess first. So the…Eddy/Brett team shall go first. Yep. Alright, we need a timer… *claps* Pouches of all of the 151 Pokémon we wrote, handwritten by us in paper format, all in there ready to go. All 151 Pokémon… *smooth jazz* With no new Pokémon, yes… *smooth jazz* *smooth jazz* But Ling Ling can guess all 151 in 40 milliseconds! Ling Ling is a Pokémon. Start, now! Oh… Dude what is this Pokémon? *laughs* Oh no… Oh I know, I know it, okay. Oh no no no… Uh…ooh, this could be hard. Urgh… Okay! Water! Okay. – Uh, okay, okay, Uh…
– Seahorse. Wait, wait wait wait… uh… *water zen sounds* *Plays “Jingle Bells”* “Jingle Bells “… Hm.. It’s got bells on it… – No, no, no, no…
– Jingle…Christmas… Okay never mind, that was a bad one. Uh… *tries to imitate Vapereon on violin* – Uh…
– Seel! No. *plays fast excerpt* Quick. It’s fast. – It’s a fast Pokémon.
– Um! Yeah. – Yeah, yeah, yeah…Yes.
– It’s sea and it’s a fast Pokémon. Damn it…Vaporeon! Yes! (Both) WoaAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Alright, next one. No time, man! What…oh okay, uh…are you ready? Uh… *plays Asian music* Chinese Pokémon! Asian Pokémon! *sigh* No bro. Butterfree! Butterf…butter…butterfly! Butter…Caterpie! – Metapod!
– Yeah! Metapod. 2 right there, we’re doing pretty good! Dude this is good man, I think it’s because this, this really helps. Maybe. Eh, who knows… Are you serious? Oh, no… *plays Asian music* – Butterfree! Caterpie!
– Yeah. What…? Oh what.. Dude I don’t even know what Pokémon this is. – Fly.
– Um… Butterfly. – What Pokémon is that?
– Butterfly. Okay uh… I can’t feel anything coming from you. Uh..urgh!!! Ngh…! Um…! I’m feeling pain, it’s like… *tries to imitate Dragonite on violin* Rhydon! No. Uh… Tauros! No. Okay, um… *plays Asian music on violin* Chinese. – Uhh…
– It’s crunchy… Slow bow. Grinding. Pass. Oh. Oh what the hell is this. Okay. Um… Are you ready? No? *tries to imitate Scyther on violin* Graveler! No…! *laughs* *tries to imitate Scyther on violin* What it attacks twice… *attacking sounds* Scyther! Yeah! – OOOHHHHHHH!!!
– Holy s***!!! How did you get that?! How did you get that?! *laughs* I don’t know… *laughs* Alright, next one. I have no idea how you got that, but that’s amazing. Dude, intuition man. *laughs* – *plays “La Mer (The Sea)”*
– Here we go again. But… Lapras! Magikarp! Slow, water Pokémon. Togepi… Uh… Slow, water Pokémon…squir—no squirtle’s fast… Alright. Oh! It’s octaves! Double, two-headed… Okay. *plays “La Mer (The Sea)”* *tries to imitate Blastoise on violin* *tries to imitate Blastoise on violin* *laughs* – Blastoise!
– Yes!!! *laughs* What the… *laughs* Oh my God… Dude I don’t even know what this…okay um… *plays snake charming music* Oh, oh, oh! Kabuto! Eh, Kabuto. Om-Omanyte! Omastar! *alarm goes off* Oh time’s up. Are you serious?! Dude. What was that one? That was Arbok. Big snake. Ohhhhhhhh. Scyther, you know how I got Scyther? I was like “Chu, chu!” I see you going *excited mumble* – Yeah that’s exactly it!
– I was like “Scyther”! I was like “I just gotta try…to act it out.” And Blastoise… *excited mumble* Dude I have so many that I would’ve done so much better you know, – I just didn’t..draw them.
– Yeah. I got bad luck. Anyway, Scyther, by the way, when I used to play game boy… In case you guys don’t know what that is, but for the nine-year-olds, it’s a game where we play Pokémon game 20 years ago…what 15 years ago… And Scyther was one of my main characters. I trained up to level 99. That’s right. Beat all the gyms. So proud. Anyway, how many did we score? You missed Dragonite. Dude, how—what was this dragon. Dragon. *sings Asian music* I did Asian. – I also tried to drag my bow.
– Alright, okay. Oh, okay… *laughs* Dude that was so bad…what the f… You got Blastoise, so we got Metapod, – Vaporeon, we got that one.
– Vaporeon. – Scyther, I got that one, I don’t know it, Blastoise…
– Scyther. Arbok, I didn’t get… And Caterpie. – Alright then. Alright, it’s time to show my talent…
– Your turn. Time to show my talent in guessing! Yes! – Is it 8 minutes?
– Yeah. – That did not feel like 8 minutes.
– Yeah, alright man. Oh my god, how are you supposed to do this one? *tries to imitate Omanyte on violin* No, no no… *plays slow G major scale* Slow. Psyduck? Uh… Squirtle? *plays Egyptian music* What, Egyptian? *plays Egyptian music* Eh… *breathes quickly* Kabuto. Kabuto. – Omanyte!
– Yes! – What the hell?!
– YES yes yes…! – Ancient fossils mummies.
– Next one. – Okay.
– Ohhh how do you do this one…can you guys see it? *tries to imitate Tangela on violin* What was that? *tries to imitate Tangela on violin* A bird. Dude this is messed up. This one’s really messed up. Pidgeotto. *tries to imitate Tangela on violin* What is that? Skip. 20th century music. Impossible, I’m skipping it. *laughs* Oh, okay. – I think we should skip anyone that we don’t get.
– Yeah yeah yeah… *plays lullaby* Oooohhh! Jigglypuff! Wigglypuff! Clefairy! Clefable! Oh! Vibrato! Wrist! Vibrato. Loud. Resonant. Oh! That’s an evolution! No evolution? Bro let’s skip this. I know I got this THAT’S OBVIOUS! How is it obvious, it’s obviously not obvious! Night time. Slow. Which ones are slow? Oh yes, oh, Snorlax! Yes! – Ohhh, like sleepy!
– Yeaaaaaaahh! Next one. *plays lullaby in double speed* Sleeping but fast. *plays lullaby in double speed* Abra! *tries to imitate Zubat on violin* Gastly. – Bro that hurts. *laughs*
– Yep. – Zubat!
– Yes! Oh, nice! Uh… Okay, okay, I get—I got this one. Dude we’re doing pretty well. – Come on, come on, come on.
– Yes, okay. Water? *plays “Shooting Star” meme* – Oh! Starmite!
– Yes! *laughs* Dude I wish I got that one, that’s so easy! *laughs* Okay. Oh okay, here we go. Uh… *plays lullaby with strong vibrato” Fat. – Chansey!
– Yes! – You kidding me? That’s hilarious!
– Yes! Yeah yes… Okay okay okay, good. *plays “Navarra” by Sarasate” Sarasate. *plays “Navarra” by Sarasate” Spanish? Duo! – Doduo!
– Yes! – What?! Yeah! We’re on a roll! Guys we’re on a roll!
– Whoa! Whoa! Whoa…! Next one! Oh man. Okay. *screech* *tries to imitate Zapdos on violin* Bird? Pidgey! Pidgeotto! Spearow! Farfetch’d! What the hell is that…electric? Elec…Zapdos! Yes! Woah! WOAHHHH!!! *claps* Okay here we go, okay. *tries to imitate Moltres on violin* Pidgey. *timer goes off* – Ohhhhh!!!!
– Oh no! What was it? What was it? – Moltres.
– Ah, close. *timer goes off* Well I was doing the whiplash s***, Chansey… – *laughs* What? I didn’t even remember it.
– Yes. I was like… Pew pew! I was like…hoping…somehow, I hope, you can do whip… *laughs* *laughs* Dude I looked at this thing, and I was like… – “There’s no way.”
– Well we guessed that. *laughs* – We got all 150.
– Nah. – Alright guys…
– Save it for next time. Pokémon fans comment below. Let us know how close we were or how far we were. Thank you so much for watching. By the way, I hate plugging this but our world tour is coming up soon. It’s in September, October, November, December. This year in… – Finland Germany and America…and Canada.
– And Canada. Click on the link below, , and we’ll see you guys. It’s gonna be a crazy party on stage, for everyone. Thank you, and please subscribe. *clap* 🎶We’ve gotta catch ’em all.🎶

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