Água de Beber (Water to Drink) – Bossa Nova Guitar Lesson #17: Advanced Phrase 3233

Água de Beber (Water to Drink) – Bossa Nova Guitar Lesson #17: Advanced Phrase 3233

Rhythmic phrase 3233 played at half speed. Bass notes are played with staccato, as well as all dotted 8th notes, while all 16th notes are played with legato. Chords and bass are played together on main beats, except on beat 5. Bass and chords are muted with right hand fingertips. Rhythmic phrase 3233 played in normal tempo. The opening phrase differs in one beat only. Now the phrase featured in this lesson. Cmaj7/-5 will be fretted by fingers 1,2 and 3 first, then adding little finger a bit later. The same chord progression as before. The lyrics start here. The syncopation in basic phrase is selected such that it complements the melody. The familiar 444x phrase often used in bridges. Here Jobim played Db7 and F#7. Jobim played E and Em7. Same chord change to Cmaj7/-5 as before. Same chord progression as in the opening. Right hand’s little finger is used in the last chord. If you block YouTube ads please donate some small amount to www.paypal.me/bossanovaguitar

31 thoughts to “Água de Beber (Water to Drink) – Bossa Nova Guitar Lesson #17: Advanced Phrase 3233”

  1. Thank you so so much, your lessons are a jewel! A truly jewel of bossas. Me and my friends enjoys your lessons like no one else. Keep doing this please!

  2. Congratulations, you're a real Master and your thorough anylyses are something special and on higher level of playing. It's good to have you back after few months…

  3. Is there any method for singing and playing this rhythms at the same time? They are really confusing

  4. I am working my way through your lessons and I am impressed so far! Will you be posting Meditacao by Antonio Jobim soon? Regardless, thank you for your videos!

  5. thankq for your great lessons. Learning bossa nova guitar with all of your lessons is on my list! But now im just trying to practice same songs whenever I can afford to.
    Oh could u plz give us a lesson for the legendary song 'Sabiá'? the melody and the lyrics of this song are definitely something.

  6. Dad had Bossa playing thru the Home , 1962-4 .. I was 10 .. Thank You for Great Instruction where I can see what I'm listening to .

  7. Please do the chords of 'Doralice' (gilberto), i like that song soo much.
    Your tuts are the best and i learnt so much!!!

  8. I really love your lessons. I started by trying to learn Insensitive. What i discovered through my attempts is that it is really important to have the samba pattern down.

  9. Only as a suggestion, look for the Bossa Nova Song Book written by Almir Shediak, it will be useful to bypass the transcription step, so you will save time to create the lessons here, great job and keep going!

  10. Wow, very different than how I learned it. Yours sounds much better! Is that exactly how Tom played it?

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