Daniela, di nagpasindak sa banta ni Hector | Kadenang Ginto

Daniela, di nagpasindak sa banta ni Hector | Kadenang Ginto

Oh Ida Scott we're no brick now on the Serbian army we are so excited Daniela now lagina I don't mean operate but it will exert an antenna pancytopenia enable totally me for to loose a Manilla Laden Elena unscripted scaler Anatole ing jela Pavano income I sure have predicted Nega playing adido you stepmother more missus Bartolome and I presume to move but gives us a bundle of me but it's regrettable to say kale and amateur get turned down kilala say mrs. Munt are gonna Business Circle and everybody knows no Asha so becky nunn market girl Camilla and you would regret it even more kappa athenian a chameleon transactions yes companion in your mr. Fernandes given that Camilla is your biggest client so if I were you I'd keep my opinions to myself it seems like everything's going your way Danny girl the Pathan girls wanna see Rome in adidas all but yeah you already got everything na minha Neela but you Ananya naga 1 millon para an Norwalk mappable it's a Maxwell savvy I have waited for way too long maha param and eternal he should be very happy I will be my son cosas de alcalรก I see Hector pandoba nervous in Italian oh he needn't pretend the companion Oh what matters is getting it back and you think about the negative love everything a surprise about at Maron home param upon Bob biood Sonia no matter how much she wants Hector okay la maleta mongooses paulista cycle winter McGee get alarm inundated an animal that's a toe by n elements in our busy my agony velena parents near the home are selling high so Ella almond develop a team gentlemen ba okay none above and think of a seal again when I did a survey hi you have not noticed – Anya hmm people are valuing our economy laughs diminutive inna allaha parasail hello papa oh I am an economist or home by Allah saved a girl again more Oh papa they're getting in Kabul virus a new [Applause] so beam along sarcoma carro para que la mano bar my belief Italian never saw home name your price but whatever happened to say we tell me what it is you still a Bolivian Papa the Centurion at South Sumatra sorry and unions and you really think chuckling wisdom you are way out of my league calendar posilutely tada I am an emancipated so we're gonna mind obesity just more accessible and you don't want yes you're an actor where to be Manasa hey gopala capala why don't you ever use my family to threaten me again you you

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  1. Kaya malulugi ang camila dahil kay daniela, sa camila nya kukunin pera para mapabagsak si romina pero in the end sya lang naman ang babagsak dahil malulugi ang kumpanya at sya lang naman ang may kasalanan๐Ÿ˜‚

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