Background Music 22: Soft Piano Music (Download Free MP3)

Background Music 22: Soft Piano Music (Download Free MP3)

This is the 22nd song in my free background music series This royalty-free music can be used in non-commercial projects and in monetized videos as long as it is credited (music by longzijun) For more information, you can refer to the terms of use (the link is in the video description) You can show your support by subscribing, liking, sharing and/or commenting

58 thoughts to “Background Music 22: Soft Piano Music (Download Free MP3)”

  1. Thanks (I would like to finish songs more quickly, but my work keeps me busy. And as my playing technique is not good, it takes me a long time to learn even a simple song like this one.)

  2. I checked out your page. Was that the video with the heavy machinery and the Québécois accented French 🙂 I haven't heard that for a long time, so it made me kind of home sick. I grew up in Ottawa but have been out of the country for years.

  3. Hello, first off, this track is just so incredibly beutiful, I'm absolutely in love with it.

    I'm currently creating guides for the video game DotA 2 and I am wondering if I am allowed to use this track? It would fit perfectly with my work, but I am very afraid of breaking the rules of YouTube. I am not monetizing my videos at this moment, but might do so in the future.

    What do you say, am I free to use it? I would appreciate it a lot!

  4. The track is free to use for non-commercial purposes. If monetizing your video, there are more detailed terms of use on my website (the first link in the description box). You can follow those terms if and when you decide to monetize your video.

  5. Alright, when I start monetization I'll donate to the Swedish Charity Organisation "Rädda Barnen".

    I've included your name and the song track in my video. Thanks for sharing this beatiful piece of work.

  6. Yes. If you continue after monetization there are more detailed terms of use (go to the first link in the video description and click on 'terms of use')

  7. oh, sorry, I compose songs by ear and don't write anything down. After a few weeks, I will forget what I played. You've given me an idea, though. In future, when the song is finished, I can video the keyboard as I play it. That way I will have a reference for the future in case I need to remember how to play it again. So, sorry I couldn't help, but thanks for giving me the idea.

  8. Thats ok bro. I'm glad that my quiz gave u idea. You can get more ideas if you search for piano tutorials here in YouTube about how to do this. I really hope you do that because if all of your music like this one, it will be awesome if you let other people learn how to play and inspire them with your music 🙂 Good luck bro

  9. If you have a non-monetized (& non-commercial) video and then monetize it, then you should start following the terms of use for monetized videos (involving more detailed credits and a small donation to charity based on the money earned). Most monetized videos earn $0; so if that is the case, the use of the song would still be free. Everything is explained in the terms of use on my website. If the terms of use are not acceptable, then, yeah, you would delete the video (or not monetize it).

  10. Hi, I really like this song and I think you're a great artist for sharing your music with the appropriate terms and conditions of agreement (monetizing vs. non-monetizing).
    Anymore of this exact type of song? Thanks.

  11. The 30-second theme Love vs Time is the most similar. The latest one (no. 25) is somewhat similar in style (soft piano)

  12. hi I'm a rapper/ songwriter/ poet (all forms) and i would like to use this as background music for one of my spoken word poems entitled "7 billion people." Is that okay with you

  13. oh that was fast. You've finished already. You need to add a credit though (music by longzijun). This is one of the terms of use mentioned in the video description.

  14. Hello,I am going to use this beautiful song as background music for my video, which isn't monetized or anything, i'll give credit as needed!

  15. Hi I am thinking of using this for my video slide. I'll give credit in the description if I do. It is very soothing!

  16. Would it be alright with you if my animation group would use this for our thesis film? Full credit would be given of course!

  17. Sure that is fine. The music is free to use for purposes like that–student projects. Good luck on your animation.

  18. Very inspiring. Can we use it for a personal project for awareness purposes with pictures covering a period of six years of observation from my home about chemtrails, they are persistent chemical trails in the sky that we see every day from my balcony! . It will broadcast on YouTube and of course we will put all the necessary credits and acknowledgments.Thank you, it would be totally awesome if you accept. It would passionately support the visual editing with many touching moments.


  19. I'm going to make some sort of a Theme song thing an i'm planning to make it with this Background music. Can i use it? I'll make note to credit you!

  20. That should be OK. If you think you might be monetizing the video in future, however, you should check out the terms of use (there's a link in the video description).

  21. Great and really inspiring music longzijun. I'm using it credited of course on a couple of Buddhist videos I'm working on will post the links when they are up.

    Many thanks Ian

  22. ooh! So amazing! Good Job Longzijun. Really good tracks you have here on your channel. I wonder where you get your inspirations from. I Love them so much. Keep it up. GOD Bless you.

  23. Hi. I like your music very much. Especially this track.

    I used it for a recent video of photo shots for vintage lathe enthusiasts, which I hope you approve of.

    My early flat belt Schaublin 102 lathe – a pictorial view

    Cheers from down under.


  24. was looking for soft background music, this has fit like a glove, Much Thanks Interesting Colors & Effects Capture After Sunset

  25. I used this wonderful music in my video thank you for sharing your amazing gift.

  26. Great , just what may fit into a video trailer im working on to try and get my film noticed, if it is used for a film trailer that is nonprofit here on you tube is it still free. thanks


  27. I recently received a false copyright claim on this song from "Mobile Indy Digital Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
    On behalf of: Yurehnur ch". If you receive such a claim, it should be disputed (you can refer to the Terms of Service (link given in the description). Music is my free background music series is not entered in the Content ID system, so you should not receive any claims from anyone. However, I don't have control over others who may make false or fraudulent claims using my music.

  28. This is such a beautiful, dreamy song. Carries my mind away to distant and fantastic places that are bright and wonderful. Thank yOU !!

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