Did These Bands Steal Metallica Songs?

Did These Bands Steal Metallica Songs?

You may recognize this bag. This is Metallica. They raise the biggest buck in heavy metal. We have discussed how it could shrink because of possible lawsuits in plagiarism. But sometimes it’s Metallica who’s the victim. So, if they were to become copyright bitches, would it be enough to win the money back? Hi friends! It’s Andriy Vasylenko. Before making this video, I was sure there’s going to be lots of cases when Metallica got ripped off. And I was disappointed. First of all, it was hard to Google it. Every word combination led to the exact opposite search results. Seems like people would rather talk about the bigger beast being bad. Or maybe everyone’s simply afraid to openly rip off and confront the beast. But despite being such a huge thing, Metallica are in pretty liberal towards copyright matters. Perhaps, they earn enough and are too busy to be distracted for such a pointless hustle. Anyway, I gathered a few really curious cases. And we’ll rate them with different levels of plagiarism. From confirmed rip offs to patterns that everyone uses, and everything in between I explained each more detailed in the first video, which btw has gained 100k views! You seems to like it, and now you get more. And yeah, join us on the road to 100k subs! m/ So, let’s go! For those who still believe that Mustaine wrote the entire Kill Em All Motorbreath is not his song, it’s 100% James’. (though, it could’ve been written by Hugh Tanner from James’ ex-band Leather Charm) Mustane do use riffs from Metallica that he wrote in Megadeth songs, but discuss them now. That’s obvious, he has the right to do it. But I won’t deny that Mustaine’s might’ve “stolen” Motorbreath on purpose, as an attempt to mock Metallica. which is actually a peculiar type of homage They used Dave’s riffs, despite his warning, and now he strikes back! But who knows was that deliberately or not. At the end of Metallica’s Last Caress / Green Hell cover, you can hear a butchered version of Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden. That’s, I believe, is an example of friendly mocking, probably. Cliff Burton was a fan of Steve Harris, but wasn’t really shaped by him. Simply because Cliff had already developed his own sound before Iron Maiden made it big. So, could Steve take something from the Metallica bassist? I personally don’t track any such influence in Maiden songs, and “Blood Brothers” seems to be the only exception. Except, it’s probably not an exception at all This pattern appears in Steve Harris’ bass parts since like forever. You might call it self-repeating or a signature lick. Anyway, as I said in previous video Be sure that’s Steve’s job The Orion and Blood Brothers licks are both in 6/8 and at about 80 bpm, which is quite common for such a melodic stuff. They start with a similar accent, share the first two chords (adjusted for different tonalities) and even match in one bar. But then each goes its own way. The similarity does not go far enough to call it “stolen”, nor even “inspired by”. I think it’s a coincidence, with a slight possibility of unconscious borrowing. If they really stole it, why not hide it better? And that actually might be the point. The entire Hail to the King album is an homage to the music that shaped Avenged Sevenfold. Although, the influence of certain bands is not apparent in most of the songs. This Means Wars stands out in that regard. It deliberately sounds a way so no one would question who’s its daddy. And it sure helped some, if not lots of A7X fans, discover Metallica. Maybe that’s why they made it so easy to recognize, so everyone in the comments would say Jack the Fan: “Dats actually Metallica song!” They must have big balls to go for that knowing how much sh*t would come their way from the part of Metallica fanbase. And it sure is big. I know! But I personally can’t accept the song completely because of it. Unlike, for instance, Shepherd of Fire, which is thought to resemble Enter Sandman But they didn’t go that far in copying, and thus it listens with less mental dissonance. Conclusion. This Means War is a 100% homage. Same goes for the next one. But they did it even better(y) Basically, Sum 41 mashed – or shall I say, summed – up several iconic thrashers of Metallica. And d*mn they done it good! Battery was obviously the core, even the name imitates it. Plus it includes bits of Through the Never, Creeping Death, Blackened And maybe even some St Anger, which was at the time the newest Metallica album. So, ironically, Sum 41 sounded more like Metallica in the song than Metallica themselves at that point. Actually, I stole it from this comment ;-0 And I will say even more! Sum 41 did a better job of bringing up the classic Metallica sound than Lars and company did on Hardwired to Self-Destruct. There’s a thin line between a signature sound and self-plagiarism. On their latest album, Metallica often crossed it, and so did Megadeth. But that’s a story for another time. It has been confirmed by the author, the song rips off Sanitarium which, in its turn, rips off another one which, in its turn, rips off another one which might;ve taken it from even an earlier song or Beethoven or something. The guitarist criticizes himself for plagiarising Metallica. But honestly, he did a great job. The lick, which btw was his very first riff, receives a new mood, it sounds more depressing despite the fact that it’s in major, btw, it’s transposed from E to G I would’ve not even noticed the similarity, had I not been told. Anyway, we label it as an unconscious plagiarism. Well, this might be my subjective observation – and it probably is. But this similarly doesn’t let me go for almost a decade now. For those who didn’t catch it, I meant the Kirk’s clean fill and Dimebag’s harmonized melody. This kind of transition is pretty common, though, let alone progressions that start with Am and C chords. Which also goes with the next case. Not that Rammstein rip off Metallica. It’s just their riffs are basic, often just slightly embellished common patterns. Hype of Rammstein creates may be the only match to that of Metallica And people love to compare and clash the biggest players in a game. Well, Rammstein themselves joke about it! Though, Metallica did influence Richard and Paul, and thus played a role in Rammstein’s inception. As well as in the inception of thousands of others bands, from Avenged Sevenfold to probably yours. Alright! What did I miss? Maybe you know a better case when Metallica got ripped off. We are so close to hit 100k subscribers mark! And if you’re watching it from the recommendations, welcome to our community! And of you like what I’m doing, become my patreon, keep this channel alive! Thanks for watching! It’s Andriy Vasylenko. Be in metal m/

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  1. Metallica went from awesome thrash metal band, with kill them all, ride the lightning, master of puppets and in justice for all, to shitty whinny ass sell outs, after the black album.. the black album was the last of good music from Metallica.. load and reload was a load of horse shit and it only continued to go downhill.. that is my opinion and a lot of other people's opinions that I have talked too.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwyFQJvHRrqYaMWUIv1tu1JPUyQrGrnEl
    Эти ребзи звучат очень похоже, первая буто микс из Blackened и MoP

  3. There is a band you left out that did a copy of Orion song, Killing Joke absolute dissent. Metallica did a their cover song the wait, in garage days re revisted 87 album.

  4. I don't agree with bands paying "homage" when they're making money – unless they credit the original writer

  5. As soon as i saw the A7X logo on the thumbie i had to click here to comment (without even watching the video yet!) lol. I think a lot of people would see A7X as plagiarising 'tallica but to my mind i feel it's probably more of an homage to a band they obviously love and know well, hoping to introduce a younger generation to some awesome tunes… Now, let's watch and read comments see if I'm way fuckin' off the mark lol

  6. I know this video is older now, but in Pantera's The Underground In America, at 2:24 you car hear what sounds like the main Blackened riff

  7. "California ponad wszystko" (1994) by Kazik na Żywo used Kirk's "Enter Sandman" riff at the end of the song


  8. Since beginning of music, many bands rip off other bands. It's just the way music goes. Some bands are more noticeable and others just change a few small notes around but still noticeable to someone who knows music! Even Johnny Cash ripped off a song and changed the lyrics and called it Folsom Prison Blues. He paid 40 grand in the 60s to settle a lawsuit to the original artist. It is what it is.

  9. Bathory, “Home of the Braves”, the ending just before 6.00 IS “For Whom The Bell Tolls”.


  10. how many idiots still dont know that hail to the king is an album that IS supossed to sound like other old bands? avenged sevenfold told everyone about that, do research before posting craps, good video by the way keep the good work

  11. I like to compare Cliff Burton and Steve Harris to a dude who builds mansions vs a dude who builds skyscrapers. Mansions are elaborate and huge and grandiose, skyscrapers seem pretty simple yet intimidating. In the case of skyscrapers (Harris) theyre still impressive and pretty plentiful while mansions (Burton) are fewer and more elaborate

  12. Andriy…⏩ VERY SIMILAR INTRO RIFFS ⏩ "EYE OF THE TIGER" – (SURVIVOR) – (1982)…AND "MASTER OF PUPPETS" – (METALLICA) – (1986)…⏩ Everyone is 'inspired' and/or 'influenced' by others ('musically')…(and 'in all areas of life')…'consciously' and 'subconciously'…⏩ Also, I think that James Hetfield 'intentially' used the similar riff at the beginning of "Puppets" because he didnt want to leave out the riff (though 'very similar') because the riff in "Eye of the Tiger" is what made the song "Puppets" possible – (to be 'born')…⏩ NOTE ⏩…I REMEMBER JAMES HETFIELD STATING IN AN OLD INTERVIEW THAT A LOT OF HIS GUITAR MELODIES, OR 'PARTS OF' SOME, WERE ACTUALLY IN SONGS THAT HE HAD HEARD…AND THAT HE WOULD NEVER TELL WHAT THE SONGS ARE…( AND I BELIEVE THAT "EYE OF THE TIGER" IS 'ONE OF THEM' )…..Sincerely, Dorian…🎸(Guitar Player, Songwriter) – (and Metallica + Megadeth fan – Since the '80s )… ⏩ By the way, I really like your channel… Your content keeps my mind on the music that inspired me to play guitar when I was 'a teenager'…Taking my soul back to "The Metal Years" 🎸

  13. I would say it's more of a homage but Avenged Sevenfold's Buried Alive has basically the exact same structure as Metallica's One. Anyone else agree?

  14. A really good one you missed was Electric Harley House (Of Love) by Green Jello. During the solo section it almost sounds exactly like Enter Sandman and the singer even mentions ripping off of Metallica right after the solo in the song! I believe they even got sued for this plagiarism.

  15. Soundgarden – Get on the Snake (1989)
    Metallica – Bad Seed (1997)
    Audioslave – Your time has Come (2004)

  16. "When I joined that band they only had one song – "Hit the Lights" –
    James did not write that song, a guy by the
    name of Hugh Tanner wrote it. Then we did "Jump Into The Fire", "The
    Mechanix", and the song
    "Motorbreath" – which is another Hugh Tanner wrote, and I wrote the
    intro to that, which Lars didn't know how
    to drum.
     I wrote the most songs on that whole fuckin' album! I wrote four of
    them, James wrote three, and Hugh
    Tanner wrote two!" Dave Mustaine, January 1984

  17. Listen: Metallica – Dyers Eve (1988) , Testament – Canna-Business (2016)
    Metallica – Enter Sandman (1991)(Kirk's Riff btw), Megadeth – Trust (1997)

  18. That's thoe official ukrainian plastic heavy bag! My wife is from UKR and we use that bag to send stuff to her family there

  19. You dont know you have actually given me a list of new songs to listen to similar to Metallica songs … Thanks andrieeeyyyyyy

  20. Whoa pal, you have only 99k subs
    I mean, it's not only, it's a lot
    But I thought that you have waaay more
    Your channel is amazing, and I've been watching your clips for some time now
    I think that you're really talented and have some great ideas
    This channel should be way bigger, but you'll get there eventually
    Keep on rockin' my bro
    Keep on rockin'

  21. Listen to Helena By Misfits and tell me if the riff at the end doesn't sound exactly like kirk's riff in creeping death. (Die die part)

  22. I'm surprised that no one mentioned Body Count. The song "Evil Dick" off their first album is a direct rip off of Sad But True.

  23. there was a guy who combined metallica and beatles, it was very funny
    you say Metallica might be too successful to care, but they actually forced him to rename his hobby group name so that it wouldn't be so similar to some part of their song / album name

  24. It’s ridiculous to even suggest Dave Mustaine stole from Metallica lol Metallica ripped him off big time he’s more talented than Kirk and James combined why would he need to rip them off

  25. I remember in idk like 2009 i was with my guitar trying to create something and i like it, a few years latter Jason newsted released the heavy metal music my riff was really similar to heroic dose intro was weird lol

  26. This bag at the beginning is a relict from communist times and in Poland it's in probably in nearly every household lol.

  27. I love Annihilator, but I believe they ripped off Metallica in one case. Listen to the the song “My Revenge” on the album “Suicide Society”. Now tell me that isn’t a rip off of Metallica’s “Damage, Inc.”. Pay attention to the main riff and the vocal style that goes with it. Now, I like to think Annihilator is paying “homage” to that song, but if so, the rest of it would be more similar. The rest of the song is different enough to be its own. But that main riff and vocals with it are certainly “Damage, Inc.”.

  28. It is a SUPER long bow to draw to try comparing Blood Brothers to Orion. I'm not sure how much Iron Maiden you listen to, but that's 110% an Iron Maiden song. But perhaps look at Unforgiven II vs Children of the Damned, as well… There is a riff in a Death song that is almost identical to the riff that plays just before and through the first 4 passages of the Ride the Lightning solo.

  29. Music is music, it’s an art. Down to personal preference there is only so much strings on a guitar. Music is meant to bring enjoyment to people. Some people love Iron Maiden, some love Metallica, some love Avenged Sevenfold etc etc. Let’s just listen to our tunes and enjoy our favourite bands twist on riffs

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