Getting Tinnitus Relief Using Tinnitus Sound Therapy | Best Tinnitus Treatment?

Getting Tinnitus Relief Using Tinnitus Sound Therapy | Best Tinnitus Treatment?

In this video, I’m talking about one of the most effective forms of Tinnitus treatment, Tinnitus Sound Therapy, coming up. (upbeat music) Hi guys. Cliff Olson, Doctor of Audiology and founder of Applied Hearing Solutions in Anthem, Arizona and on this channel, I cover a bunch of hearing
related information to help make you a
better informed consumer. If you’re into that, make sure you hit that subscribe button and don’t forget to click the bell to
receive a notification every time I post a new video. Ringing of the ears, otherwise known as Tinnitus, affects
approximately 15 percent of the world population and according to the American Tinnitus Association, approximately 50 million Americans suffer from Tinnitus and 20 million of those have chronic Tinnitus. There are two main types of Tinnitus. The first one is Objective Tinnitus. This is typically caused by the body’s circulatory system. This is the type of Tinnitus that can actually be heard by another individual. Then you have Subjective Tinnitus. This is the type of Tinnitus that most people have and it cannot be heard by anyone else, except for
the person who has it. This type of Tinnitus
can have a ringing sound, a buzzing sound, a
whooshing sound, a static sound, it can even sound
a lot like crickets. Research tells us that most individuals with Tinnitus also have a hearing loss that can most often be successfully treated with hearing aids. We also know that replacing sound back to the brain with hearing aids is one of the most effective forms of Tinnitus treatment because it appears to shut that Tinnitus Generation Mechanism off. There are a variety of different Tinnitus treatments out there but one of the most common ones is using a sound therapy called masking. This is what most
hearing aid manufacturers use inside of their hearing aids to help you mask over the sound of your Tinnitus. You’re basically trading one sound, for another sound. Typically, a static noise is used to create this masking effect and oftentimes they will use a white noise or a pink noise. Here’s an example of each. (static) (static) But when you use a static noise, you’re essentially trading one sound for another sound, with the hope that the masking sound is more pleasant to you than your Tinnitus. But this where Widex,
today’s video sponsor, uses a different approach. Instead of exclusively using Tinnitus noise maskers inside
of their hearing aids, every hearing aid that they’ve developed since 2012, uses Zen Fractal Tones. Fractal Tones are musical in nature and music has been proven to reduce Tinnitus annoyance. The problem with traditional music though, is that you can habituate
to it, or get used to it and then it loses its’ effectiveness. Fractal Tones are not
repeatable so you never actually habituate to them and they’re played dichotically, which means you get different sounds in both
ears, at the same time. Widex has five different
Zen Tones that all have a unique sound profile to them. You can see by this graph here, that all the Zen Tones
are a little different from each other. Each one having a different pitch, tempo and intensity. This also allows you to pick which one works best for you and I’m going to play a sound sample of each one. For the purpose of this video, I’ve increased the volume of the Zen program so you can clearly hear
the differences between all of them. But remember, these
Zen Tones are typically played at a quiet level
in your hearing aids so they are not distracting. (musical tones) Widex also has what they call Zen Noise which is more like a traditional masker if you already know that that’s the type of sound that works for you. (static) One of the best things about Zen Tones is that you can actually do this sound therapy along with treating your actual hearing loss because you can combine these with your other traditional programs inside of your hearing aids, which means you get all of the benefits from having amplification to treat the hearing loss and on top of that, you
also get the benefit of using the Zen Fractal Tones. However, for maximum Tinnitus relief, it always recommended to combine sound therapy with a structured Tinnitus treatment program like Widex Zen Therapy. Widex Zen Therapy
consists of four elements. The first element is counseling. This is where your hearing care provider provides you with Tinnitus education and possibly implements cognitive and behavioral intervention. The second element is amplification in order to ensure that your hearing loss is addressed properly,
to reduce the contrast between your auditory environment and the Tinnitus. The third element is Fractal Tones. To receive the benefit of music in order to relax you and provide
acoustic stimulation. The fourth element is to
incorporate relaxation strategies to help you
develop stress coping mechanisms to deal with your Tinnitus. To learn more about the Widex recommended relaxation strategies, check out the Widex Zen Tinnitus App. Research indicates that Widex Zen Therapy shows significant
improvement in most users in as little as two
months, with additional benefits all the way out to six months. It’s important to understand that while there is no cure for Tinnitus, it does not mean that there are not treatment options available that are effective for reducing your perception of Tinnitus and to help you cope with the stress of your Tinnitus. You just have to make sure that you have the right tools in your toolbox and a hearing care provider who can help you implement them. That’s it for this video. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below. If you like the video, please share it and if you want to see other videos just like this one, go ahead and hit that subscribe button. I’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)

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  1. I cured my tinnitus just by squeezing my nostrils with my thumb and forefinger really hard and blowing hard into the nostrils then heard pop sound from my eardrums.job done.tinnitus cured.

  2. Are you mostly addressing the distress tinnitus causes some people? Is there any reason to attempt to treat it if it is NOT distressing?

    I have mild-moderate bilateral high frequency hearing loss. My audiologist about 8 years ago seemed surprised when I denied having tinnitus, saying my audiogram implied there must be some. I then realized there was a constant, unvarying, high-pitched ringing sound in both ears; it never bothered me, and I'm not usually aware of it.

    Great video, as always. Thanks.

  3. the best results give TRT therapy. You can apply TRT in Audibel, Bernafon, Siemens hearing aids.

  4. Dang it. I was just sitting with my headset on playing on my Ipad. 0noise from my headset or what so ever. BAM some kind of shock going thru my right ear to my left ear.
    Now i'm hearing a very small pitch making the right side of my head feeling a little bit of pressure

    Edit: Alright guys! It was only temporary for 1 day

  5. i think you people can get help from my sound therapy uploaded in my channel, if it works let me know plz

  6. Do doubt that Dr C will have a video for the tinnitus cure when it becomes available. May it happen soon.

  7. so you trade the tinnitus noise for another noise? what if all you want is what you had before? NO NOISE! all these hacks with phony cures and BS. fact is, there is no cure. you just learn to live with it.

  8. I've been having really bad whooshing sounds and pulsing in my right ear off and on for 3 years. The hospital in my area doesn't have an ear nose and throat department and they refuse to listen to me. They always check my ears tell me I'm fine and send me home. The first doctor I brought this problem too tried to tell me it was all in my head and when I pushed that it wasn't she got angry pinned me to the table with her arms and began yelling in my face that "it is just in my head" I've lost all trust in doctors.

  9. I love my Widex 440! I have single sided hearing loss and the zen program has helped with my tinnitus so much and the hearing aid has completely changed the way I hear things in everyday life! I honestly didn't realize just how much sound I was missing. My only regret is not getting one sooner! I found your channel when I was researching hearing aids and hearing loss and your videos helped me a lot with making sure I asked the right questions and got properly fitted! Thanks for doing this, Doctor Cliff! -Brett

  10. When I smoke weed it goes away when I don't have weed it come back when I stress I just need weed in my life with out my country being illegal with it i ended up in a car accident couple months back i hit my head frature my skull having a conccsion wasn't cool at all I use to have hearing problem when I was a kid but the only time it gets better if I have cbd oil or thc and it goes away I feel like normal when I'm stoned I think of something else instead of something bad if I do it get worst I need to medicate at lest 4 or 5 hours

  11. Fore people with servér tinnitus zen terapi do not HELP tinnitus is getting wors the older you get trust me the haircells are getting more and more Damage nervecelles in the brain are getting more and more overaktive zen terapi Just mask IT in the mean time tinnitus is getting wors fore many masking isNO thritmemt zen terapi is making my Tinnitus wors tinnitus is a living Hell fore10milian Americans pleace HELP us SOON with a REAL thritmemt 😭😦😵 many tinnitus suffers are also very Dizzy 😦😭😧zen terapi is No HELP not og you have servér tinnitus 😧😧😧

  12. Tinnitus May be overaktive nervecelles in the brain zen terapi do nothing in the mean time tinnitus is getting wors

  13. I’m only a teenager and this is a bad and confusing time for anyone and having tinnitus has not helped I started to listen to it a lot and I started to get really upset and angry and almost broke down many times at home so thank you for this.

  14. no one in my family has Tinnitus congratulation too me I have Tinnitus, I wanted it turn it off completely

  15. I have it in both ears different pitches so what works for one doesn't for other and have no hearing loss ? Can u help?

  16. Had T for 30 yrs. Get a fish tank, if saved me. You can produce white noise from tiny air bubbles from an airstone.

  17. Dr. Cliff, i dont have any hearing loss, but my T on most days is a 10. High pitched. no fun. Can i still use this Widex therapy/technology? Thanks, Pedro

  18. Try doing bhramari yoga, 2 to 3 times in a day and try meditation also. It will make u feel better and it helps in getting a good sleep.
    Make tinnitus a part of your life, don't focus on it too much.
    Don't think about if it will get worse or anything, try to avoid negative thoughts it makes ur tinnitus worse.
    Be with people who understand ur problem share ur problem with them and Try to not to be in quiet places.
    I am also suffering from tinnitus since August 2018 but my friends and family helps me to feel positive about life and see the good side of life.
    U can live with this, be strong… God bless you all

  19. I've been having a constant high pitched static noise in my right ear for the past 4 days now. I really hope this isn't permanent since I can't sleep sometimes from it. What do I do?

  20. They say that the medical world is far… They can cure this and that… But over 50% of the world experience tinnitus and they still don't have a cure for that 🤦‍♂️ I see this as more priority cuz a lot of people have this problem… But nobody is paying attention to this issue. All about other diseases that ofc also need attention but it's not like 50% of the population have that… Only 5-20% which still is a lot but still…
    You think they should have found a cure by now, especially with Nano technology and stuff. It's just so frustrating 😤

  21. can you please take off that ringing noise in your video. It's kind of hard to focus on you talking when there is a consistent ringing noise in my ear.

  22. Every single person in my family has titinus even my cousins and step dads dad my mom my older half brother my little sister every single person who’s related to me has titinus

  23. I have good hearing in my right ear , but I have a ringing noise in my right ear.

    This happened after I had cleaned up my right ear to hear better,

    could this be stress related perhaps go away once I get rid of my stress

    any suggestions I would appreciate it

  24. I have had this all my life I’m 54 if it’s quiet I hear it and you can sleep with a fan.. now if I consentrate on it it will freak me out… it’s mental

  25. I suffer from the sounds too guys,just make sure you get alot of rest, alot of sleep..Avoid stress ..Natural noices like rain water animals etc helps for relaxation.(but not onyoutube , i mena out in the nature) .God Bless you all and i hope one day we get healed from that.And dont thing too much about also accept it.

  26. Don't try to mask it , makes it worse hearing aides help at first to help u get through the first year or two, but just try and accept it, good news is nothing else seems to bother you . After you have been through tinnitus.

  27. I've had it for 34 years and have tried many different cures. But the only thing which helps is sticking ear buds in my ears and sleeping with music playing, all night.

  28. I've had ringing in my ears for a few years now and the only remedy i've had is my sleep tones machine at night and taking Lipo-Flavonoid during the day. it's helped calm my nerves which would make the ringing even worse.

  29. Wait…Mine is kinda different because I can hear my heart beat???it’s so loud and it so annoying is it part of tinnitus??or is it normal?because I can’t handle this anymore it’s been 4 days when I started hearing this😤

  30. Thanks, but I'd rather stick to my free 24/7 steady ringing than paying to have a wind chime installed in my head. Even if you guys put yourselves all the way through "Ear" school only to find out there's little you can do to help people, there's still no reason to throw in the towel and make such an absurd recommendation.

  31. I have a mild version of tinnitus that really only effects my sleep but with all the helpful videos on YouTube and a God who loves me infinitely I know I’ll be fine! ❤️🙏❤️

  32. I had tinnitus for 2 months , its was frustrating,
    then I start Drinking
    Red and Yellow Ginger herbal Tea , chaped Garlic and honey Every morning before breakfast and some Tinnitus sound treatments and in 3 weeks my Tinnitus was gone ,
    now after 2 years I got it again its wierd, I will try same process again and let you guys know if it help me again to get ride of it,

  33. Back in Febuary I got the ringing sound in my right ear, The ringing stops everytime i hear sounds from my speakers or other loud environmental things. It disapppeared suddenly last april. Now 2 days ago, it came back. Im trying to remember how i made it disappear.

  34. I have a weird deep noise on my left ear. I thought it was something outside of my house making some noise, maybe a car. It's not letting me sleep. Hopefully it's not tinnitus and it's just something temporary. Guess I'll have to sleep with headphones on. This is so annoying.

  35. Got so stoned one time and it sounded like i was in a mid evil arena and i was about to fight a god or somthing everything was getting louder and the light outside my window was turning white and i thought i was going to die

  36. Sorry doctor I have hearing aids when masking for more than 5 two 6 years don't help my tinnitus. My ENT doesn't provide any counseling.

  37. Hello, I like your video, especially your advice on how to treat tinnitus naturally.

    It's Knewreck Easy Ear Guide: it will be on Google if you need it

  38. Are headphones okay to use when doing tinnitus sound therapy? If so what type (on ear? over ear? earbuds?) Or does using headphones for sound therapy make tinnitus worse?

  39. I am hearing a continuous sound of a single frequency sound may be it is A sharp. Will i loose my hearing ability??

  40. 1. Take 32,000 IU of Vitamin D3 (all at once) every day for 1-30 days (24,000 IU for women).
    2. Watch the videos on youtube about Vitamin D3 and tinnitus.

  41. I have to have a fan on at night to sleep I've had the tinnitus for 6 years in 19 just found out that i have neve damege and how ever much of my hearing i loss i will not get back

  42. Okay…I had serve Tinnitus after an accident but its completely gone in one and half month. Just try to follow my advice:
    1 Walk daily
    2 eat green vegetable
    3 consume critic fruits like orange and pineapple
    4 Sleep without any pillow on your back not on ur sides n on stomach
    5 Do yoga… Yoga s Hoga

  43. In all honesty I thought the ringing was normal. I’ve had it since I can remember. When it’s quiet or just at random times it gets super loud. Haven’t thought abt having it checked. Maybe might be hearing loss. Just thought it was normal 😂

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