The BASS has to **** 🙂 For me as a promoter there is that point of
no return The artists are booked, the location is ready. Only thing you can do is wait The waiting is horrible
That never really goes away Not even after 20 years You walk through the location
Check if everything is ready If everyone is at their spot, the security
team for example So I check those spots – about 15 minutes
before everything starts I ask if we’re ready – and if we are I
go to the entrance and tell everyone “let’s go” And saying that is such a good feeling You see all those people
It’s just great Drum’n’Bass is hugely influenced by musicians
from UK/England Lot of them come from there
They just go to the airport, get on a plane and we are waiting for them on the other side There are about 150 countries on this planet,
where Drum’n’Bass is popular But there are 1-2 very popular Drum’n’Bass-DJs at a time. So 150 countries are trying to get those artists So it’s really difficult to get them it used to be a lot easier because there were fewer Drum’n’Bass parties Dreamland is just wicked In my view Dreamland is people in neon-coloured shirts with short hair This sound is a lifestyle There are people with long hair aswell look We used to get Drum’n’Bass tapes from
England and just loved it And started doing small parties
But after some time we noticed it wasn’t just a trend
It was like a virus In just a few months we got from 100 people
to several hundred And it just got bigger and bigger – in just one year Drum’n’Bass has evolved so much It used to have only 12 to 18 tracks And now it has up to 50 tracks It has become high quality You don’t even need any alcohol I was completely sober yesterday because I had to drive But I still danced for 4 hours straight It’s just awesome

21 thoughts to “DREAMLAND FESTIVAL – Drum’n’Bass // Bremen NEXT”

  1. Wie heißt der Track am anfang ( 00:07 ) ? Würde nicht fragen wenn ich mich nicht um die Künstler gekümmert hatte 😉

  2. 4:00 was labbert der für ne scheiße? spitze ist england gefolgt von norwegen und schweden. deutschland kann froh sein wenn man atemlos durch die nacht hört

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