today is the first day of the Adventure Week event 2019 in Pokemon go and it's one of my favorite events because it typically coincides with the beginning of summer if you look outside it's cloudy and gray unlike the beginning of summer so in the spirit of adventure week I'm leaving Long Beach I'm driving my car to business meeting in LA but Adventure Week starts after the meeting so I'll see you then all right I got out of my meeting about 12:15 and I figured I was pretty close to the Santa Monica Pier so why not come down here and of course being pretty close to something in LA really means it's gonna take you almost an hour to get there so 1:18 now the adventure week event has started and well I've spun a lot of polka stops in Santa Monica I haven't spun all of them we do have massive XP bonuses for spending new pokus tops but of course for me XP is secondary there are some very interesting new shiny pokemon available during this event both shiny an earth and Lily have been released and they're great Chinese as well as shiny onyx and well a green onyx might remind you of the day after drinking a black Burger King Halloween slushy evolving it to a golden steelix is actually quite beautiful plenty of event pokemon nearby of course we also have a lot of other rock-type pokémon appearing more frequently Geodude ammonite Kabuto can all be shiny Aerodactyl as well and we have new research so first things first let me clear these out what are the odds I find the shiny today I feel like the odds are higher today because I already have a topic for the video and I'm not banking on finding a shiny for a clickbait thumbnail you know just still still no shiny so with the research cleared out let's go spin some polka stops actually first let's let's go do a coselli arrayed and then let's figure out what new rewards we can expect from the adventure week research eggs always exit the weather that's great hatch actually how much candy 18 sweet all right hmm I forgot what a goldmine Santa Monica Pier is when it comes to Pokemon go so I want a shiny check all these but I'm gonna do this Cresselia raid real quick but first spin a new polka stop it's a mystery to me how I have an unspun focus stop at the Santa Monica Pier but 4100 XP is what you're gonna get for spinning a new polka stop with a lucky egg with a lucky egg active during Adventure week so let's just hop into this yep I got a fresh Lobby but it's the pier so a fresh Lobby is a full lobby all right now here's the trick horse close and restart the game while I'm in the lobby so I can shiny check while that counter counts down oh speaking of hats new dad hats are available in black with your team colors in case you want to represent your team without interrupting your emo aesthetic all right shiny checks has anyone counting the time how many seconds do I have left probably have time to check this too all right and now back to the lobby see the Snorlax is in this Lobby are they are they using yawn a little slower than I expected but I guess I shouldn't have expected much with half the lobby using yawn Snorlax okay back to the shank Jax time so out of the existing Chinese Kabuto definitely the one that I want the most I need revenge I think it was last eventually when I found the shiny Kabuto and then lost it today hour plus so so it looks like we have the rewards already being reported on the Silk Road and I'm sure by the time this video goes live one of my friends will have created a nice infographic that I can put right here evolve a lily or entereth the reward for that it's going to be onyx a new potential shiny patch two eggs you're going to get either a one rare candy or a lily spin to bogus tops you haven't visited before will reward shieldon spin 25 pocus ops is going to reward granados earn three candies walking with your buddy is entereth and catch five ammonite or Kabuto or Aerodactyl also catch five Aeron for a metal coat but you'll know that that's a metal coat as soon as you pick it up so with that in mind I've picked up only three copies of earn three candies walking with your buddy and I'm gonna toss them all because there are tons of a north on the pier and my buddy wants to oh that's right we have decreased buddy distance so actually what I'm gonna do is set a one-kilometer buddy here of course they go to being a shiny Magikarp and actually now I can go pick up those same research tasks again because less than one kilometer for three potential shiny checks and keep in mind there could be a difference in the SHINee rates between a wild entereth versus a research entereth it's possible that it's more likely that you'll find a shiny from research huh so let me just let me go pick up some business of mystic seven video you know someone's got to pick up the slack while he's out in Hawaii with his family so ended the pier cluster crazy let's start with this because they're going to be a really nice shiny to have how about you this one meet yeah who go do Kabuto that's not a Kabuto kibou Lily well we believe and another end you're chuckle oh yeah before we head back that way one very important thing during this event adventure sink if you walk 50 kilometres you're gonna earn fifty thousand Stardust so set an alarm for just before 9:00 a.m. next Monday remind yourself to put a star piece on that's seventy five thousand dust if you walk fifty kilometers this week and if you're trying to spend a lot of new pocus tops should be pretty easy and if you're not then just you know just shake your phone whenever you're sitting still all right it's starting to feel like summer now this email aesthetic is making me sweat first research shiny check though and of course this lovely task yeah shieldon if you're interested in pvp probably want to go for that shield on bastard on still one of the better pokemon in pvp and of course you do need one with really high IVs if you want to use it competitively so research is a great opportunity to pick that up also a great opportunity eggs which reminds me I need to hatch all the eggs I have now because we have a lot of new rock-type pokémon in eggs wow i yep I really need to hatch eggs so obviously I probably won't be hatching any of those new eggs in this video but a little later on in the video we can talk about what is hatching from the eggs once people start reporting those on the Silk Road I'm heading up and away from the pier now because this is where the unspun stops are and shiny checks shiny checks are everywhere before spinning though I do need to evolve in an earth or lily for this research here in the shade preferably I thought it was a shiny yeah it's not it's just a cradle which means onyx checked which I haven't actually seen in the wild yet regular gray rock snake more shiny checks more new focus tops 4100 XP each is kind of insane so if you're still not level 40 now's your chance welcome to this sketchy back alley in Santa Monica it's not that sketchy so I've spun a handful of new pocus tops but again the the focus for me is not the experience the focus it's all these new shinies even though even though it's not technically new content it's fun all right the plan is some great friends and also one more sweep of the pier here and then probably head home before I get stuck in traffic for three hours all right no shinies for me today but eggs are hatching Wow that could have been could have been shiny I don't know oh yeah still in that egg glitch a couple more checks before I drive off so once I get home hopefully not too much traffic we can go over which new Pokemon are hatching from eggs and which Pokemon you can expect to see in raids during this adventure week event so fingers crossed minimal traffic every time I'm at the Santa Monica Pier I think to myself this is a great place to play Pokemon go why don't I come here more often and every time I'm driving home from the Santa Monica Pier I remember why I don't go there that often see in an hour and a half finally home and now we can talk about raid bosses so at Tier one well here's a lovely infographic from couple of gaming Geodude ammonite Kabuto Lily Anna Ruth all shinies at tier 1 tier 2 sudowoodo magcargo nosepass Mawile yeah tier 2 tier 3 onyx Aerodactyl chuckle lunatone or soul rock depending on which one you normally see in the wild so lots of Chinese all Chinese at tier 3 tier 4 marowak right on Tyranitar Agron and absol and then of course Cresselia in deoxys defense I need e^x it's been a long time since I've gotten an e X rate invite that's not true it's been a long time since I've been able to make it to one of the PX rates I got invited to and then of course we have new Pokemon and two kilometer eggs and not all of them confirmed in fact not many confirmed on the Silk Road but you can always go to the Silk Road calm and check out the latest eggs research tasks all that information so we have Geodude onyx Rhyhorn xin their larvae thar in two kilometers that one's confirmed we also see an arrhythmia cranny dose and shield on in two kilometer eggs and bonsly as well so lots of rock-type pokémon for the event in two kilometer eggs i've picked up a couple will hatch those tomorrow and until then bye hope you enjoyed the video


  1. 18 shinys this week and one more day left of adventure week yes I'm counting my slakoths but still,🤩shiny gold

  2. Got a shinny Latias from the crate. Just got a shinny Lilleep at some random pokestop. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
    Oh, and two shinny Slakoth for community day, did not evolve a single Slakoth.

  3. I have 1 shiny Magikarp, but I need one more 🙁 and I think I have Magikarp nest, bcs I see so much Magikarp in very big Park in my small city.

  4. There's no where in san antonio anywhere near that amount of pokestops and clusterfuck of pokemon, you'd think this game would be more accommodating 3 years after it's been out now.

  5. I caught a shiny onix and evolved it , also I caught a tyranitar in the wild which is really crazy

  6. I need more friends, the ones that used to play pokemon go with me don't really play much anymore. My trainer code is 5977 7395 9443. Hmu guys!

  7. 7:12 So the 50k stardust will be awarded on Monday at 9 am, not on Tuesday at 1pm PST (the end of Adventure Week)? And I assume it will be based on the total as shown, starting from the previous Monday rather than the distance since the start of Adventure week on Tuesday.

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