Comfortably Numb Solo by PINK FLOYD – Guitar Lesson – EASY!

Comfortably Numb Solo by PINK FLOYD – Guitar Lesson – EASY!

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy This guitar lesson is about how to play the guitar solo from Comfortably alone by Pink Floyd So I’ll play it first then I’ll show [its] [played] note for note using [tabs] here goes Okay, search officer like a bit of d-Chord at the third string 14th fret second string 15th and First string 14th, so quit like That first string 14th fret hey again Wait, bend up and back down second string 15th fret than that so it’s the second string 15th fret second string [fourteenth] again 13:14 fostering 14th Slide down the 4 string the first string 14th [bend] up and back down second string 15th, bend up Oxygen 15th pull off to 14th 13 14 3 4 string 14th fourth string 12th fret 15:14 threat 12 Third string slide up to 12 11 fourth string 1412 39th and round XI plus some nice stirrings seventh fret place right pull off the sauce For string I threat To the third string seventh nice Let’s Bend up Back to that d. Shape at the During 14th, so I concern [fifties] first string 14th first string 50s 1412 Second-string 15 12 13 12 so it’s Fourth-string 12 The four strings 10 [so] [I] down tonight like Slide down the south Okay, that’s the lesson. I hope you found helpful and thanks for watching

25 thoughts to “Comfortably Numb Solo by PINK FLOYD – Guitar Lesson – EASY!”

  1. note by note using tabs hahah you should use that as catch phrase or slogan, but for real man when you make a video without saying that e feel weird i feel somethign is missing 🙂

  2. Hello Bob, your an awesome teacher can you tell me what key your in for this song ? Do you have any more videos to this great song as in a beginner player thankyou Charlie

  3. Thanks man your videos have helped me more than any other teacher wish I could come and play with you I know I'd get better

  4. PLEASE Please Please , do the 2nd solo , this is my favourite songs , I'm a beginner on the guitar , I'm 17 , but I want to play this solo like the original version , it's my all time favorite solo , please do the 2nd solo ????……


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