Cara membuat Drum set Elektrik 🥁🎶

Cara membuat Drum set Elektrik 🥁🎶

before the video starts, make sure you subscribe to my channel and click the bell for the pad I used a pad from the previous drum This pad is in diameter cut the cable Remove EVA foam from the pad Also remove the copper plate from the pad because I only took the wood and the cable. clean the glue from the pad hanging clamp spray paint the hanging clamp in black enlarge the hole in the pad insert the bolt and attach the hanging clamp like this rub glue on the pad after that, put on the foam For the foam, I use thick foam make a hole PVC sheet with a thickness of make a circle on pvc and cut the PVC thick rubber sheet then cut in a circle with a diameter of stick the rubber with pvc like this for the piezo I use stick the piezo in the middle of the PVC using double-sided tape spread the pvc with glue After that, insert the cable and stick the PVC to the foam I covered the side of the pad with eva foam socket attach the socket to the bottom of the pad like this solder the piezo cable to the socket and give a little decoration peel the cord jack after that solder the jack on the cable for the cymbal make a circle on the pvc and make an inner circle with a diameter of After that cut the PVC big soup spoon clamp the big soup spoon like this make a hole in the middle of the pvc heat the pvc with a heatgun heat only the inner circle put the pvc on the big soup spoon and press like that the next step is to make the cymbals slightly curved to make it curved, I use a pot lid like this remove the handle and put the cymbals on the lid like this heat the pvc with a heat gun and press like that don’t forget to use gloves cut a rubber sheet half the size of a cymbal like this rub the glue on the rubber and stick it to the cymbal and clamp it to make it stick harder the next step cover the parts that do not want to be exposed to paint with masking tape and give a little decoration then attach the piezo and socket to the bottom of the cymbal solder the piezo cable to the socket cover the piezo with duct tape to make it safer to make the cymbal holder I used the m6 bolt with a length of 1.meter cut the bolt in half or and bend the bolt like this to make the drum stand I used a metal pipe coated with ABS this pipe diameter measure and cut the pipe with angle grinder before assembling it should be painted first when the paint is dry, then assemble the pipe and for the pipe connection I use T connection like this install the endcap this is the size of the drum stand attach the hanging clamps to the pipe and this hanging clamp is too big for the pipe to overcome this, give EVA foam or rubber on the hanging clamps ok after that put the tom pad on the hanging clamp for the snare pad we need an additional 20cm long pipe Also attach the cymbal holder attach the hi-hat cymbal to the cymbal holder to install the cymbal crash holder, I use a clamp like this then the results are like this you can color the drum set according to your favorite color then connect all cables from the module to the pad and cymbal. and the drum application, I use Dvdrum 4 and you can download it on Google for free. that’s all the video this time, for those of you who ask, you can ask me via WhatsApp. and for those of you who have any suggestions please write in the comments and don’t forget to follow my Instagram. if you want to make the drum module please visit the link in the description stay creative and stay KACAU…

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  1. Bang mau pesen pcb tpi ngga bisa cara.nya, pesen di bang omank.nya aja deh bisa ngga ya? Hehehe mau praktek nih tpi kndla sma pesen pcb.nya.

  2. Bang tutorial buat cajon midi dengan arduimo bang biar keren, pasti banyak viewnya karna baru orang luar negeri aja yang buat.

  3. Terima kasih omank kacau atas idenya. Saya sudah berhasil membuat drum elektronik nya. Untuk snare dan di tom nya saya menggunakan piezo dan lumayan mantap juga.

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