All Star by Smash Mouth but it’s played on 4 $1 pianos that I found on ebay

All Star by Smash Mouth but it’s played on 4 $1 pianos that I found on ebay

*Takes control.* My subtitles… Haha… Wait, no, MY ONLY WEAKNESS! Not one, not two. NOT THREE, BUT FOUR $1 PIANO’S! (Found on ebay.)
(Can’t forget that. If you simply have them with you from before, no effect. But if you get it via delivery from ebay… Then I’m fucked.) I actually can tell that there’s still SOME original content here. Hey it doesn’t have to be good. Ma name e jeff. Although, the fact you’re able to do this. Is impressive. Anyways, I bet you paused the video earlier to attempt to read that long ass paragraph. … Enjoying this? Ya know he’s just trying to show off skills right? I mean seriously, out of all the things you can watch. Wait what?! That wasn’t me!
The previous subtitler is back! Old Sub: You can even just watch the 2 piano version twice and get the exact same thing. New sub: Wait, what? No, you can’t. It was a different song. *Facepalm* Old Sub:Then again you’d need to spend even more time watching this. New sub: Again, no, it’s different. Is… Is he gone? I think… We’re safe. *Ear bleeding intensifies.*
New: NO! New: Damn it dude get out of here! YOU’RE MEAN! Old sub: I don’t even know what to say anymore. New: Bye? Alistlabista? Chow? Cya? Farewell? If all dat glitters is 2$ pianos.
Only shooting yooouu would make everyone haaapppyy… New: Only shooting yooouu would make everyone haaapppyy… Oh god it’s not-*Nope!* There, I figured out how to shut him up. Good riddans. *Connects massive bass boosters.* *Turns on.* 3. 2. 1. Old: Is-is it finally over? New: Nope… Hehe… *Plays at full volume…* Me irl: Fuck you man. Old: GODDAMN! New: Don’t- Old:Subscribe to joe jenkins. Well, I was gonna say “Don’t talk over me”, but don’t subscribe I guess. Ok out my swamp now

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  1. SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME, THE WORLD WAS GONNA RULE ME, I AIN’T THE SHARPEST TOOL IN THE SHED, why am I doing it in all caps? I only know but I don’t know

  2. this is what plays as you descend further into hell and the demons are chasing you as the insanity of an eternal afterlife and the idea of spending that time tortured and alone becomes more of an issue than the demons themselves. through this spiral of anxiety and madness the side of the demons has already broken you without them ever laying a finger on you. you have become the biggest threat to yourself because of your primitive mortal fears. with your weakness the unholy deity of this realm has merged your being with his discordant song of suffering.

  3. Gee man I sure do wish I had a $1 piano to play but sadly i'm in class so I can't but thx anyway. ~christopher

  4. Physiatrist: ultimate Shrek on a budget does not exist it can’t hurt you.

    Ultimate Shrek on a Budget:

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