Gel Fingernails for Guitar Players

Gel Fingernails for Guitar Players

Here are the supplies you’ll need. You will also need a 36 watt UV lamp. Use primer so the nails will stay on longer and take more punishment. Nail guides can be found on line for about 4 dollars per 100. This is ibd UV Builder Gel, clear. Scotch tape could be used to hold the guide on. I take time to fill the end of the nail pretty well. It looks a little sloppy but is pretty forgiving. Place finger in 36 watt uv lamp for about 2 minutes. Peel carefully from bottom first. That would sound interesting! Capricho and a full CD of classical pieces I recorded with gel nails can be found on CD Baby. I’m the only Jimmy Rowbottom on there, just search my name. Available for download only on there. Contact me through youtube or facebook for a signed CD. After filing to your shape, wipe nail with isopropyl alcohol to remove the tackines left behind from the gel. I sand the tops of the nails to remove the shine, strictly to make them look more natural but they do slide across the strings better also. Clean your brush and it will last a very long time. If you get too much build up under the nail you may need to use a dremel tool to lightly touch underneath. I usually don’t run into that problem but it can happen.

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  1. How long have you been using it.???…..I used it for about a year and my nails got so thin and weak I had to stop all together……..sold my classical and only play electric now…..

  2. I have bite my nail my all life, to anxious and other disorder.. anyway now that i go back learning classical piece but also some fingerstyle arrangement , i really try want to have nail, i am loking at different solution i just order different finger pick like alaska pick and some other kind, but i am also looking for order fake nail or gel, and i wonder if with fake nail or gel , does your nails still can grow under ? because the main goal for me is to one day be able to play with my real nail.. but for now they just to short an damage.. almost nonexistent..

  3. I have a huge problem with my nails especially with my index finger. Now every time it grows it brakes while I play, does this nail feel natural ?

  4. just tried it by myself. failed completely. the gel was cracking like a glass and every time cracked at the point where the real nail ends..

  5. Understanding exactly how your fingernails are weak will inform what solutions work for you. I've tried this and other sorts of artificial nails but they all come off in a few days at most. Looking at the backside of the artificial nail under magnification reveals the problem. The glue bond hasn't failed: the top layer of fingernail cells — which have separated from the underlying nail bed — are still firmly attached to the underside of the artificial nail. You could have diamond grit electrostatically plated to your fingernails and it still won't make them any stronger if your nails are so soft that the various layers of your nail don't strongly stick together.

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