Anarchist Organization Methodology and YOU! | Communist Quick-Start Training Series

Anarchist Organization Methodology and YOU! | Communist Quick-Start Training Series

33 thoughts to “Anarchist Organization Methodology and YOU! | Communist Quick-Start Training Series”

  1. 9:06 "Witches don't have leaders everyone knows that. Besides Granny Weatherwax would never allow it" I'm not comparing feminists to witches I just really love Terry Pratchett and saw an opportunity to reference his books.

  2. Hmmm. Anarchist organization sounds a little like scrum doctrine.

    Scrum programming is when a small (less than 15 people) team of diversely skilled people get together and work on a project. You, as a group, create a "backlog" of features that you want to get done (make a list of big things you want to do). Then y'all break up some of the features into smaller, more manageable pieces called user stories. User stories are smallish, less than 20 or so hours of work and you collectively assign "effort points" which loosely correlate with the amount of hours the task will take. Y'all as a group agree on which stories the group will get done in your time box of a fortnight to around a month. You, as individuals, will pick tasks from the tasks your group has agreed to do.

    Tl;Dr Scrum is a way for a small group to figure out what they're going to do, and do it. No hierarchy.

  3. Just replace “Anarchist” with “Agile” and you have perfectly explained the latest Capitalist organizational methodology.

  4. Now all we need is a dating site equivalent to find our local Lefty matches, people with similar interests

  5. You are the best breadtuber! Very lucid, clear-minded, and direct. Can't believe I hadn't seen your videos earlier. I've been showing my friends all your videos and trying to get them involved in leftist politics. It's been great!

  6. Just commenting before watching not a dirty commie here just clicked out of consumerist passion over Ninja Turtles. But I will now learn about anarchist organization now so I can socialize this franchise and make TMNT a communist propaganda tool (#bringbackredbandana).

  7. Just wanted to say it takes some serious acting ability to be this INTENTIONALLY bad and you deserve some major kudos for that

  8. As an officionado of workplace instructional videos, here are some notes for improvement:
    1) Elevator music should be louder, and it should be aggresively corporate
    2) You need as many stupid sounding acronyms as possible
    3) Repeat every key idea at least three times, viewers should be thoroughly patronized
    4) Violently lame memes to appeal to fellow kids
    5) Lists

  9. So apparently I've always been an anarchist, I just didn't know it. This is why I was unsuccessful as a McManager. I always tried to act more as a coordinator, and both fellow managers and crew members chaffed against my style. Managers were mad because I always acted like crew were equals and crew were just confused by me. Ultamtley, the only reason I wasn't fired was because the store manager wanted to fuck 19 and 20 year old boys (like I was at the time).

  10. ok im confuse. Do you genuinely support an anarchy organization or is this critique on the system, like you did with capitalism? If im getting it wrong, then please inform me.

  11. Am I a socialist???
    Am I an anarchist???
    I think so, especially after watching this.
    I’ve got to look into this more

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