Fresno-Clovis Prayer Breakfast fills the Fresno Convention Center with over 2,700

So we raised our voices to pray
together as you taught us. Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done, on earth.>>We’re very excited to be here today
at the Fresno-Clovis Prayer Breakfast. This is an event that had its
genesis when five businessmen met at a restaurant at Blackstone in Visidaro
in about 1948 to pray for the mayor. And since that time our community
has grown, our needs have grown. This has moved to be
a significant prayer event. We have some 2700 people or
more here today. This is believed to be the largest prayer of event of its type
outside of Washington DC. We are here to pray for our elected
leaders, for our appointed officials, that they would know God’s will in
the performance of their duties. And to just love them and support them.>>Today Father,
we wanna ask you heal our land. Come to our city father, and help us to
stop being Democrats and Republicans and help us be true believers,
men and women of faith. Father help our city not to be
separated any longer by relationships, black and white, and poor and rich. But father,
we wanna be a city that is united. But sing their praise together. We’re asking, Father,
that you heal our land. We need you, Father. We need you more than we know. [MUSIC]

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