AKAI PRO How To Save Custom Drum Programs In MPC Live MPC X 2.1

AKAI PRO How To Save Custom Drum Programs In MPC Live MPC X 2.1

what’s up everybody
I am BK BK bangers.com and welcome to another joint todays joint is as you can
tell by the title of the video I haven’t titled it yet but you’ll be able to
understand it because i’ll title it. but it’s gonna be something in the form of
how to create a drum program the homie abstract soul over on Instagram if
you’re not following me on Instagram be sure to follow me on instagram it’s BK
bangers dot-com and the number one I put it up in the somewhere around alright
but so the home the abstract soul acts me cannot do a vid on saving custom drum
kits and then I ask them like if you like from drum sales we curate over time
or how to create it create drums from scratch you pretty much said how to
create um honest a drum programs inside the MPC program software instead of
every time you open up a new program I mean a new you start a new project file
you got a search fo for drums all the time
so I totally no problem is acute that yeah I mean so we got this joint so I’m
working on I’m working on this flip yeah I’m saying that’s another video but I’m
just uh showcasing this real quick so alone
so ball so I got this room break up right here and you know what I’m gonna
just do it all from scratch and show you so this one this this is full I’m going
to three all right so this is a drum break I so so that’s funky but you want
that say you wanted to loot right hi this one is a little bit tricky if you
try to get it to loop but I’m not really trying to get it to loop
I wanted it to just be tight so what I’m going to do is I’m a discard those points I mean really if I wanted
it to loop I just put it right here so don’t don’t get it twisted like I don’t
know what I’m doing I I know what I’m doing all right so I won’t go what you
can do is go to manual I’m gonna just do thresholds right now so I do that automatic slice I’ll send
it to new program you want to choose pad parameters instead of non-destructive
slice because you don’t want to all create a new program every time you make
some adjustments on this particular break alright so then now you go to go
to a different track so so that’s the the kit we just saw we just chopped up
I’m a name it I have Stratton’s underscore I can’t do the underscore
soul so you name it see in order to get it to say this say
it on the pad you want to name the program before you actually you actually
do it so then change the name but if you want if you really want to get technical
all you got to do is rename it right here add strat not gonna put the
underscore here I think no I can’t data track so alright so now the program
is named the other thing you want to probably do the other thing you want to do is you
want to go in here go to program edit select all go back to sample edit if you
don’t remember because I don’t remember what it was you simply go back to sample
edit right here BPM is 89 point 11 so you go back to program edit you have the
wave function and all of this can be done on the hardware as well um
you press warp and eighty nine eleven and you see that it changed the grid I’m
gonna undo it see the grid right here and blue pay attention to these numbers
you see that they change I’ll kind of sped it up a little bit alright so I’m
gonna take the warp off work on I so that’s stored within your program so now
what you do is you go to file and don’t save all programs I mean you
can but you don’t want to really do that you’ll save current program you’ll
choose the destination in which you want to save it to so it’s already named
abstract soul xpm um already have a folder that I started for this so I’ll
go to my external I’ll go to beats hey I’ll go to where the drum programs
and then I’ll save it right here I and I’ll show you right here in the browser
this is the external drive beats drum programs abstract soul so it’ll always
be there anytime you open your joint and you could just pull them in yeah I’m
saying wherever you like whatever you doing
and that works with on regular drums like you say you snack you purchase a
sample kit or um a drum kit from somewhere your favorite drums you put
them all together they are like you could do this to 128 adds so it works
the same way you so hot hours later a few inches later you could do that into
a hundred different 128 different pads laid across the the all the different
banks you know from bank to bank H 128 pads under 28 different sounds and once
you have it all laid out the way that you work and you save it into your you
save the program into wherever you you saved it at every time you recall the
MPC you load it up you’re able to pull pull in that program
alright so I’ll show you that right now I’m going to I’m goal to quit don’t save a few
moments later one eternity later and so this is a brand new you know a new start
so what I’ll do is go to program and I actually have it installed where the the
the drum programs is indeed the quick path folders you probably can’t see it
because the screen is blocking it right now but if you’re familiar with the MPC
program you know that you have these folders from 1 to 5 from 1 to 5 and I have it dear she might not be able to see that so
what I’m gonna do is go back to here and goto beats go to drum programs and
abstract soul is loaded today you go man so I hope that helped you abstract and
anyone else out there that needed that that um that information on how to do
that I know it’s a little tedious every time you open up the UH the MPC software
and you’re getting ready to work you actually have to you know go digging
every time yeah I’m saying I honestly don’t mind doing it though
cuz it’s like every time you open up you start a new beat you know I really use
the same drum twice and I don’t say that like you know to show off I’m saying
that because you know I jog my mental muscles to find the right sound you know
even if it don’t work I’ll tweak it and make it work
rather than having a clutch folder that I go to all the time which is not I
wrote that but you know that’s neither here nor there so thank you guys so much
again stopping by this is the first time and be sure to hit that subscribe if you
are digging the content at all be sure to thumb up the video so it could be
easily failed for people such as yourself who need the information um Yemen do remember that music is life it
is our DNA keep banging our peace loving life

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  1. skip to 7:30 to get to the point.. thanks for the tip. also u should invest in a better mic if possible.. this is harsh on the ears.. i followed ur ig bro pce.

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