FS7 II competition – “Violin Maker” short documentary

FS7 II competition – “Violin Maker” short documentary

I have been a luthier from the age of 15. Being a luthier is to call upon all of one’s senses: sight, touch, hearing and smell. Instrument-making is above all a manual profession, but also requires good knowledge of music, sculpture, varnishing, acoustics, and history. Each instrument that I create is unique – a singular and original creation. This trade does not consist simply of working with materials: there is also a sensual dimension which means that being a luthier is an artistic profession. One of the objectives of art is to nourish artists, and a luthier’s work is exactly that. I am Jacques Toussaint, artisan.

7 thoughts to “FS7 II competition – “Violin Maker” short documentary”

  1. Chouette vidéo et sujet intéressant d'autant que j'ai déjà rencontré ce garçon passionné par son art…. double j'aime pour la vidéo et l'artisan….

  2. Super bon taff. J'envisage d'aller le voir également pour réaliser un petit clip. Je suis passionné mais beaucoup plus modeste.

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