100 thoughts to “Gifted Guitars Channel Trailer”

  1. Can't wait to watch these videos, I love how artistic you are and the guitar you made for Colleen was incredible!!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with? And will there be some sort of Lego guitar as well as a Star Wars themed one? Lol

  2. How are you so talented?! I love seeing how much passion you put on projects like these. Congrats on the new channel!!!

  3. Okay, this looks like the coolest channel ever!!! Congratulations Chris, I really look forward to your videos. 🙂 You’re so talented and creative!

  4. I needed to see this. My Dad used to build guitars for people. He passed away last October. This will remind me of him watching you build the guitars. And awesome job on Colleens! It was beautiful.

  5. Ur doing a really great 👍🏻 job Chris, yay 😁 I’m going to love ❤️ ur new YouTube channel bc I really love ❤️ guitars!!

  6. Have a question…I'm trying to learn the ukulele but I have a physical disability in my hands from dwarfism. Fused wrist bones. Is there out there a tool to put on the neck of my ukulele to help me change cords?

  7. Hi Chris, I just wanted to say that I’m super exited for this new channel! I’m really looking forward to see these guitars and to see the progress of you making them and I’m proud of you for doing all of this!

  8. Good luck with this new project, Chris! I was stunned and in awe when I saw the guitar you made for Colleen. Now I know it's a part of this (not so new, I know) hobby/passion of yours related project. How cool is that you put together your passion for making videos, music/playing, building things, being creative and doing things for people you love/appreciate (so basically spreading love, kindness and smiles). That's amazing!

  9. Really excited about this!! Not really a guitar gal, but definitely a Ballinger gal and some of my favourite content it watching Christopher be good at stuff.

  10. Yay, this is so cool! Will you be making some guitar repair videos (and possibly some guitar tutorial videos if your loyal subscribers can force you to)? 😂😄

  11. You should do one for Joe sugg and one for Joey from Mr Kate, maybe with moons. The idea for this channel is awesome.

  12. I love this so much!!!! This is a great idea!! please post more I LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Love it Chris! I can’t wait to see what you create. Colleen’s is very cool, I can’t wait to see that video! Love your family, your creativity and your passion!! Good luck with this new channel! 💕

  14. I was wondering when we'll get to see the making of Pie 🎸. Love this. So excited to see videos here. My notifications are on 🌝

  15. This is so impressive. I am excited to see your skills increase as you progress. Colleen’s guitar is amazing. Keep up the good work. I’m subscribed.

  16. My husband just built a custom rosewood tele. He calls your family my “other family” because i really only watch Ballinger stuff on social media. I subscribe to the Ballinger Family youtube channel, Jessica's instagram channel, ALL OF Colleens channels and even your Mommas channel. I am so glad that maybe my husband will subscribe to this channel and jump on board with me! Congrats on the new channel! Mommu98 aka Amy M.

  17. I’m SUPER excited for this Christopher!! I love guitars myself and have tried building one myself and this makes me so happy!!!!

  18. Love this Chris Is this where Colleen got the guitar you gave her?Here at 1k 💕💕💕Also congrats on you and Jess not long now October 31st halloween💚💚💚

  19. This is so cool! And really exciting to see the genuine passion you have ☺️ absolutely love guitars myself so I'm looking forward to all of your videos to come!

  20. Omg chrissss just came over here from ur jake turns 10 decoration vid and im so happy u have this channel!!!! Love building and i love how u have combined ur love of guitars and a new channel to gift give!! Awesome 👏👏❤❤

  21. ok i know this i going to sound like im a butt buuut i think he is better at vlogging than other stuff because he in a way acts like a dad (of course i know he is a dad but you know what mean riiiight) #nothate

  22. Literally was JUST writing about Colleen’s waitress themed guitar and then that clip played!! Such a cool channel concept! Hats off to you, Christopher!

  23. Chris! SUCH a great concept and channel!
    You're one of those men who inspires because you make so many things seem effortless and sure.
    I'm happy that there is a new Ballinger channel to subscribe to. I have a line prepared for my next Colleen meet n greet, but I'll use it now 😉….I love all things Ballinger, so when Trent and Aunt Mitzi start a YouTube channel together, I'M SUBBING!! 🤣
    Best, Ken 🎸

  24. please tell me you'll open up a business!!! I would love to order a custom guitar from you and support you and your family!

  25. Hi I’m a woodworker and I would love to help you with building you any guitar you would like I have most of the equipment I don’t know about wires and all that stuff but I sure can build and shape a block of wood lol let me know if I can be of help

  26. I would have loved to see Colleen or yourself hold up the finish guitar. This family from what I can see really cares and loves one another! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. I'm loving this adventure watching Chris built this guitar for Colleen. She should have it by now cuz Broadway show is over. Cannot watch her play her first song on it.

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