Hi! My name is Chloe Anderson, I’d just like to
take a moment of your time to talk about the upcoming election. … to talk about the- You’re busy, okay. That’s okay Uh, is your Mom home? I apologize, Sir. I’m selling chocolates, you want one? Have a great day. {Piano} Hi, my name is Chloe Anderson, I’d just like
to take a moment of your time to talk about the future of America. Sure, come in. No worries, thank you for your time. Wait! Wait… what did- Uh… what did you just say? Uh… come in? So! What are you here to tell me? Oh! Uhh, okay. Um, let me just gather my thoughts. Um. There is something I’d like to discuss before
we move forward. Are you planning on… Cutting me up into little pieces? Wh… – -No. Phew. Okay, you have to ask don’t you. Uh, are you aware that Donald Trump is running
for President? You’d have to be living under a rock not to
notice that. So true. So true. Are you a supporter of his? Lord no. I’m with her. I’m sorry? I support Hillary. Duff? I didn’t even put Hilary Duff on my list! I suppose she’s not a little girl anymore. She really did have a metamorphosis. Like her album said! How profound. Clinton. I support Hillary Clinton. Who? Turns out… Hillary Clinton is running against
Donald Trump. How did I not know that? I’d like to ask the Australian media that question. Maybe you just haven’t been paying attention,
Chlo. You think it’s possible you simply missed
the stories reported? No. I’ve just wasted two weeks of my time creating
a stupid list that’s useless. And stupid. It’s a stupid, useless list. It doesn’t have to be useless. Hillary’s not exceedingly popular, maybe some
celebrities would help. Like an endorsement, or something. I lost hope for a tiny bit there. But I’m back. And focused. I’m going to tweet Hillary and pitch my list
of potential celebrity endorsement candidates. I know the internet can get ugly when politics
are involved. But I am a strong, courageous woman, and I
can handle anything anyone says. Why they gotta be so mean though? I was just expressing my opinion and they
got really personal. Especially @Imallthewaywithtrump69. My ass isn’t that fat! And even if it is, he’s not seen it, he doesn’t
know. It’s got nothing to do with politics. I’m sorry, Chlo. People are horrible when they think they have
anonymity. That’s it! I just have to meet this tosser… and make him
say it to my face! But he won’t though. He won’t, because I would… Oh, I would, I would… Cry on him? Brian! Okay. I’m meeting @ImallthewaywithTrump69 at 2 o’clock
today. I’m a little nervous because of how mean he
was online. But it’s like you said – that was only because
he had something to hide behind! And because he’s never seen me or my ass before
so it’s gonna be good to get an accurate assessment at least. I am a strong and courageous woman… I am a strong, courageous woman, I am a str- What are you doing? Sorry, I was… – You must be @Anyonebuttrump723. Holy crap, this is crazy! What is? Don’t tell me you can’t see it! I don’t know what you’re talking about. Come in. You look like my sister.


  1. I love this! Can't even tell you're playing two characters. I watched Ep4 before this one and I was like "This is the same person, right? This is the same person! RIGHT?!?"

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