Beyond The Veil – Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

Beyond The Veil – Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey guys! Thanks for watching! And I’m super excited because my album just got released on pre-sales! (imitates trumpet sounds) I just really put my heart fully into it, and so I hope you guys like this song and I can’t wait for you to get the rest of album. So you can click on the link in description below to pre order my new album “Shatter Me.” Also, I going on tour again. Tour, tour, tour!
Tour, tour! So you can go to and you can get tickets there for my US tour, and my European tour. So, hopefully I’ll see you guys soon. Love you guys, you really are the best! Whoo!! Yay!

100 thoughts to “Beyond The Veil – Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)”

  1. You are my favorite acoustic electric hybrid of sound, the top of my playlist, your music takes me away from a lot of pain and I am able to dream freely… thank you for what you do.

    May the goddess bless your music, your soul, and your heart.

  2. Sigue así, eres la mejor. No dejes que nadie quiebre tu equilibrio, si sigues así serás la más reconocida del todo mundo; estoy orgullosa de ti, aunque ni te conozca

  3. Так красива столько эмоций это моя любимая музыкачуть не расплакалсья😢😢😢😢😤😥😥👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏

  4. My Dad used to love the violin,we buried it with him.Thank you for sharing your knowledge of playing the violin.

  5. When I listen to this song, it gives me the assurance that when I cross from the mortal life and into the next life which is beyond the veil I would see my loved ones again, like my father, and other relatives that have passed away

  6. Reparou que realmente ela segura um dos violinos mais caros do planeta terra , vem lá de Cremona Italy, uma vila ou bairro

  7. Lindsey you are doing awesome. Love your music it's beautiful. And the videos look awesome. Keep playing.

  8. Bueno y ahora q opunan los juezes del talento ya se deben de estar ardidos, apenados, la desean en su publico q mal x ustedes

  9. Soy la única que sigue viendo Este vídeo después de 5 años y le sigue gustando esta canción

  10. She plays in the best way ^^ , thank you I have been truly inspired and me having cancer doesn't stop me from playing just like you, I came out of my anxiety by playing violin 🎻 at a talent show.. Truly and evermore thank you ^^

  11. Nose pero estaba dormido pero mi subconsciente tenía escuchando esta música ahorita ❤😍, y ahorita que me levante la estoy escuchando

  12. qiero ver mas videos y espero q vengas a EL SAVADOR te amamos y eres muy especial siempre mandame un saludo en algunos de tus videos

  13. Lindsey, I admire you too much, you play beautiful.
    You're one of the best violinists I've ever heard.
    Keep doing your best, you're great
    Someday I'll play like you, I've learned a lot of things from you.

  14. NOTICE ME a violin cover of hymn for the weekend by Coldplay I think it would be great cause ur violin skills are way too perfect to listen

  15. Your music is so very inspiring to me, it really up lifts me to keep living my life, your music is so very beautiful, such motivation can go a long ways, keep up the wonderful work, you make such beautiful music.

  16. По мере взросления автора и исполнителя музыки (песен) прослеживается более глубокий смысл, вложенный в каждую песню. Творчество стоит того, что она делает, это взросление душой, телом, мыслями… достойна уважения!

  17. I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time – so lovely to see you play a difficult instrument and dance at the same time.

  18. Благодарю 💚 💛 ❤ 💙 💜 💛 💖 💙 ❤ 💜 💚 💛 💜 💖 💙 ❤ 💜 💚 💛 💜 💖 💙 ❤ 💜 💚 💛 💜 💖 💙 ❤ 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  19. I can watch your videos all day hoping to one day see you play live really didnt care for this style music but you changed all that your beautiful talented all the above

  20. Hi Lindsay! I'm your fan from Russia.You are very charming and talented girl! All your songs and videos are great! I get great moral and aesthetic pleasure from listening to your songs. Your composition charge my cheerfulness and positive! Thank you very much for what you do, your talents and the art of playing the violin is just fantastic! Do not pay attention to those who put your videos dislikes, these people and do not have a drop of understanding how hard and difficult to create such masterpieces, both in terms of music and video.I want to wish you further creative success, it is very nice to see that you are fond of what you do! Great luck to you! With love, your fan from Russia.

  21. Its my first time to see and listen your music and it was very nice. Thanks for your hard work and keep going. I hope for you a great day from Iraq.

  22. Song was great, underwater scenes looked extremely fake. Sorry not trying to be mean, but your hair underwater is obviously dry. Your techs either need better software or you need better techs.

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