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  1. Everybody bashes Soble. I think he would have been a great Administrator in any Military capacity. Not everyone can lead troops into combat.

  2. That's the only thing wrong with the Army, You cant punch a hire ranks lights the fuck out when they need it or deserve it !

  3. This is how it really is. Gutless fag gots calling the shots. Boot lickers who have never fired their weapon, nor been shot at, sending good men on missions, to kill or be killed. Message to myself in 1985…dont enlist.

  4. Soble's actor (the douche from friends) is so good in this role. The real Soble was outcasted when he showed up to an Easy company reunion years later and shot himself in the head. Only he failed to kill himself and died years later after living blind for years in a group home.

    If he had not been relieved of his duty he would have likely have died on D-Day just as the officer who replaced him did when his plane went down and all aboard died. I'm sure he would have valued such a death over the life he ended up living out.

  5. This is the moment that whatever respect or loyalty Winters had for Sobel died, and he did the military equivalent of telling his pompous and egotistical CO to shove his petty power trip right up his uptight ass!

  6. Simon Peg played the weakest First Sergeant ever portrayed in a movie he had the on screen presence of a brand new private.

  7. I don't think it's a very good idea to treat a fellow Officer like shit that is one rank below you. Especially a type of man like Richard Winters.

  8. This is is an examplar of the titanium testicles Dick Winters was to display at Brecourt Manor and his citation should be upgraded to the CMH

  9. The show was very unkind to sobel, and far too gratuitous to winters. But I guess they needed a villain and a hero. But it wasn't fair to tarnish the legacy of vet just to make a good TV show.

  10. Court martial sounds ugly. But if your case is strong its a good option. They are not going to give you the firing squad.

  11. Even in 2019 the military is filled with Captian Sobles. That's why we have been in Afghanistan for 18 fucking years! OEF 09-10

  12. Soble couldn't commit suicide right….. Die in a nursing home and was buried with on one around….. A very very sad story…..

  13. Sobel is the type of officer that would get fragged by his own men in combat. Like most pos officers he only cared about his own OER and advancement. There weren't too many real officers when I was enlisted and in Iraq.

  14. In every Army…Communist, what we have here in America…(left wing) Socialist…
    or Democratic… There's always that scumbag!!!!

  15. the eventual transfer may have bought sobil time, even after the war before his inevitable end…but in reality, many if not most of these goofbar-power-trippers were greased by their own men as soon as bullets started flying the 1st time, and when they realized that even tho they fought for their country, they had to fight to stay alive for themselves.

  16. This is the kind of stuff that prove that Sobel (As presented in this series) is not in fact a "Great trainer" as some suggest. He is a miserable piece of sh*t. As a former US Marine, I can appreciate tough training as much as anyone, but it must serve a purpose. Half of the crap Sobel does has zero value in terms of preparing Men for Combat. He is himself a substandard soldier (again, as presented in this series). Unable to perform actual combat tasks in the field. All he is "good" at is inspections, yelling, and ridiculous forms of IT. Sadly, men like that do exist, but like Sobel, they usually fade.

  17. Watching Mr. Schwimmer in friends for years, one would think that he has become so typecast as Ross that he couldn't be convincing in any other role. What a a great job he did in this!

  18. Fucking dumbass captain. Court martial your best officer before a major military operation. Well every person in the US military has a right to court martial.

  19. I was assigned to daily duty at a WOMANS training quarters and given a 1/2 ton van to run errands. My section C.O. tried to get me in shit by sending me orders I could not comply with. I took the option of a company commander trial and it got me posted to defaulter's parade and my punishment was to be the WOMANs training quarters orderly and report directly to the C.O. there where I was given a 1/2 ton truck and a bedroom to myself and no restrictions to access to town. The duty lasted six years as my unit got posted and I was lost in the cracks.

  20. Schwimmer perfectly acts out that barely noticeable haunted look in the eyes. That bullies get when they're dealing with someone who they begin to realize is stronger mentally or physically!

    So well acted.

  21. Captain Sobel jumped into Normandy, then was called back to serve in the Korean War. He went on to retire as a Lt Col.
    Maybe he was a dick, but respect that.

  22. This is the 1st indication that Dick Winters has boulder size balls of granite being one heroic son of a bitch. God bless him.

  23. That pretty bad but it happens like that in the army. Sometimes you have to call the leadership's bluff and sometimes you might be surprised at the outcome. A similar situation happened to me, I won't go into great detail, but they gave me a choice pretty similar and said I was allowed to appeal. So instead of taking their crap punishment for what they think I did wrong, I appealed it and spoke the base legal services. No punishment was ever officially levied against me and they drop the case altogether. Sometimes it's the leadership trying to flex a little too hard but as this video demonstrates as well, you have to be able to defend yourself because sometimes yourself is all you have.

  24. Believe this, there are officers like that , trying to get anyone in trouble cause of their position just to make themselves notice . TOXIC. Been there …

  25. According to the UCMJ one of the elements for failure to obey a lawful order is that the order was understood. Because Winters was never informed of the change in time, that element was not met and Winters would have been found not guilty had it went to a court martial.

  26. Hmm I never realized but doesn't colonel strayer's order from 0930 to 0955 trump captain sobels change of start time to 0945?

  27. The free world was fighting for survival against Hitler, yet Sobel's soul interest was to size up against Winters.

  28. For those of you who did not understand what was this all about.. Sobel here is looking for way to get even with with his Easy Company men and Winters when one of his men made him look like a fool by impersonating a higher ranking officer and ordered Sobel to cut a farm fence.. Sobel realize that Easy Company men preffer or want Winters more than him so he only wants to prove to his men here that he is the Boss and not Winters. His only bluffing Winters into sending him to court martial or choose the punishment to stay in Company base with no weekend passes for 6 weeks. Winters is a smart ass realizing or sensing that Sobel is only bluffing about the Court martial that he is only proving something, he requested for trial by court martial instead because he knew the result will back fire to Sobel. And that's it, Easy Company NCO's resigned or what you call mutiny, they resigned as NCO's when they heard the news that Winters is being court martialed and may never get to come back with Easy company again. Col. Sinks had no choice than to fire or remove Sobel as Easy Company's CO because the situation regarding Winters being court martialed is affecting the company and their preparation for the war.

    It' all about a suppose to be a Bluff Court Martial made up by Sobel that back fired at him.

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