FUNNY INTERVIEW: Andrew Garfield plays the flute while Jamie Foxx raps

FUNNY INTERVIEW: Andrew Garfield plays the flute while Jamie Foxx raps

So the film. First of all, congratulations.
Really, really liked it. Lots of very likeable characters in it. Afterwards, my boyfriend
was like I want to go out for a beer with Spider-Man. Really? That’s cool That’s cool. I hope not
to criticise me. -No no no.
-Just to hang out? Like he’s actually a legend. He’s very funny,
he’s likeable. -Leg.
-Leg. No, that’s nice. Tell him I’m around. I will. I’ll pass your details on. Meanwhile, Electro. I mean, is he a bit of
a drama queen? – Huh? Is he?
-A little bit. -Really?
-He gets really angry with Spider-Man. Spider-Man’s nice. Yeah, but I want to defend you for a second. No, for all the queens out there. I don’t think Electro’s a drama queen. I think
Electro, I think Max has been through hell in his life. It’s been tough out there. He’s been trampled on. He’s been ignored.
We all need love. We all need attention. It seems like you got a lot of love and attention
growing up. That’s why you’re able to bring such joy. Yes, and you’re never down. Not really. Unless something bad happens. But sometimes people get the short end of
the stick. And Electro gets the short end of the stick,
and now he’s ready to whoop ass. It’s alright. Don’t be sorry. Just express
it, express it. Get it out. Let it out. Though it’s a bit sad. We didn’t
get to see as much of your nice face as I was hoping. Yeah, yeah. But you know what? Here’s the
thing though. This is what I feel like. When you’re in this business for so long and people
are used to and sick… Not sick of seeing your face, but after awhile they get like…
Another film? So what we like to do as characters is disappear. When you can disappear in a
character and not be what people see on your Instagram and Twitter, it’s all good. -Oh, I like it. You’re in there. In the zone.
-Yeah, yeah. Next up, we’re going to play my favourite
bad game. It’s called Worst Questions Ever. Oh God… I thought we… -Quiet you.
-I thought we already had. I’m just serious. I tried. Oh no, something bad’s happened. What in the hell is going on? Play it, playit.
Rick Ross and Andrew Garfield Play the flute Play the flute, hey
Play the flute, play the flute Spider-Man! Yeah, there you go. Turn up! I’m in a good mood again. Was I Rick Ross in that combination? Rick Ross was actually playing the flute. Rick Ross plays the Irish flute. Why do you have an Irish flute? There was a young lady in here before you
that was Ireland, and she made it known to me. Oh, she made herself known to you. -Wait no your game. You want to play…
-Let’s play the game. What is the longest word we can make out of
the letters in Spider-Man, and I’ve already had pie man, so you can’t have that. What do you mean? The longest word we can
make out of Spider-Man? Well, Spider-Man is the longest. Ohhhhhhh! Derm… Derma… Derman… Dermaspare… Dermaspun. -Dermaspy.
-Drips. Drips. -That sounds…
-Drippers! That sounds like it needs some antibiotics. Drippe— (laughs) The drippers. I’ve got a bad case of the drippers. Not the drippers. I hate this. Do you happen to have any Ampicillin? And very quickly, last terrible question.
If you were to be trapped in a Spidey net. Is that what we’re calling it? You can call it whatever you want. …with anyone. Who would it be with? Oh God. Baby Jesus. -I’d be trapped with the baby Jesus.
-At what age? -12.
-12 years old? Baby Jesus. Me and the baby Jesus in a web. -Just hanging out.
-Hanging out singing spirituals. -With a flute.
-With a flute. And Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne would be in our web. Lil Wayne? Yeah. Young money! Dream team. I mean… Oh my God… Amazing. Who would you be in a web? Rick Ross, I guess. Rick Ross! That’s a lot of web! That’s a lot of web buddy.

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  1. 2:57 "the longest word we can make out of the letters of Spiderman? ..well, Spiderman is longest" oh my god I'm gonna cry Andrew

  2. ah ha ha too funny rick ross huh that's a lot of web lol.
    im young money ha ha best lil wayne impression ive heard

  3. Jamie Foxx lied on his Dead Grandmother. Type in search engine an know he is a ARROGANT FOOLISH UNGRATEFUL SELFESH STUPID little b. People this Fool would have never been call Jamie Foxx if not for me!!

  4. ohh myy god i amm so damn in love with emma stone…she is a part of my life now…i am obsessed with her ,….the prettiest thing on earth !!! I LOVE YOu more than my life emma !! mmuuuuaaaaaahhhhh ur smile took my heart away and that is wy i am obsessed with you…i just donno the freakin reason wy u died in the movie…and mark webb dissapointed me with this lil thing because i luv spiderman and i am addicted to it….TASM 2 was going amazing untill the sad ending showed uo….real terrible !! And if u don show up in TASM 3…im afraid TASM 2 was the last spiderman movie to watch !! fifth time !

  5. "Um actually it's a thin whistle" holy shit everyone shut the fuck up that's so irrelevant and you're just killin the mood

  6. Andrew Garfield is such a nice talented guy. It's nice when you get an actor who actually deserves his/her career. 

  7. Lmao at "Got a bad case of the drippers…"

    Baby Jesus, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross. What the fuck?

  8. some people get the short end of the stick… and get electric powers… after being bitten by eels… and then blow up..

  9. Andrew Garfield is the best Spider-man although he could be a little bit shyer as Peter Parker but he's amazing

  10. Idk why it bothered me that Andrew was British. Maybe because I was not expecting it. (Don't attack me fans)

  11. Okay, now that I've seen all of the original and the amazing Spidermans, I think Andrew Garfield plays a much better Spiderman than Toby McQuire. I just think Toby is a little too old for the role, and Andrew did it perfectly with his humor and just the acting in general. Plus, I like Gwen a WHOLE lot better than Mary Jane. 

  12. tell andrew garfeild to play the flute on every interview lol hahhhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahaahahahahhaahahahahahhahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahahhahaahhahahahahahhahahhaahahhahahaahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahaahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahhahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahhahhahahahahahahhahaahahahahahhahahhaahahahhahahahhahahahahh sorry iget disterackted sometimes

  13. …………………………………………….that's a tin whistle………………………………………..

  14. Jaimie, you're an amazing rapper and an amazing actor especially portraying Electro in TASM 2 and in White House Down!

  15. Jamie fucking nailed the Lil Wayne impression and Rick Ross can hold this L for that last little roast at the end

  16. Lol that moment when she asked "Who would you want to be stuck in a web with" Jamie looked over at Andrew and in his head he was saying "Andrew will definitely say Emma! And if not, then he SHOULD!" XD

  17. Hey Andy, I really want to meet you in person. So I can teach you how to dancing to Smooth Criminal : Michael Jackson with my own style. Oh how I wish I could be perform this song on your birthday. Thanks anyway! Love, Sarah

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