7 BIGGEST Problems with MI Band 4 | Should you BUY ?

7 BIGGEST Problems with MI Band 4 | Should you BUY ?

Hi friends, if you are new to this channel then please subscribe to this channel and press the BELL icon to get all the updates from this channel hi friends, its sameer here and welcome to the sameers reviewroom I am going to show you 7 biggest problems of mi band 4 I am using this band thoroughly since last 15 days based on that experience I am going to showcase the problems with proofs before that I would like to tell all the new viewers here that I have kept a giveaway of this band were I am giving away 2 mi band 4 units for free If you haven’t watched that video yet and if you are interested in it then I am attaching its link in the i-button, description and comment section you can it from there I would like to state a important thing I am uploading this video today on 16th July 2019 so if you are watching this video after few months so some of its problems which are software oriented might get fixed by then so consider this fact while watching the video and last important thing before we start the video is I have experienced these problems personally still with all these problem, I can say for sure that this is the best fitness band that you can buy in current market under Rs.3000 price segment and I personally recommend this so the first problem is screen ON time when you activate this band it remains ON only for 5 seconds and then it automatically goes off and the problem is that, there’s NO option to set it its set by default to 5 secs there’s no option from band neither is there any option from application so this is one of the biggest problem which obviously is a software glitch hopefully its fixed son next problem is the watch faces. the amount of watch faces that you get in this band is much more compared to any fitness band in the range you get over 50 watch faces in it but the problem is… the movement you sync watch faces in it you can see the local section of this band problem is, you don’t any option to access all the watches from the band itself you just get options of upto 4 watch faces to select from the band 3 out of those 4 watches in band are default only the 4th watch faces is one that you sync from band recently here’s the demo of it… you can see here, only the recently synced watch face is available to select from band so this is also a software glitch and according to me is the biggest problem of all reason being, you get so many watch faces, but you can’t explore them all from the band. next issue is with sleep tracker you get a sleep tracking but there’s NO separate sleep tracking Tab in the band for now you shall have to connect the band via app to check the data. there’s a problem in it too 1st, its not very accurate its not recording the awake time in between. band is considering it as light sleep instead plus the bed and wakeup time is not 100% accurate so there’s a accuracy issue here and the 2nd thing is it doesn’t have feature to track the daytime sleep yet honor band 4 had this feature since last year next problem is related to heart rate sensor this band is released in 2019 but you don’t get intelligent HR sensor in ityet you can see, I have set it to 24hr monitoring mode and you can see even when I ain’t wearing it, band still tries to records in comparison, in samsung galaxy fit e honor band 4 has feature of intelligent sensing via which, when you aren’t wearing the band it will sense it and won’t record the reading to save the battery but its not the case with this band next is water sensitivity issue its an touch screen device so it obviously behaves abnormally when it comes in contact with water but this is also a Fitness band and you get a pool swim mode in it so as soon as you take it to pool it won’t be easy to access it you can see the demo here it behaves abnormally even with normal dripping over the screen its good as long as its locked but it goes crazy when unlocked and when you get it under water then its impossible to access this screen this problem is reported by many users on the forum next is charger issue this is the charger that you get and its completely different from the previous versions you can’t use earlier version chargers with this band so there’s interchangeability here and the main problem with the charger is you can see here, this band has 2 charging pins at the bottom still you have to remove the module and plug in charger but since I am using the honor since last 8 months its not the same in this case despite of the fact that it has design to directly plug in. so this is a design flaw according to me next issue is it Home button I had reported this in honor band as well you get a dedicated home button here but its function is very limited you can set it manually for any specific function or task infact here you see, when you are in any option then pressing the button brings BACK to sub menu or menu instead of going back home it already has right swipe interface to go BACK so these were few problems that I personally encountered and showcased you these might get fixed in near future but if you buy this device now, then these are the problems you shall encounter if you can ignore these problems then you can certainly buy this device I still say that its the best fitness band under Rs.3000 tag segment so that was it from today’s video, hope you liked it if yes, then please click LIKE SHARE this video and comment if there’s any doubt if you are new here, then CLICK here to Subscribe to this channel and press BELL icon, to get all the updates from this channel thank you very much for watching this video

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    Following are timestamps of PROBLEMS, you can click on BLUE timestamp to directly go on that topic:
    1. Screen ON time issue – 01:31
    2. Watch Face issue – 02:15
    3. Sleep Tracking issue – 03:35
    4. Heart Rate sensor issue – 04:34
    5. Water sensitivity issue – 05:24
    6. Charger Design issue – 06:15
    7. Home button issue – 07:12

  2. No no no you will be go in auto screen off πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜œπŸ€¬πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. First you go and watch a review of this product done by a good reviewer. Then you learn it. Then you make a videos of such products πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  4. U fit for nothing…….
    U r not fit for review any products…….just go and find some temples and become a good begar

  5. tum khudi ak fitbans manufacturer karlo jismay koe prblms nahi rahaga.. sun ba. chutiya bol na bohat asan hay lakin banana bohat taf hay. agar tuja itnahi pata hay khudei ak band bana salay chutiya

  6. You are wrong…. There is the option to control the screen off time.. just go to the band's setting and find timeout and set…
    You need to learn more.
    But good video

  7. the problem with this band is the covering of distance…..I run on a measured route of 2500 mtrs and the band and in mobile it shows some time 1500 some times 1600 mtrs …

  8. what can we expect at this price range πŸ™‚ all fit bands are same… kisi mein kuch dikkat hai kisi mein kuch πŸ™‚ so we have to adjust according to our need.

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