CLOCKS – Coldplay – Guitar Lesson

CLOCKS – Coldplay – Guitar Lesson

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy this guitar lesson is about how to play clocks by Coldplay So I’ll play the riffs And then I’ll show how to played note for note using the tabs up here But first I have to [explain] the rhythm the song which [is] the same right through the whole song. It’s one Two three one [two] three one two with an emphasis on the one beat so one two three one two three one two like It’s the same for all the riffs okay, so here’s the intro. I’ll play it first. I’ll explain it Okay, I’ll show the picking at the end of the video the Pattern for the picking Okay, so first two strings 11th fret and 3rd string 12th fret and first string 9th fret 2nd string 11th fret 3rd string 10th fret again and first string 8th fret [2nd] string 9th fret third string 10th fret Okay, that’s the intro Okay, riff number one is Strumming which is e flat? B flat minor [six] threat b. Flat again B flat minor then f minor a threats Okay, and then the solo is play like this That’s at the first string 16th fret pull off the 15th fret into the second string 16 threat, so the same of the first string 16th and 15th frets But the second string 14th fret play that now and again the same first string 16 and 15 threats now at the second string the 13th fret Okay, the camera Okay Okay, riff number two the chords here. Let’s play like this so that’s f sharp major sef f sharp major 7 C-Sharp G Sharp 6 so once again all kind of chords f sharp major 7 C sharp [G] sharp [six] Rif number three is this Okay, so that’s that sharp top three strings F-Sharp Major Seventh just play those two chords again Okay in the ending solo just second string second fret first string fourth fret third first again second string second fret first string fourth third second string fourth fret and once again you Just facing me and Now I’ll show the packing okay. Here’s the [finger] [picking] pattern for the opening ref the intro strumming for the main [Riff] like this [ok] now for the song structure the intro four times rough number One four times the internal four times riff number one four times the intro four times the soil four times Riff 2 3 times Root 3 once and then the intro about 15 times and fades Okay, well, that’s the lesson. Thanks for watching

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  1. @R0ckinRhett Agreed, VERY VERY good beginner guitar teacher, most people don't have the patience and they don't take the time to teach step by step.

  2. Bobby, I fall somewhere between Beginner and intermediate guitar player. What do you think I should work on as far as practicing?

  3. Your tabs were a little confusing, because it looks a bit jumbled because of the annotations. i get it now by looking at it but its kinda unappealing to the eye. So if you can, tidy it up =]

  4. @FuzzyMcButterWink practise scales dude. they can get boring as fuck but trust me, they really do help whatever level you're at. your fingers become so much more agile and coordinated. i know you asked bobby but yeah… it's what worked for me, could work for you 🙂

  5. the annotations go wrong because you go fullscreen……if you try the normal mode you will be fine 🙂

  6. bobby!!!! I signed into youtube this morning and saw a video posted from my fav subscriber!!! Does this mean your back? More epic guitar vids?

  7. This is an 80s song, from an other band, I think they cover this one, or maybe is just plagiarism. Nice lessons man. Thank you.

  8. Outstanding! Thank you so much for your efforts. I signed up just to leave you this mesage because I really appreaciate your doing this for others. I have never left a message on Youtube before.

  9. @clintw490 its because some can be on powerchords or remember from the 12 tab to the bothom it sound the same but more nice well some thing like that

  10. thanks so much, always wanted to learn this on the guitar, at least you actually explain it so much better, like some people just throw their fingers all over the guitar and don't say anything…

  11. thanks! this really helps! But I find the first bit easier if I put all my fingers in the right places like the middle finger on the high e string, the index finger on the b string and the ring finger on the g string for example and just strum upwards. I find this way much easier

  12. I was having trouble counting the rhythm accents using  the old  'one and two and three and'….Your way seems much easier, thanks.

  13. Hey Booby C, I have a question if you don't mind. What time signature is 1,2,3 1,2,3 1,2? I don't understand how you would program a metronome to fit the feel; it has a 3/4 feel (almost) and a 4/4 time signature. Am I missing something? Also, you have great discipline for the rhythm/picking technique, although do I thing down strokes with the pick gives it more energy and feel. I know this is subjective. Great video, thanks!

  14. Best guitar lesson ive ever seen! The riffs sound incredible…would love to hear you play the whole song through without stopping. Thanks for the video!

  15. Appalling. NFI how to explain let alone teach. Holy Shit Batman another example of Exceptional USA. Like the daily gun massacres.


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