Dryer Repair – Replacing the Dryer Drum Slide (GE Part# WE1M481)

Dryer Repair – Replacing the Dryer Drum Slide (GE Part# WE1M481)

Speaker 1: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect.
Today we are going to show you how to change the Dryer Drum Slide. Really an easy job,
want to going to need a couple of tools. Phillips screw driver and a #2 square head Robertson’s
screw driver. Let me show you how it’s done. First step in the repair will be to disconnect
the power to the dryer. There’s a plug on, just disconnect it from the receptacle to
the third wire, you need to turn off the breaker or the disconnect switch. Next, we need to
remove the front of the dryer, to gain access to that we have to take this trim panel off
at the back of the console, there’s three Robertson’s / Phillips screws, once we remove
that, we’ll take the top off and then the front. Two long screws that hold the top on
going to lift up in the front of the top and pull it
forward and it will lift out of place. Next, we need to disconnect the wires to the sensor
and door switch, should locate it on the left hand side here, and just disconnect those.
I’m ready to remove the front. One screw in each end of the brace that holds
the control panel in place, simply lift up on this, lay it across the top of the cap.
Those are the two wires you need to disconnect for the sensor and the door switch circuit.
Next, we have two screws on the top corner and also two on the bottom that just need
to be loosened, top two needs to come out. Just pull forward on the front panel then
lift the two screws on the bottom. Now we have access to our front glides and our felt.
Now that we have the front panel removed we have access to the shroud and the slides that
are mounted on to that. Now I suggest if you’re going to replace one of these then you replace
both because it will wear fairly evenly. To remove the slides, simply lift up on the slotted
end, pull it out, and there is a tab with a hole in the end of the slide mounted on
the other end, you simply disengage that and take our slide, set the hole over that tap
and tuck the loose end into the slide. Do the same on the reverse side, make sure it’s
sitting firmly in there and that the tap still engaged the hole in the slide, and we’re ready
to reinstall the front. Now that we have replaced the parts we’ve
required, we need to reinstall the front panel. I want to make sure that we engage these two
slots in the front panel, two screws in the front of the cabinet, set those in first.
The two wire harnesses up make sure they don’t get pinched, now lift the drum up slightly
so that it fits over the bearing housing and we need to line up slots on the cabinet and
the front panel. I am going to reinstall the two screws and secure the front to the cabinet.
Remove the two bottom screws, reconnect their wire harnesses, lift the console and slide
it into place, make sure it fits firmly on the top of the cabinet edge, reinstall and
secure that. Next we reinstall the top with the lineup leave two slots, at the rear two
little hooks, pull back and make sure they are firmly engaged. We’ll secure the top with
the two long screws. And last we will install the trim piece in the back of the control
panel. Now we’re ready to reconnect the dryer to the electrical supply and our repair is
complete. That’s just how easy it is to change the drum slides on your dryer. Thanks for
watching, good luck with your repair.

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  1. My dryer just stopped before the cycle was done. I looked inside and saw that the felt was hanging out and was stuck in the drum. So I've got a 18 inches of felt partially hanging out from inside the door. Can I just put the same piece of felt back on…or do I need to replace the "slide."

  2. Thank you! for these tutorials..This is my exact dryer! I am the home diy diva around here,so I followed & replacing the belt, my belt was broke and sure enough found that my dark tab slide was broke and white drum slide was worn..Ordered our replacement parts from partselect online and hopefully will have this fixed when parts get here this week! Again.I can't.Thank You enough!. I recommend partselect to all my friends/diy buddies now 😉

  3. Update: Woohoo! I did it! I fixed the dryer all by myself..Thank you! My parts arrived today from PartSelect. I replaced both drum slides and drive belt..cleaned out machine/ducts, heating coils checked, felt checked, checked rear drum bearing, cleaned out the back of that plate too…Working and sounding better than ever now. 🙂 Thanks

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for your question. Drum slides or glides are what provide support to the front of the dryer’s drum and a smooth surface for the drum to rotate on. They're usually made from nylon, plastic, or teflon, and depending on the make of the dryer, they'll have a cork or felt backing.

    Hope that helps!

  5. That was my issue plus a cracked Top Bearing. The video is a great way to drive business to your site. I wound up purchases the supplies from there.

  6. The drum slides shouldn't be worn out after two weeks. Can you tell that they're worn out, or are you just experiencing the same problems? Sorry for my confusion, it's sometimes hard to completely understand the issue without being there!

  7. Hi Konrad,

    Thanks a lot for your question here! Great job on the rear bearing repair. Are you able to provide the model number for your dryer? If so, I can give you the exact part number you'll require to replace your front bearing. Thanks again, cheers.

  8. It's no problem at all, Konrad. Here's the part number required for your model, for the top bearing: WE14M124. Let me know if there's anything else I can do. Cheers.

  9. Hi Konrad! What fantastic feedback. I'm so glad your second repair with this went equally as well as the first, and that we were able to help you hang onto your washer and dryer!

    Your comment would be pretty inspiring to first-time DIYers – if you don't mind, I'm going to share it with our Facebook fans this morning :).

    If you'd like to check it out, our page is Facebook [dot] com / PartSelect.

    Thanks again, Konrad. Cheers!

  10. Thank you Steve for your expertise in this area. After watching your video I was able to tackle this job with no problem. It took me approximately 20 minutes from start to finish and now we can dry our clothes without the horrible screeching. Thank you so much for your help.

  11. Hi, Bill! Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback. We're very happy we could be of help to you. Great job on the repair, and take care. Cheers.

  12. I have model dcvh515gf0ww take so long to dry, which parts do i have to replace and what is the part number? thank you for your help

  13. Thank you! Took me about 20mins to do this. Ordered the part from your website and received it in two days. By far the hardest part was putting the door back on.

  14. This video was very informative and I completed the task in under 30 minutes.  I ordered the parts from the website and they were here in a few days. Thanks for the posting this video.


  16. Hi Steve!  We have the dryer in this video.  We have clothes catching at the top.  Is it probable our problem is the slide drums?  Also it was squeaking the the felt? was coming out.  We stuffed it back in and now it is no longer squeaking.  Is that ok or could the be a fire hazard?  Need your input for sure!  Thanks for your help in advance!

  17. i have this exact dryer in the video and it runs fine when not loaded but when i load it with clothes it makes a rattling noise after about 5 minutes. any help?

  18. Everything Lenny Thomas said was my experience. Thank you for the video and instruction. The clothes would get caught where the drum slide should be (it was almost totally worn down) and would leave black marks. I replaced the 2 drum slides and no more getting caught.  

  19. My dryer (same as the one shown in this video) was having a problem with clothes getting caught and or black marks, but no squeaking.  I replaced all 4 slides along with the felt.  The dryer seems to be working well, but now it is squeaking.  I took it apart again, and the slides and felt appear to be in the correct position.  Any ideas?

  20. I just did this with the same exact model dryer.  It was working great before but made that squeaking sound.  I pulled it apart just like in the video and replaced the Drum Slides.  Something happened because when I put this all back together, the dryer drum is very hard to turn.  I can run it with no clothes but as soon as you put even a tiny amount in it stops spinning altogether.  Many websites say it's a motor problem but it was working literally 20 minutes before I took the face off and now that I put it back together, it's not.  What happened to my dryer??

  21. I was thinking that when I paid $1000 for my dryer it would have had Real Bearings to support the main weight bearing moving component. Shame on GE for being so recklessly cheap by including nothing more than nylon wear pads in the design of a fairly expensive household appliance. Excellent video though, you explained the job nearly flawlessly..forgot to re-connect the two wiring harnesses, but nobody is perfect. Especially the Design Engineers at GE….shame on them.

  22. Thank you for providing this video. It was much easier than reading a schematic. I followed your steps and got the parts replaced with no problems.

  23. I have model DCVH660EH0BB,enter service mode have E02 ERROR CODE in the display cause inlet control thermistor in short circuit , what is the part number? thank you for your help…


  25. When replacing the top glides, is it recommended to replace the felt strip underneath at the same time? Also, since it is already dismantled, I might add that NOW is a great time to clean out the lint trap!

  26. Kudos for your great videos!! I have the same model as in this video, but the tag with the model # is missing. Could you please share the model #. I am looking to restring the element and can't find the right part #. The only difference I can see between this video and my machine is the bearing on mine has 4 slots for slides. One other question.. are WE1M481 and WE1M333 the same part? Thank you!!

  27. I got a GE dryer model GFMN100EL0WW it starts runs and stops again . it says to clean lint . I cleaned all the lint even the sensors but it didn't make a difference . what else can I check ?

  28. Our dryer has model number gfdn110gloww and it's squeaking. do you know what parts we would need to fix it and how to fix it?

  29. why in the F*** are there no drum support rollers? To hell with this GE Adora dryer. Its no wonder GE WAS the company of choice. S*** for brains engineering.

  30. Hello I have model #GFDS140GD0WW the start switch is good and the door switch. Nothing happens when I press start (drum doesn't turn, and I can smell had inside the drum) could it be the ignighter?

  31. Thank you so much. Never could have done this without your help. Replaced coils, skids and belt.$aved lot$ of $$$

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