Engineering students reinvent the electric guitar

Engineering students reinvent the electric guitar

[music] [students playing an electric guitar] [Shane:] Everybody on the team has interest in
music. Four of us are musicians and some of us are just interested in sound. [guitar notes] The idea is to reinvent the electric guitar. [Alex] Everyone wants the cheaper guitar but also on top of that it’d would be really cool if you can program your own effects into the guitar rather than paying for
hundreds of dollars in petals and lots of equipment. [Andrew:] Class is good you need to know the theory but it’s the hands-on it’s the the creating things that is
really interesting if you’re an engineer, so experiential learning is kind of a
place to do that. When they walk in the door as
freshmen they start with tinkering but at the very end, senior year, your senior design
experience would kind of be the cap of experience of learning. [Shane] On the first day
of senior design class we’re able to pitch our idea to the advisor and we
added some complexity to it to make it worthwhile of a senior design project
and built our team and we’re off. [Alex] It almost looks like how it sounds because that’s like a low and this is a high. We have our own project so we have
to meet our own deadlines that we create and our own design constraints. [Shane] Doing this is really fun but it’s extremely demanding. You’re tracking into unknown
territory, probably doing something that’s original. [Andrew] The room we’re in right
now which is our design studio. We have our engineering machine shop we have an electronics tinkering lab and we have a digital manufacturing lab. We want
students to come in tinker play develop their own projects
and pursue them through those spaces. [music] [Shane] Well this is engineering and we’re down to the wire. [music] [Andrew] When you apply for jobs and go talk to industry, they’re going to look for these things on your resume, these outside the
classroom activities. We’d like them to have those entrepreneurial skill sets
within their own firms, so being creative, taking initiative, kind of owning a project and being an advocate for it. [music] [Alex] I feel like this project
has a lot of potential. [Shane] we’d like to develop this, make it a marketable
product, make this something that somebody will look at and say, “wow I
totally get it.”

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  1. I just stumbled upon this. This is so cool and interesting. I am naturally good at math and science and like playing my electric guitar. Do you guys know if there are any other engineering opportunities in the electric guitar industry?

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