COMPOSER VIOLIN CHARADES (but we can’t play the composer)

COMPOSER VIOLIN CHARADES (but we can’t play the composer)

What is today’s video about? This is about another version of violin charades. Yes. Convey everything with violin playing. Now. The topic of today’s violin charades is… Composers! – Is that right? Ok.
– Yeah. – I was just checking.
– I was like… – Does Brett know?
– Yeah! I was like… Oh, wait a second. So basically we gotta guess the composer. There’s one, uh… Caveat… If you will, which is you’re not allowed to play anything from the composer. – Oh, yeah, yeah, of course.
– Okay? – Cause that would be too easy. Yeah, okay.
– Because that one’s too easy. But! So… You’re not allowed to play anything from the composer. If you do play something from that composer by accident, it’s minus one point. – Ooh, no! This is so hard!
– Gotta be careful. Scissors, paper, rock. Scissors, paper, rock. Scissors, paper, rock I want to play first. – Alright.
– Because I like playing first. Oh, this is going to be messed up, you can’t… You ready? I have a good one for this. Well, he’s dead. D, E… Ooh! Beethoven! Chopin! Telekinesis. – Ooooh!
– Bzz! We might have to explain to the viewers – how you got that.
– Oh, yeah, okay. I accidentally thought, how do you get another composer just play it in the same period or the same country. Chopin. Polish. Polish. And yeah, Wieniawski was Polish. Yeah, yeah. Okay, um… Aw… Aw, man… It’s tricky. This is… Handel? Vivaldi. Ah! Wagner. – Brahms! Okay, nice.
– Yeah! German, the Bach. Play it in the same period or the same country. – Handel!
– Yeah. This is so dumb… Okay, uh… Dvora… Dvorak! – Is that right? Yeah.
– Yeah. I was playing Jaws, that wasn’t Dvorak. Yeah, yeah. He wasn’t playing the symphony. Shostakovich! It’s not Prokofiev… Concerto no.2… Shostakovich… Prokofiev… Rostropovich… Uh… Uh… Um… No… No… Um… Um… There’s another… – Uh… What’s his name… Stravinsky!
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Bach!
– Yeah. Yeah, cause Bach… Queen of Sheba. Oh my god. And it’s like all the wrong composers. Oh! Ooh! Someone’s gonna get it wrong, And be like, “oh, is that the composer”. Um… Vivaldi! Oh, no… – This is too easy.
– So that’s officially the baroque period now. Okay, um… Paganini. Liszt! Yeah! Handel. Haydn. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Haydn. God damn it. Tchaikovsky! Yeah! Concertos! So dumb… Okay. Oh, god. Handel. Haydn. Bach. Purcell. Pachelbel. Haydn. Vivaldi, no. Come on. Um… Play it in the same period or same country. – Mozart! Mozart.
– Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Aww… Okay. Nah, nah, this one’s gonna be hard. Um… Dude, I don’t even know what this guy wrote. Strauss! Oh. Oh, Mendelssohn! Beeth… Schubert! – Schumann! Yeah!
– Yeah! I was just thinking of style. Oh my god. Mozart. Queen of the night. What? Classical. Opera composer. Yeah…Um… Wagner! Yeah. – Wagner. Actually?
– Yeah. Opera. Yeah. – Oooh!
– Aw… Okay. Uh… Here we go. Sibelius! So dumb… Someone who doesn’t know the context of the video – will be like…
– What the fu**? – So confused.
– Oh. So that’s Bruch… So it’s probably either Mendelssohn – It is? I love how Bruch and Mendelssohn are paired, and Tchaikovsky and Bra – Um… Sibelius. It’s the levels of playing. Oh, this is something different, ready? Okay. Penderecki? Aw, damn it. Um… John Cage. A dead Schubert. Yeah. What’s a dead Schubert? Oh, I thought you just said it? – Schubert?
– Yeah. But you played Schubert. Oh, fu**!! – Oh fu**!!!
– Minus one point! – Oh yeah…
– Bro… – Why did you play Schubert?
– I don’t know, my brain just froze. Next one. Oh, okay. Here we go. Um… Debussy. Debussy… Tzigane. It’s so bad… Yeah. Okay, okay, so I got this one Are you ready? Bro… – Shostakovich?
– Yeah. I was gonna play Harry Potter. Oh my god! – Bartok.
– Yeah. Okay. Holy. That scared me. It was not Mendelssohn… Brahms… So we already did Brahms. Wieniawski? This is definitely some guy that wrote concertos. Aw, man. Okay, um… Dvorak! C. C. CC? CC… A. CA? What is that? Oh. Oh. Saint-Saens! If you can’t play it, play it backwards. That was genius! Okay, here we go. B, E, F, G. H? E? What the… Oooh! Wait, wait, wait. Bro, what is that? Ooh! Oh, Ohh! – Mahler!
– Yeah. Da Da Da Da…. So bad… I found a hack to this game! Here we go. Oh, this is easy. – Ravel.
– Yeah. – Dude, that was…
– We’re going to finish this! – Last one! Last one!
– Oh, we got this! Oh, okay. This is… Oh, this is messed up. Imagine you are playing that. Strauss. We did it. Bro, that was so dumb. Smash the subscribe button. Practice all your pieces backwards. Yeah, practice all of them backwards. That’s the lesson to be learnt.

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  1. I'm a little confused. Are they guessing based off how the pieces are similar? He said same period or country, but I don't see how that would help.

  2. Fun fact:
    In Germany there's a h instead of a b (the German b is a flat h), so Bach was able to play his name on the piano.

  3. Just checked out your merch. Would like to see "if you can play it slowly, you can play it quickly" possibly with a little bumblebee! 😁

  4. I laughed so hard in this video it gaves me asma. The schubert part Was nice, BUT THE SHOSTAROVICH ONE, I DIED. Brett’s face desolated 😂😂😂😂 omg I died. But the to of them are geniuses!!!

  5. When u say ur favourite violin concert is from tchaikowsky and people who think they have to do like they are good at music ask "which concert of him" an you are like "ummm okay…..forget it"

  6. I love how Brett did 9 notes for mahler then just stopped after the ninth. It's cuz mahler composed 9 symphonies

  7. At 5:02 it says 13 points and then at 5:24 it also says 13 points

    I watched this video so many times how did I not notice, btw I came back cuz im waiting for a new vid

  8. Idk man i just listed what played here idk classical music stuff

    Brett guessing, Eddy playing:
    Wienawski – Polonaise in D
    Bach- Violin Sonata No.1
    Beethoven – Symphony No.5
    Shostakovich – Violin Concerto
    Prokofiev – Violin Concerto No.2
    Handel – Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
    Paganini – La Campanella
    Mozart – Symphony No.40 (G minor)
    Sibelius – Violin Concerto
    Haydn – Surprise Symphony
    Schubert – String Quintet (C major)
    – Death and the Maiden String
    Mozart – Magic Flute Opera

    Eddy guessing, Brett playing:
    Tchaikovsky – Violin Concerto (D major)
    Bruch – Violin Concerto
    Schubert – Death and the Maiden String
    Ravel – Tzigane
    Shostakovich – Violin Concert
    Mendelssohn – Violin Concerto (E minor)
    Saint-Säens – Violin Concerto No.3 (3rd
    Mahler – Symphony No.5 (4th Movement,
    opening violin melody)
    Debussy – Violin Sonata
    R. Strauss – Don Juan opening

  9. Eddy is more expressive and telling, Brett is more receptive. When they work like that, Eddy makes it easy for Brett. However, when they switch sides, Brett has a chance to learn how to convey his thoughts with clarity. I believe that in a few more videos we are going to see a new side of him! 😲😍 Well done, guys!

  10. I used to play a variety of instruments (predominantly piano, violin & clarinet) when I was younger, so it's so much fun to watch these two. But witnessing their musical talent/ability to identify chords so easily is very mesmerizing & intriguing 😍😍😍

  11. My teacher actually made me practice sings backwards, but like phrase by phrase backwards to memorize. It didn’t help

  12. As a Czech person, which is the same nationality as Dvořák’s, it it so funny for me to hear them trying to pronounce his name 😂

  13. I could never get wagner from mozart partic the magic flute ..if you played some richard strauss like maybe elektra etc

  14. With the Chopin one I was thinking Eddy played Polonaise Brillante by Wieniawski, and Chopin also wrote a piece called (Grande) Polonaise Brillante

  15. Hey why dont you try to play whole piece backward in serious way, just recompose it and see whats gonna happen. I’m sure you’ll notice lots of interesting stuff, maybe even new techniques bcuz i dont think so many people investigate the piece in this way. Please try it at least once 😑🙏🏻🐢

  16. 2:23 Wait what? Dvořák was Czech not American. Btw it's funny the way foreigners pronounce it like Dvožák. 😂 (PS. Oh sry I forgot same country or same period)

  17. 5:51 honestly as a non musician, I'm confused even tho i know the context of the video
    But it's still kinda fun to watch.

    … Is it because of the syphilis tho?

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