subtitles start at 0:25 so today we’re gonna make a pnl type beat i’m gonna go with a low bpm, 100-ish, i’ll take 103 for the main melody im gonna use a guitar here i’m gonna look for a preset i like “my pc sounds like an airplane taking off sorry” / “main melody” yeah i like that for the melody, we’re not even gonna use a single braincell are you done? we’re just gonna take a chord progression pack thats what i do when i have beat block or im just too lazy to think of something so what i have here are 10-15 chord progressions that are used quite a lot in trap we’re just gonna take one, this one right there i’ll set it back to 103bpm i’m gonna transpose that, to do this it’s shift + up arrow (or down) i’m trying out at different pitches to see if it sounds better somewhere else i liked the first one better / im gonna add some notes i didnt do anything special, i just took what i had in the first place, took the same notes i just added some an octave up or down, i “filled” the chords now that i have that, im gonna do alt + a what this does is it creates an arpeggio (?) with the chords you used for now i dont think it sounds good yeah i think we can all agree this is garbage so what im gonna do is im gonna move some notes to make it less garbage so what i did is i moved the notes that were too high for example thoses ones are way too high, i dont like it, so i moved them down an octave those ones too, so that it fills the empty space here it’s not bad, but it’s not crazy good either i’m gonna do alt + r, what this does is it randomizes the notes so here i choose to make the volume of the notes random and thats gonna make it sound more as if it was a human playing thats a little thing that can make your melodies a bit better now we’re gonna add effects on the melody first im gonna add rc20, which is an excellent vst im gonna us this preset, im just gonna remove the noise, which is this thing here, i just dont want that sound on my melody im also gonna add some reeverb im also gonna add a gross beat except im not gonna keep it at 100%, because if i did it would sound like this its cool, i like it, but what im gonna do is im gonna lower it, not completely im gonna lower it to like, 68%, idk and what that does is it’s gonna play both sounds at the same time, both the slowed down and original so you’re gonna have the two melodies complementing eachother alright, yeah i like it, its cool and, finally, last step, probably the most important add a fucking eq to your melodies PLEASE because if you dont do that, if you dont cut the lower frequencies on your melodies when you add your bass, the lower frequencies of your bass and of your melodies are gonna clash and that’s gonna sound really really bad, so be careful with that you’re gonna wanna cut between 180-300hz, you can see the frequency in the top left corner for example here there is still some bass left, not much but you can hear it not anymore, there isn’t any bass left so i’m all good, i can add my bass alright i have my main melody we’re gonna do a little ctrl + b (duplicate) because we’re not gonna actually bother adding variation to our melodies “camera stopped focusing sorry” / “second melody” / what im gonna do is im gonna add some vocals im gonna use exhale, which is a kontakt bank that i’ve been using a lot recently im gonna listen to some samples alright i am taking this im gonna let the guitar play on a loop, and ill try to find a pattern of vocals that i like, after that ill add some effects alright so im happy with what i have here. so first off im gonna add a lot of reeverb im gonna add some delay and an eq with old telephone except im gonna lower it a little and im also gonna use a rc20, once again without the noise but this time ill use this preset “third melody” / im now gonna add a pad im gonna try a bunch of presets thats cool thats trash alright im taking this 100%, i like it i dont thin kim gonna add any effects to this, im just gonna get rid of the lower frequencies im gonna try something a little weird im gonna add a kickstart (sidechain plugin) to the pad, but ill lower it a little i now have my 3 instruments i will now add a reese bass i’ll take from there, the hlbak drumkit of course and im gonna cut a little bit of the high frequencies now ill try to find something a little more interesting than just a bassline thats following the chords that sounds good to me “drums” i only put 4 instead of 8 here otherwise it’s too often to me i had found a percussion loop, kinda similar to the one in “au dd” yup this one im gonna add kick and snare on my pnl type beats, i use this one every single time, because i feel like it really fits the vibe ctrl + b to duplicate and then shift + d to bring it back to normal size i use this kick, no lie, in about 80% of my beats boost this knob for better kicks im gonna do a rather basic kick pattern alright so here im happy with what i have with my kicks im gonna start with a basic hi hat pattern ctrl + b to duplicate alt+u for whatever this is called then im gonna do this, right click on the notes velocity to make them go down like this then we’re gonna duplicate that 3 times and the only we’re gonna change is this roll just goes there so here i have my main hi hats, im gonna duplicate them im gonna copy paste this pattern, except im gonna add a halftime on it thats kinda shit it doesnt really have any energy, i think im gonna use this roll, and put it here and those rolls are too slow with the halftime, so im gonna make it a little quicker now im gonna add a delay and a phaser on top my hi hats are good now im gonna add some open hats and im gonna repeat pretty much the same process, a normal pattern and a pattern with halftime and some effects on it im gonna do some open hat rolls im not talking much because even i dont really know what im doing im just trying some stuff out so like i said im gonna duplicate that, send it to the mixer and add a halftime and a delay on it after that i have no idea what im doing im just gonna add some random shit so a flangus, chorus, and something from rc 20 alright so what am i gonna use in there, ok retro game, so something to make it sound like an old video game ok thats not bad alright so i think the beat is done so im gonna take care of the structure of the beat now something that really helps is to go over there, right click the pattern name, then “split by channel” what this does is it creates an individual pattern for each element that you had in your original pattern so i just do this, place my pattern, press “+” to advance to the next pattern then put everything in the playlist oh yeah thats right im a dumbass i forgot to make a sub bass same thing as the reese bass im gonna add a couple of effects well, the same ones actually this thing which is insane on basses ok so here it’s too loud, but you can hear that it goes hard im gonna put a slide here i think ctrl + h to stop the sound alright, so here are a few tips for 808 slides always start with a low root note if i start the slide from here, it’s not gonna sound as good as if i start it from here “length of the note” / take a 1/4 beat and shorten it a little with some bpms you’ll have to adapt but with this length in mind you should be fine another thing, make sure you stop the previous note before you start the slide im gonna cut it about here, and im also gonna cut it afterwards but if i remove all the things i just said as you can hear it is shit im gonna make another slide but a smaller one also, another thing for basses to all of you who struggle with finding the right note for the bass pitch your bass 2 or 3 octaves up for example here you could say “im struggling i cant really tell which note is the right one, it’s too low” this is not the correct note, this is offkey, but if i play it you cant really tell that it is offkey but if i pitch it 3 octaves up its offkey, you can hear that it is but here, you can hear that is the right note NOW the beat is finished now that i have everything i can move on to the structure of the beat select everything, ctrl + b a bunch of times, until you get to, 4 minutes yeah i dont think ill need 4 minutes first of all im gonna remove the drums because at the start of the beat i dont want any drums im only gonna keep the pad, i think the guitar will be something that will only be in the chorus im gonna add the reese and the vocals im still not gonna make it drop, im gonna make it a long intro, i want to create a vibe like that here im not gonna make it go into a chorus itll be a verse ill cut this here and it’ll come in only after the snare, same thing for this alright im happy with how it starts here it would be cool to have the guitar come in but progressively so what im gonna do is im gonna add an automation, im gonna add another eq on it with this preset here, click here twice and you get this one so im gonna create an automation here based on the frequency. i want it to be barely audible in the beginning like that im gonna remove the guitar for the first part of the chorus, as well as this open hat and second part of the chorus there’s everything, except for the sub because you cant put the sub and the reese together “i didnt explain the structure of the second verse because theres nothing interesting” / so now its finished so, mixing, how do you do it people often ask us : “how do you manage to have such a perfect mix?” well the solution is really simple we do not mix so obviously thats easier right click to select them then right click on an empty mixer track, “channel routing”, thing so what im gonna do here is im gonna loop the beat, solo some tracks on the mixer, and readjust the volumes instinctively there arent any secret technques or anything, you just have to make beats just keep making beats, and over time, your mix will be better, there arent any secrets honestly, its really not interesting to watch, if you want a mixing tutorial i can do it but theres really nothing to say here the fact that the kick goes in the red is a good sign alright, everything’s good, in terms of he master track when you start fl studio, if you havent changed anything, you should have something like this ok so this thing is absolute garbage i really do not recommend a limiter if you do not know how to use it what we use is this, the t racks clipper and honestly, there isn’t much else to do on the master track if you cant buy this, because it costs about $70 what i used to do is use the soft clipper, and it does a pretty good job you almost cant hear the difference we’ve had a few comments asking for a mixing tutorial, we can do one but its gonna last 30 seconds (like you in bed), because theres really not much to say to have a good mix, you just have to use good samples (hlbak drumkit) you adjust the volumes, and put a clipper on your master i think i said everything, the beat is finished all the drum samples used in the video come from our “chariot” drumkit, which you can find in the description here’s a promo code “PNLTUTO” for 25% off just have a look at this setup, the phone is standing like this with a capo on a chupa chups stand

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