25 Minecraft Death Sound Variations in 60 Seconds

25 Minecraft Death Sound Variations in 60 Seconds

Ooh Oooh (Again) ooooooh (Eh…) oooooooooh (WTF?) Is this even the death sound anymore? … JESUSSCHRIST Speedy Boi Ooh Very speedy Oof (OMGHOWFASTISDIS) O O H O O H Exactly. SAME oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Oh god…….HALP Steve.exe has stopped working Hoo (Noice) Oowh (Is you okay child) Slightly Negative Ooh ??? UooohUooohUooohUooohUoooh OoooooooUooohUooohUooohUooohUoooh Wuh is dat mah dude? R.I.P brain OooO HooH Very quiet.,…..like REALLYquiet………LIKEREALLY o o h Ooh + hoO Airraid siren (1% slow) *half* Tornado Siren Tornado Siren still continuing Jesus…..is there a tornado outside??? Almost there Done. You have now arrived..

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  1. Fake:

    The sound is not the "Minecraft Death Sound", in Minecraft Early versions, this was the "Damage Sound", that sounded when you get hit by an Enemy, or when you get fall damage.
    This sound was replaced with no reason in newer versions of the game, Who would love to hear this in your new Minecraft Survival?

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