22 Ways to Use Rubber Band

22 Ways to Use Rubber Band

22 Ways to Use Rubber Band Prevent it from sliding and scratching the table’s surface All your utensils will stay in place without slipping Prevent drinking straw fell into the bottle Keep your tea bag in its place A quick tagging system Fix tilted Picture Just wrap a rubber band around the handles of pliers Help get a better grip for opening Keep Loose Zippers Up Finger exerciser Eraser Use a rubber band to loosen your pants when they’re too tight Cooking Thongs Wrist rubber band to prevent zoom creep Non-Slip Chopping Board Selfie (transient tripod) Use a rubber band to work that stripped screw out When packing, wrap your clothes tightly with rubber bands Prevent cable damage Attaching a rubber band to your finger helps you turn pages with ease Portion control pump products (especially good for kids) Keep those pot lids in place when moving food around Please Like Share & Subscribe

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  4. 1:45 he made us fool by rotating it on the opposite side of opening and then he put rubber band and rotated properly

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