What’s up everyone? I’m Ola Englund And today I’m talking about the bands who changed my life and the bands that shaped me into the person I am today For people who follow me some of you know that I went sorta quick from listening to grunge to metal But this video is going to be a little bit more extensive And I’m going to list the bands that somewhat changed the course of my music-listening life. So I’m gonna start off with the band Twisted Sister And this might seem like a totally random thing, but… when I was about 5 to 6 years old I listened to We’re Not Gonna Take It like all the time This is the first song, I have actually some sort of a memory listening to it back in that time And it was just so catchy. I mean, I guess it was like the perfect song for a five-year-old That’s actually probably the perfect description really Twisted Sister, metal for kids… Who’s that? Anyway, I enjoy them a lot And they also kind of brings me to the next band I listened to which was Aerosmith Do you see a pattern here? Another sort of easy-listening heavy metal/rock band To be quite honest, I don’t think I had a genuine interest for music when I was young It didn’t really come to me until I was 13 years old And both Aerosmith and Twisted Sister was before that time, so… It was just really about easy listening I guess They had a bunch of really cool albums But I think my actual first CD that I ever owned was Get a Grip And that came out when I was 13 years old, it had songs like Eat the Rich, Living on the Edge Which has a really kick-ass video by the way Anyway, around this time when I was 12, I started to go to rock shows Aerosmith being the first one and… You know, I was just getting more and more into music at that time. So by then… When I was like in fifth or sixth grade The other guys in my school started to learn guitar to impress on the girls in the class So the natural thing would be that I would also pick up the guitar and I also started skateboarding And one of my childhood friends started growing long hair and showed me a band called Nirvana And I remember picking up Nevermind on a sale and boom This was where my interest for music just exploded somehow. I became an avid fan of Nirvana And I just listened to everything over and over I basically crushed those albums just by listening to them over and over I borrowed my older brothers’ electric guitar and started to try and learn guitar at that time. And this was around 1994 and just exactly when Kurt passed away And that just sparked my interest a lot more I started to get a hold of tab books and I tried learning Nirvana songs on guitar I found more bands, you know like Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Tad, Melvins and such And just got more and more interested in music in general For me, that was an amazing time. I started going to more live shows… and scourged the live scene in Stockholm and I remember… The absolute most epic show I went to was sort of like a mini festival in 1995. It was a show with Soundgarden headlining… White Zombie, Mudhoney, Pennywise, Blind Melon, Kyuss, Reef… What an excellent lineup It was such an incredible show and for a fourteen-year-old Ola… You can imagine it being super insane It really blew my mind that music could be so much more when you experienced it live You know, I just went to shows for the sake of going to shows And I even went to shows with bands I didn’t even like that much. I went to Green Day, I went to REM Just to enjoy the live experience But yeah, Nirvana was the key that would open my love for music that I have today I mean, I went out every Saturday browsing for CDs and just bought a shit ton of music Basically going into the store like checking out the album cover like ‘Oh, this looks like a cool album’ And I bought it, that’s how it worked My dad, who worked in the music industry at the time, scored a Fender Mustang for a really good price And that was the first guitar that I owned At that time I started middle school And I found a new drummer friend who moved in from another town and we started a band together He was really into Swedish punk bands like De Lyckliga Kompisarna, Strebers, Dia Psalma So I started listening to that and then we started to play together in a band playing those songs And even though we listened to that, you know, Swedish punk a lot He also got me into a board game called Warhammer 40k which is like, you paint your own armies and you play against other people, basically like a strategy game. And that became a hobby of mine. So, at the time I was skateboarding, playing guitar, playing Warhammer… Now why am I telling you this? Well, one Saturday when I was out browsing CDs I found an album by a band called Bolt Thrower which is a straight-up reference to Warhammer 40k, the board game I was playing at the time And their album covers were Warhammer-related So, you know, I bought an album called For Victory and whoa First time I ever heard growling And believe it or not, I was hooked. I loved it. This album is I guess the most important album for me when it comes to metal Because this was the entry way for me… to start listening to my absolute favorite band ever which is Pantera I remember in school, I had an after-school mentor who played a snippet of the song Walk And I was like ‘sShut that front door’ I had never heard anything as brutal as that and I was immediately hooked I bought Far Beyond Driven from a friend in school for 20 crowns. It’s like two bucks and a bunch of cookies. I remember it so well, the album had a cracked case and… I was just playing it over and over And that album, it was just overly brutal Basically it had at all, it was fast, it was slow… it was brutal, it had incredible leads, incredible singing… And it was everything for me basically Pantera opened up for a lot of other bands in the same type of genre So I started listening to Sepultura, Machine Head, Slayer, Testament, Entombed And the band I was in… kind of shifted towards playing metal rather than Punk at that time So we started playing covers of all those bands And this type of bands from this time have influenced me incredibly in how I write music today And you can probably hear that a lot in my music, if you go listen to my albums And on my 16th birthday I bought my second ever guitar which was a Washburn Blackjack Dimebag 333 With a Bill Lawrence 500XL pickup in it I remember it so well, because it was on the evening There was a store in Stockholm having an evening sale and they had it on sale. It was perfect. And while I was listening to these bands I bought a guitar instructional video of a long haired dude named John Petrucci Heard that video was this shit so I went out and bought it And I think it was because I wanted to become better at guitar quicker And surrounding that time his band Dream Theater just released a new album called Falling into Infinity And I remember checking it out and… While I really dug the music, I just could not stand the vocals I was never really into clean singing vocals and I didn’t like James’ voice But since I was an avid concert goer I went together with my friend to a Dream Theater show in Stockholm 1997 And it was an incredible show, I was blown away by the performance By seeing, you know, John playing the Flight of the Bumblebee and I was like… ‘Shit, this is like the next level guitar playing right there’ So I went out, bought the Dream Theater catalog and I started listening to their earlier albums And I started practicing guitar for real. I would probably spend like one or two hours a day practicing guitar I was never really about 5 or 6 hours a day. That’s just way too much, that became boring really quick. And I started listening to more guitar music, you know… Progressive Metal like Steve Vai Liquid Tension Experiment, Symphony X, Pain of Salvation, Evergrey and so on And I learned to love clean vocals in those styles And around this time. I also started to record myself more and more and utilize computer to record guitar sounds and program MIDI drums for example I was using Cakewalk 9 Which was really shitty, by the way, I had so much latency issues, but… Even though I had those latency issues, I was just trying my best to record myself Just trying to make it as tight as I could but it was a hassle when I had such a latency problem and all that But it was still fun, it was me experimenting with recording myself at an early stage And also my band Subside at the time, I started recording demos of original music And I started to play more venues in the town I grew up in Now, while I was listening to all these metal bands I found out about a bank called Opeth and they had released an album called Blackwater Park And now this album totally blew me away Because it had both growling and clean vocals That, I had never heard of before Also, the album was just overly dark, really melodic unlike the regular death metal that I was listening to It had a much deeper calling in it and just felt more honest in a way And I was getting more and more into production at this time and… I started venturing to guitar forums where I joined a forum called the Andy Sneap Recording Forum I was also part of the John Petrucci forum But the Andy Sneap forum was basically a forum for up-and-coming producers Andy Sneap mixed my favorite sounding albums of all time Testament The Gathering and Nevermore’s Dead Heart in a Dead World When I heard those albums, I just couldn’t believe how incredibly awesome they sounded The Gathering had an overly brutal sound, it sounded so violent And full of pure raw energy While Dead Heart in a Dead World had one of the best rhythm guitar tones I’ve ever heard At this time I became almost obsessed with rhythm guitar tone I remember trying out a lot of amplifiers that I ended up with an Engl Savage That would become my main amplifier for 7 years And I also played an Ibanez Universe PBH at the time. Damn, that’s a lot of talking. Okay, Andy Sneap forum, Andy Sneap forum… Anyway, this Andy Sneap forum was probably the best place I could ever have found at that time And it became my go-to place to find new and amazing music And a place where I could learn and exchange knowledge with other guys just like me And some of the guys that were part of that forum that you might know of where Ermin Hamidovich Glenn Fricker, Joey Sturgis, James Murphy… A bunch of really cool talents came from there, which is awesome. So, during this time I also revisited my love for death metal And I found out about two Canadian bands ‘Cryptopsee’ or ‘Cryptopsy’ or whatever and Gorguts And I listened a shit ton to these bands And Gorguts had some amazing songwriting ideas that even today sound super modern and it sounds like it’s almost from the future It was chaotic and technical death metal at its finest in my opinion After this I would say that my interest to find new bands and music has been somewhat stale Of course I’ve found you an amazing bands that I love but the ones that I’m talking about in this video are probably the ones that have meant the most to me. Mainly because it’s bands who have formed me to the person I am today It goes very much in line with me growing up as a person You know from, being a 14 to 25 year old still trying to find himself These bands have really helped me on the way And it’s incredible to sit down and count back the bands and how important they have been for you in the past And as you become older, you become more nostalgic And people were always saying, like to me when I was younger, that it was better in the past referring to you know, 70s and 80s bands and I just didn’t agree with them But I get it now though. It’s because that was the time they started getting into music. I mean for them it was the perfect time While for me 90s metal is the best Because it was when I was the most receptive to music And to this day Pantera is still my favorite band And listening back to all these albums I mentioned It really takes me back, I mean, it makes me feel like I’m a teenager again Pantera in general is still the band for me They are the band that represents me the best, I would say But you guys already knew that So there you go. That’s my little video for you I’m sharing a Spotify list down below if you want to check out some of the songs I picked a couple of my favorite ones from all these bands that I mentioned You can click down and listen to it there And let me know in the comments section what band is your band The band that means the most to you right now Ok? Thank you so much for watching this video. If you liked it, please put a thumps up and subscribe. And see ya Was that a brofist? Did I just steal the brofist? No, this is my thing. Okay. See you guys. Ola the racist freemason guy This… this Bye


  1. Did you ever check out Racer X? Or any Paul Gilbert related stuff, because It literally changed my whole music direction, if you haven't would be awesome you do a video about it like you did for megadeth and so haha.
    Anyway super awesome videos you got! Your channel kinda made me like more heavy music haha awesome!

  2. Have you heard transmetal, mexican band theyre awsome, but never had good production,
    Zona muerta, el infierno de dante, México bárbaro, killers, vacío abismal.

    You're really COOL keep posting vids. Larga vida para ti ola

  3. Ola I share a lot of your key turning points, at similar times and ages..almost down to each year…but Im in the UK the warhammer 40k as well, I was a into Dark Angels and Eldar, I went from grunge to metal, I landed a few years later in Mathcore and Mathmetal (Botch/DEP/Candiria etc) which I guess is my home now and I have evolved with that genre more than any I guess. Tool was my Dream Theatre for you haha Kryptopsy used to rock that shit b in the d

  4. The (C)Kovenant is the band that I still listen to. I started getting into music with Sex Pistols as my older brother was operating the cassette player.

  5. DragonForce was my gateway to Jazz

    During 2004- 2006 around 6th grade my friends, the girls i liked and I were heavy into pop punk, emo, post-hardcore, basically Myspace scene era.
    I remember one day randomly flipping through MTV for some reason DragonForce played , it was the first time I listened to power metal infact anything purely metal, the first time seeing music played over 200bpm and the first time listening to a guitar solo that's more than 10 seconds long, I was floooooored, I felt like I was violated, punch and eviscerated by Herman Li and Sam Totman's guitars.
    I was so scared, the guitar solo in heroes of our time was almost as long a pop song and I quivered in fear as I just started learning guitar, every single note on that solo was etched on my mind after listening to it so many time, it was staring at the abyss trying to pull you in and drown you. I could mouth guitar the solo to you that time, I thought there could nothing more technical and complex than dragonforce, so i went on a musical journey to find the most pretentious music I could find.

  6. Hi Ola! Nice video. My favorite Band is WINTERSUN, I admire very much to Jary Mäenpää for his ginius to combine the melodic, Symphonyc stuff and death metal.

  7. I started with Motley Crue, but when I was 14 I saw Megadeth on MTV for the first time. Even if I listen to everything, thrash metal is my life, D.Mustaine and M.Petrozza are my heroes, but still I appreciate great, intelligent music like Opeth ♥️♥️♥️

  8. DIR EN GREY, the changes all over their career are amazing, from old visual kei, to metal is brutal, the guitar's riffs are brutal, if u haven't heard them, u really should 🙌🏻

  9. When I was…
    4: Rock Band 2 (just the songs in the game in general)
    5: The Beatles (also because of Rock Band)
    8: Bon Jovi (yes, also because of Rock Band)
    11: Green Day (the last one because of Rock Band)

    The most important bands happen here

    12: (Finally) Metallica (also Maiden and Megadeth, but mostly Metallica)
    14: Death (got me into extreme vocals), Judas Priest, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, In Flames

    I'm now a 15 year old Thrash/Melodeath kid. My favorite bands are Death, Megadeth, Judas Priest, In Flames, Testamemt, Overkill, Exodus, Havok and Metallica.

  10. I might be the only guy in my vicinity that didn't pick up guitar to get girls.
    I listened to AJFA and immediately fell in love with the style of James Hetfield. Bought a guitar and started learning riffs and scales.
    Hetfield and his awesome riffs in the song ''Harvester of Sorrow'' was the turning point in my musical life.
    IMO still the greatest rhythm guitarist of all time. And a big idol for a young boy.
    Cheers, Papa.

  11. Totally agree with how the time you get into music shapes you. I am about the same age as you Ola and Pantera was my first intro into metal. Before that I was a HUGE misfits and punk fan. I was already playing guitar at that point but holy crap did my style change after I heard VDP. It's funny, I listen to a whole lot of other bands now with still a focus on metal but I just cant listen to Dimebag play a solo without feeling my eyes well up. The inspiration he gave me at my most impressionable teenage years is still with me now.

  12. Dont know if I have a band that's the most important to me now but Racer X was the one that melted my brain. That intro to Street Lethal "Frenzy" fucking hell.

  13. Guns n Roses is the band and pantera is right next. guns n roses is number one because it got me into guitar playing and listening to rock and metal music

  14. All I can say is when listening to the radio I heard walk one day. And the bar had been raised no metal had been this raunchy. Dime Vinny Rex and Phil were a force of shred and power this world will not likely see again sadly.

  15. i started listening to english from bands like boyzone, backstreet boys, emeniem, linkin park,akon and went up to some few metal bands like slipnot, COB, COF, cannibal corpse, Dark Tranquality, …….
    but now i have stable taste of preference for Heavy metal and 80s hair metal ( rock). THE BEST BAND STAYED WITH ME ARE METALLICA, PANTERA, MEGADEATH, they are my BIG 3. , (they influenced me to play guitar)
    Besides these i m very much in love with 80s hair bands like Poison, skid raw, steel heart, def lepard, GnR, White Snake, Mr BIG,.bonjovi,
    it feels so odd to say that i never liked Nirvana and ACDC in a way like , liking full album.( except their few popular songs )

  16. So much things in common about this era with skating and playing guitar…except the gigs that you went….I didnt go…1988 I ve listen a solo pass in the song genghis kahn from maiden was about 10 seconds and thats all…It wass a spell…its a bit strange that you didnt mention band from your place ….and my favourite Candlemass…

  17. My favorite bands are very eclectic Nirvana The White Stripes Pantera The Beatles Tool but i love everything from outlaw country to some hip-hop to heavier stuff like In Flames. Just depends on the mood I'm in. I tried playing music when i was younger but never had the focus. But music for most people at least when i was a teenager in the late 80s early nineties was the soundtrack of my life. It's fun to hear what bands drove people's lives. Good shit.

  18. For me, Heavy Metal perfection was achieved with: ACCEPT 1981-1985: 'Breaker', 'Restless & Wild', 'Balls to the Wall' & 'Metal Heart'.

  19. It's so weird that as a Swede, Entombed was so late discovered. Left hand path paved the way to the whole movement. It's release exploded internationally.

  20. Blind melon holds a special spot in my heart as does soundgarden and nirvana soundgarden and mudvayne sparked my love for music listen to their songs religiously just found hatebreed and I love them also steve vai is jesus and satriani is god of guitars

  21. THE band for me is In Flames. I really enjoy the old In Flames but I LOVE all their stuff from Clayman and forward. Cant get enough of them.

  22. For me it was when I listened to Rust in Peace I'm high school by accident. That made me get heavier into metal and made me actually get a lot better on guitar.

  23. As a little kids I was listening to pop radio. Hall & Oats, Adam Ant, Joan Jett. Around 12 that shifted to Def Leppard and Motley Crue. At 13 it was Iron Maiden and Ozzy. At 15 I heard Sanitarium and it was off to the thrash races. Still listen to Def Leppard and Joan Jett now and then, in between the Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Children of Bodom, In Flames, etc, etc.

  24. Ola, try listen to BAND-MAID, this Japanese all-girls hard rock band is going to change your life to the echelon~!!! m/
    Here's their song "Play"~>

  25. Ola hear Petrucci playin' the flight of the bumblebee on another level in '97 thats wayyyy too late…
    You got a home hero in Kee "bumblebee" Marcello ex-Europe axeman that shred the shit out of that peace during world tours… better than petrucci (and im a big DT fan) 😉
    Check (at 2.44 it starts the madness)

  26. He Ola, since Pantera is your favorite band, what about their early albums? They're so known for the hard and groovy stuff but people seem to forget their heavy/glam phase. Opinions on that?

  27. I have a feeling your going to eventually put out some blues tracks sooner or later…play that strat you bought clean and loud….youll change. but you will forever be a metal head!

  28. the band that means the most to me is Megadeth, Al DiMeola, John Lee Hooker and the bama band. im weird, i like country and thrash and jazz fusion…Larry carlton, Chick Corea The Kentucky headhunters and Metallica….allman brothers and most of all Hank Williams Jr for turning me on to everything

  29. Back in the 2000's, VH1 (when it was a good rock/metal channel) would always put Twisted Sister songs, and I became a fan ever since then… 🤘🤘🤘

  30. Indeed, listening to Twisted Sister at the tender age of 5-6 can really mess you up. I hope you find a way out man, you're a nice guy, you deserve a second chance. Peace!

  31. Aerosmith was my first rock show too – Donington Monsters of Rock 1994, when I was also 12. Also the first, and sadly only, time I saw Pantera live. And of those albums mentioned – Far Beyond Driven, Divine Intervention, Burn My Eyes, Chaos AD, and also Get a Grip, they're all my favourites of those bands. 1994, as a year, was the absolute shit! We share a lot of similar tastes in bands and music: Swedish death metal, I love Opeth and plenty other bands you mentioned. But my name's not Ola and I suck at guitar, so the similarities end there…

  32. I want to start a dream theater cover band that uses brutal screaming vocals instead of singing called Nightmare Theater.

  33. Hi Ola) I came into heavy metal music from jungle music (drum & bass). I like the fast drum rythms. But then I found some kinda compilation of fast electronic music which included bands like Pendulum, The Qemists, Celldweller & Zardonic. And then just run into more powerful bands like System Of A Down & Fear Factory. 4 years ago I started to listen thrash metal bands and the 1st was Slayer (thx for my uncle – fan of metal misic) and I began my path in extreme metal

  34. this is so sick, i started listening to accept (princess), my first concert was aerosmith and nirvana was the reason to start a band. later i listened to death, corpse, incubus and so on.

  35. The perfect practice schedule is around 30-ish minutes of practice, which usually leads into 30-ish minutes of jamming and trying new shit, getting inspired. I always have my DAW on without metronome so I can just press record whenever I have an idea. lol! Best advice is turn off the fucking metronome when you're not practicing! Nothing kills inspiration like having to find the BPM of a riff. I have one project that is like sixteen tracks of different configurations of tone where I just record shit, using amplitube. I have the clean acoustic track, the mesa rectifier chug track, the wet clean track, the wet dirty track. Whatever inspiration I get I just arm the track that has the tone that is suitable, and press record when I want to keep something. I just put clips after each other on the same tracks. Little clips of mayhem or sweetness that I go through to create songs later. Cause tip two: Never think you'll remember a riff later when you get inspired! It isn't so much about remembering the actual notes, as remembering the "swing" or attitude of how it goes, in context.

  36. Cryptopsy is badass! Like an even more technical Deicide if that is possible. Makes me think of those insectoid locust looking aliens for some reason. Technical ecstasy.

  37. In order of appearance in my musiclife:
    Rainbow / The Cure / Depeche mode – Queen / Nirvana (for ever…) / Radiohead / Pink Floyd
    Metal by accident

  38. Bands that changed my life , no order. Mushroomhead, pantera, Metallica, iron maiden, buckethead, system of a down , linkin park

  39. In Battle. Decapitated. Disparaged. Enslaved. Immortal. Cannibal Corpse. Dimmu Borgir. 1349. At The Gates. God Dethroned. The Haunted.

  40. I still remember how shocked I was after the first seconds of Narcosynthesis. I felt as if I was punched in the face. But it was somehow a nice punch.

  41. I'm surprised not hearing nothing about Malmsteen.
    Masterpieces at the same time as Twisted Sister and Aerosmith.
    Moreover, being Swedish!

  42. Metallica opened the floodgates for me. From them comes everything else. Also bolt thrower is bad ass. And pantera and music. Also cookies.

  43. Sepultura kickade in mig i metalvärlden, sen följde jag med Max till Soulfly. En kollegas band, Corporation187 och deras album Perfection in pain, var en viktig stepping stone för mig mot det mer extrema. Då fick jag också upp öronen för The Haunted och At the gates. Kollegan hade en kassett i firmabilen med Deicide och när jag fick höra "When satan rules his world" var min kärlek för death metal ett faktum. Earache´s hemsida (kollegans band låg på ett dotterbolag) visade mig vägen till band som Carcass och Bolt Thrower.

  44. Ive listened to soooo much metal its hard to say what like influenced my metal life but ill mention a few albums.
    Metallica – Master of Puppets
    Avenged Sevenfold – Waking the Fallen
    As I Lay Dying – Shadows are Security

    SLipknot – Selftitled
    Lamb of God – Ashes of the Wake
    Whitechapel – This is Exile
    Megadeth – Rust in Peace
    Annihilator – Never, Never Land

    Born of Osiris – The New Reign
    Veil of Maya – [id]
    Opeth – Watershed
    The Contortionist – Exoplanet
    Death – Leprosy
    Now 28 to 31 –
    1349 – Beyond the Apocalypse
    Drudkh – Eternal Turn of the Wheel / Blood of Kingu – Sun of The House of the Scorpion (top 5 album for me)
    Rings of Saturn – Dingir
    Thorns – SelfTitled (Snore is the mostt underrated guitarist ever)

    List could literally go on forever, like so much music I had to miss, but those really influenced me.
    Honorable mentions, Mudvayne, Burzum, Gojira, Meshuggah, Mastodon, High on Fire, Kalmah, Amon Amarth, Shining.

  45. Monster Magnet, listen to the song Dopes to Infinity… Stoner, acid metal type of stuff…sabbath, etc…

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