De ALLER snelste manier om een drumbeat te leren spelen – Online Drumles 1.1

De ALLER snelste manier om een drumbeat te leren spelen – Online Drumles 1.1

Hi welcome to online drumles, The primary school for drummers I am Leon van der Geest and together with
Stef Zwartveld we create online drum lessons I start from the beginning
I give you tips and explanation while playing so I give you the explanation when you need it I want to start right away because drumming is coordination and you have to practice We start with the bass drum, with your right foot You have to play along with me continuously, just try to join in You have to kick that bass drum down and pretend that you’re a little angry Kick it nice and firmly
That’s the easiest way to play if necessary, take a look at your foot
try to play the exact same rhythm and tempo as me this instrument is called the kick drum ok this is your Ride and we will play it at the same time at the same time, together not exciting in itself but just keep it up all equal distances
all equal velocities If you have an electronic drum set, on some you can hit the edge of the ride but that gives a bit of loud noise
IT MAKES A LOT OF NOISE !! just hit it with the tip of your stick how do you actually hold your sticks?
That is a very important one on most sticks there are letters
you put your thumb behind the letters your index finger behind the stick and you put the rest of your fingers loosely around it The other hand exactly the same, I play traditional grip because of my background but for you it is the easiest to grab your stick firm with the thumb and indexfinger and hold the other fingers loosely around it okay exercise 2, the snare drum, hit your snare drum with your left hand so look carefully which hands I use, this is very important and then you hit the drumhead, the snaredrum
that the stick bounces off make sure you don’t press it on to the drumhead, that is not the intention just hit and let the stick bounce the right hand joins in, two hands at the same time just join me and play along drumming is coordination you need to practice and repeat a lot this is exercise 2 let’s do exercise one again the one with your right foot on the bass drum Ok exercise 2 so only your two hands
do not secretly use your right foot just your two hands also take a look at what you are doing left on snare drum right on the ride exercise 1 again,
right foot and your right hand be carefull not to remove your right foot from your pedal try to leave your foot on your pedal or the beater will move back and forth and also plays very difficult
so try to leave your foot on your pedal just see if you are doing well
You can control a lot with your eyes exercise 2 only your two hands, exercise 2 next exercise we will do exercise 1 four times and exercise 2 four times so 4 times with the right foot
 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 if you can’t keep up, just stop, listen first and when I say 1 again you will start again take the time 1 2 3 4 ok now we do everything four times but we are going to play everything three times three times your right foot
three times your left hand I count to 3 an d then we start at the same time 1 2 3 are you ready for the next excersice, both 2 times now we will play everything once
so when I say exercise 1 you play your right foot and your right hand only play 1 2, your 2 hands 1 2 take a good look at what you’re doing right foot, left hand and the right hand goes on all the time try the same pace as me because I start slowly with coordination you have to start of slow
even though you think you can go faster stay with me because I keep going a little bit faster first make sure you can do it slowly, if you can’t walk you can’t run either so we are going to walk for a while later we are going to run okay I will count to four because in most music you count to 4 so if you can count to 4 you can play the drums 1 and 2 is the same as 3 or 4 1 2 3 4 keep your foot on your pedal your toes do not come off your pedal if you lose it, just stop, then you start on the 1 with your right foot try to teach yourself to start on 1 If I go too fast now, put me on pause and start practicing or rewind a bit now I show you how it sounds playing fast nice practice at the end it went too fast doesn’t matter hey, you have practice, do a lot of miles repeat, repeat, lots of fun,
in the next lessons we will go over the toms see you in a bit, hi!

4 thoughts to “De ALLER snelste manier om een drumbeat te leren spelen – Online Drumles 1.1”

  1. Ik kwam online Drumles tegen op youtub en heb zo op de juiste manier mijn drumstel automatisch aan het drummen gekregen maar ik zit nog met enkele vragen.
    Zijn de getoonde noten general midi en waarom is de basdrum inplaats van C ooit B in bepaalde partituren.
    Nog een compliment voor de leermeester


  2. Ik ben jullie weer gewoon volgen! Ik zal binnenkort eens een video van mij maken, dat ik blind aan het drummen ben

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