25 Blues Riffs – Guitar Lesson – EASY!

25 Blues Riffs – Guitar Lesson – EASY!

Hi, I’m Bobby crispy video is about how to play 25 bluesy blues riffs So I’ll play them first then show how [they’re] played no from note using tabs like so Okay, number [one] I’ll play it first [ok] 2nd string 8th fret 3rd string 9th fret at the same time 3rd string 7th fret fifth sixth fourth string so through second and third strings fifth Row fourth string seventh Row Okay number two okay for the picking use your pick for the bottom two strings use your fingers like so Okay thrifting fourth fret first string open second string [Third] fret Now slide that down one fret and play it again Same pattern I slide it down one more right again picking the same pattern a third string open and run to the first [fret] fourth string second fret Okay [number] three Okay, this involves picking of fifth string fourth string fifth string Okay, so the fifth string fifth fret fourth string fifth fret back to the fifth string [and] you do that again you have you play the fifth string fourth fret Do it again you have the fifth string third fret? I know the fifth string first fret top string the third fret number four second string 10th fret first string [Twelve] Bend up 12 like Normally Loveth [10th] second string 12 first string 10th 12 second string Twelfth end up Started your intense Okay, number five again picking with the top and figures [like] so okay, so Festering open at the same time [second] string 7th 3rd string 8th slide that up one fret Second-string [8] to slide up to 10th first string second string 10th 8/10 Okay number six the top string open Third fret Bend option open second string open second fret first string open second open Slide up to the third fret open second okay? okay number seven Okay fourth string open third string slide up the 11th fret hold it second string 10th, I Just third string 11 second string Twelfth fret third string eleventh again [Second-string] 13th 10th 12 yet Try to hold down all the strings as you’re playing Okay number eight once again D string open fourth string open Third string fifth slide up to the 7th hold it second string six back to the 13 [south] circling [eight] and six Okay, number nine okay, you can be playing the 3rd and 1st strings Just [with] your pick [and] finger Okay The [3rd] string [1st]. [3rd]. So you have the 4Th fret Same thing at the third fret gluten second fret third string open and round the first four three second top string open okay, number ten Okay third string second fret slide up to the fourth Bottom two strings third fret hold it down, so [it’s] the second string first the first string second string 6 fret third fret Third string Third fret fourth fourth string fifth okay number 11 this a Third string 6 fret seventh second string six feet [first] [Ring] six age six nice 6/8 [Excess] Number 12 is this So for every note you play you also play the first string 10th fret with your pinky ring finger and pick the other notes so piggy on your first string 10th fret and 2nd string 10th fret end up 2nd string 8th Thursday night six to [eight] 30 nights so it’s 13 or 13 is two-parter Okay, so you put the fishing open? And just it’s a fourth string at the sanctuary right down on all the notes So Forth string 14th secretary 14th The same thing the 12th fret play the 4th string in the second string [then] the [11] [attemPts] trap frets slide that down two frets ninth and [eighth] frets [ok] 7th fret 5th frets fourth Third fret fourth string second string The 2nd frets so you always play the [fourth] string first [than] the second string all the way down Number Fourteen [is] what you pay at the end of [song] [end] of a blue song? the top string open twice top string fourth choice fifth fret twice six frat boys so the threat twice seven [thousand] nine fifth string six seven An E7 chord like that okay, number 15 top string open fourth string open [here] under the second Third string first fret and 2nd fret Hold it second string over first ring open those notes ring Second string the third second open pull off third string [open] and onto the first and fourth string second fret Okay number 16. It’s a [two-parter] it goes Okay, you play the fourth string open? to pick and these with the with your fingers So okay, so fourth string [open] and at the same time third string seventh fret the second string first fret [if] [after] the third string second fret Those three notes and play those three notes again Slide it down one fret you’re playing a third string first fret second-string open Third string first fret those three notes Twice and it’s Which is fourth string open? Third string second fret second string first rep Ocu time the second string First M12 third first with the third string second fret second string first third to inside okay, number 17 A fifth string third fret ended up and fifth string open fourth string open Hammer on [to] the second Third string open Open again head rounded [second] fret bottom three strings so third string open second string the second fret first string Third fret okay, number 18 Shortens me, okay bottom two strings third fret second string fifth fret Hammer on And back to the bottom two strings to fret third string [fifth] fret [third] slide up to the fourth fret fourth string fourth fret Okay, the right gene Okay, once again third string pick bottom two strings with your fingers okay, so third string 9th verse three night [2nd] string 8th fret do that again You slide it down one fret to the eighth fret eighth fret Seventh fret so that’s right Do it one more time when you slide down once again? Same pattern so the seventh fret so thread six, [right]? the festering open at the same time third string fifth fret [436] threat Just slide it up one [fret] This is six and seven number 20 you [bar] the bottom two strings Third fret so second string There’s first string second string [the] second string six [way], you got the first string third fret so barred so second string first second string the second string fifth fret same pattern second-string first secretary And secretary fourth fret so second string first string second string again then its third string third fret fourth string fourth fret Slide it out one fret to the fourth and fifth so once again slowly [you’re] picking the two strains [their] second string pick with your pick [first] ring use your pinky [or] ring finger? like that [a] number 21 Okay, top string third fret slide up to the fifth fifth string third fifth slide up to the seventh fourth string 5th 7th Third string fifth six fourth string, so okay, number 22 top string open Festering the threats right up to seventh fourth string fifth fifteen 7/5 slide down to the second top string third fret Bend top string open okay, number 23 Okay, top string open first string Third fret and Second string to the threat. Let’s play with your two fingers Okay, play it twice slide it down one fret to the seC repetition Twice Slide it down one more fret the first fret position [choice] third string open and Hammer [onto] the first fret [Dr.]. [Tripp] Fourth string second fret Astragal Okay number 24 Okay, that’s part of a a seven chords of top string open or the bottom four strings a fifth fret and Play the Third string six red tap Ok while holding it down create the first string [fifth] [fret] which are already doing first ring eight fifth seventh fifth Second string fifth fret which are already burned and run to the seventh fret first string fifth once again slowly Okay, last one number 25 because of top string open bottom two streamers twelfth fret under string this tenth fret About two strings seventh fret so you [thing] same thing [to] the fifth fret the [crack] of [the] [strings] and bottom [two] strings over Okay, that’s a lesson. I hope you found it helpful and thanks for watching

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  1. Thanks dude, I sat down one day, a few months ago and I ended up just messing around with arpeggio on some bluesy sounding 7 chords and started a good strumming from the heart, I went with it and I ended up adding a few suses in there to the chords and ended up with what I called my bluesy jam…After a few times playing it I liked the shuffle of the chords switches but I really wanted more bluesy notes and tasty riffs to put in it. I struggled to do so. Since Im not familiar with most scales, Ive been meaning to learn them just haven't. This is exactly what I needed. I think it will spice up the jam quite nicely.

  2. This video obviously took a lot of time! I don't think you get enough thank you's for all you do on this channel. I haven't been watching too long but i already see my progression because of this channel 🙂 And messing with these blues riffs is now a whole new world to jump into!
    THANK YOU!!!

  3. These are all great licks, the only thing I could have asked for is for you to tell which key they're in for each one. Nice 🙂

  4. Hi Bobby, these riffs are fantastic. Just right for where I'm at with my playing, which is that I'm getting pretty decent overall, but stuck with pretty limited soloing skills. I basically just noodle around the pentatonic scale, but lack any catchy sounding accents to throw in, which really makes the difference between sounding like a hack (which is about where I'm at) vs. fairly skilled, I think. So I'm going to print these and practice them a bunch so that they become part of my soloing "vocabulary". Thanks for taking the time to do this, and to present it all so clearly and concisely.
    One idea that could be a nice addition is if you indicated what key each riff is in, as presented. Then the riffs could be transposed to other keys by moving them up or down the neck. It's easy to transpose things, but I wouldn't know where to take them for a given song without knowing the key. I don't know if that could be added as a text overlay or something like that. I would try to figure it out myself but I have no idea how to approach that task, other than just guessing by ear. Anyway thanks again, nice work.

  5. Mr. Bobby, thanks a lot from a French learning guitarist. You are clear and you know how to share your experience. It's not so frequent. Congratulations from Northern France.

  6. 0:15 Riff 1 , 0:56 Riff 2 , 2:07 Riff 3 , 3:17 Riff 4 , 3:55 Riff 5 , 4:53 Riff 6 , 5:41 Riff 7 , 6:39 Riff 8 , 7:16 Riff 9 , 8:17 Riff 10 , 9:01 Riff 11, 9:40 Riff 12 , 10:34 Riff 13 , 12:12 Riff 14 , 13:02 Riff 15 ,13:55 Riff 16 , 15:56 Riff 17 , 16:45 Riff 18 , 17:28 Riff 19 , 19:20 Riff 20 , 20:34 Riff 21 , 21:10 Riff 22 , 21:54 Riff 23, 22:58 Riff 24, 24:11 Riff 25

  7. Bobby this is awesome , it would be nice if you could place the time on each lesson i.e. Lesson 2 starts at 24:56 thereby separating each and helping us learn easily and move to lesson of interest.

  8. This is the best, most comprehensible blues riff video I've ever watched. Short and simple. I also learned to read tabs with this. Thanks so much. 🙂

  9. hi Bobby, been a fan for a while now, great lessons, I have arthritis in my fingers, do you have a nice slow blue tune for me that I can play one note at a time similar to this, something I can put feeling into and amaze my family, I am 74 and I am happy that I can play even a little, maybe something like summertime or house of the rising sun etc, something I don't have to spread my fingers ie one finger at a time, I got faith in you, keep it up, you really have a nice way of teaching

  10. Hi, nice video for blues beginners, but…
    you could name in which key the particular lick is and if u are in an A blues, you could mention if the lick is for the A chord, the D chord or a turnaround over the E chord. Also you could show us how to apply some of them on a backing track. And last point, this video could have been 20 min shorter, just play the lick and show the tabs in the background, everyone can pause the video and listen to it again. Anyway I learnt some nice stuff here.

  11. Thank you for all this material, I'm pretty sure many of us appreciate your time and effort to put it together and the simplicity of it

  12. Good riffs to copy but would have been so much more useful to state what key and what scale we are playing in or is it you just put together some cool sounding notes at random. NO disrespect man….. just a suggestion.

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  14. You should put at least even the values ​​of the notes, because you can not memorize every Lick or phrasing and then you would forget.
    Anyway thanks a lot

  15. Чтоб бумагу не тратить мог бы в Vegas вклепать в видео табы =)

  16. Thanks…muito obrigada pla aula…vc explica muito bem….parabens.. .e olha que sou brasileira mas entendi tudinho….

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