🌙* Sleepy Time🌙* ASMR * Soft Sounds *  Massage *

🌙* Sleepy Time🌙* ASMR * Soft Sounds * Massage *

Good evening This video is going to be quite simple I’m going to use all things that have to do with sleepy time I’m going to speak very softly and very slowly and hopefully that will help you relax deeper and Hopefully make you somewhat sleepy the first thing we’re going to review is a pillow Something that you cannot go to sleep without This pillow has different embroideries on it With coins and sequins attached as well as pieces of just threads and disturbed fabric pieces and it is just an introduction to this It’s quite soft And it makes a nice tingly sound I don’t know how relaxing that is, but I would like to make a suggestion that has to do with pillow You know sometimes you might Have difficulty falling asleep and Nothing is helping you So there’s something that you can do you can lay your head down on the pillow Ear down and Glide your hand right next to yourself on the pillow Ever so gently glide and this will sound like ocean waves Simply recreates the effect or a shawl when you put it next to your ear and you listen to it and it sounds like ocean waves This is very similar amplifying technique I create a natural white noise sound And this slower you do it The more relaxing it gets I suggest you try that it feels very nice You know soon to a similar thing When you lay on your back like this, and you can glide both or your hands On each side either one at a time Or together Let me give you an example Doesn’t it feel good? creates an nice smoothing sound Plus just gliding your hand over it could relax you as well so try that The next object we have is a wonderful blanket It is so soft so squishy So soft so squishy Let me rub it on your cheek And the other cheek Feels good so soft And we’re going to tuck you in Let me open it up. [yeah], and I’m going to wrap it around you Just put this over your shoulder in here And the same thing on this side now And just tuck it into here so it stays Let me just tuck it in under your chin Now you’re all snuggly Swaddled like a baby, snug as a bug So I’m going to massage over the blanket a little bit I’m going to massage your neck I’m going to give you a squeeze on your traps like this ten-second squeeze That is so awesome I’m going to rub your chest circular motions right here and your shoulders on both sides And I know you’re going to enjoy it And as I do that, I would like to tell you about the benefits of this So anytime you feel warm as if you’ve been hugged or touched anytime You feel loved You release a wonderful hormone. That’s a feel-good hormone And it helps you feel connected and loved and nurtured Often makes us feel invincible like nothing can ever hurt us makes you feel protected and comforted and this wonderful hormone oxytocin Also bonds us together. Let me massage the shoulder on the side Just at the back of your neck, all of it And down your shoulder here too just scratch a little bit for you seems good Let me take care of other shoulder too Wonderful and you also can Release or help release that hormone yourself to yourself Why? Massaging your hands Massaging your feet, legs, shoulders. Just touching yourself here and there Rubbing it creating sensation as if you’re being touched sometimes having warm baths or wrapping yourself in a heavy blanket can recreate that sensation as well and the benefits of it is that it helps you stay healthier because it Increases your immune system therefore you stress less and you get sick much less It also promotes good sleep Because it just makes you feel comfortable and inspires positive thinking Makes you feel good You’re not stressed Therefore you see the world a little bit brighter with a little bit more positive touch to it And hopefully that was helpful to you Now I’m going to squeeze your traps And that is very nice and deeply relaxing sensation? What I’m going to do is I’m going to grab your trap on one side at a time like this between my fingers And squeeze it for 10 seconds It sounds a little harsher than it is But it will truly relax you It will relax your shoulders, your neck your head, the rest of your body we carry a lot of stress in our shoulders and our neck So let me do that let me do this one first I’ll do it from the side of it And I’m going to count to ten One Two three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten And release. It feels good? Let’s do the other side and again I’m going to squeeze it One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten and release it Good? Wonderful Massage your neck here too and you’ll be feeling warmer and more snug I’m going to move in move up to your face Your temples your cheeks let me just fix it up right here stuck in your feet here Okay Everything seems to be good in here too try to fix it up a bit and the same thing here just making sure everything is tucked in Wonderful, so now let’s get to your beautiful face so you know there are different types of headaches and Rubbing temples you can help with two of them one of them is vascular constrictions that means poor blood circulation and the second one is muscle tension which this will help with both of them We’re going to start by first placing my hands on your temples And I’m going to press it for 10 seconds and then release it one two three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten and now I’m going to do very slow gentle circular motions To loosen up the muscles on your temples help release the toxins from your lymph drain spots That are on the sides right here travel into the neck to your armpits So you would drain your lymphs from the middle of your face to the side and then you would drain them down the neck and then to the armpits so this will help So you break them up And it was so good now I’m going to press under your eyebrows and then pinch eyebrows like so Let’s do it, ready? one two three four five six seven eight nine ten And I’m going to pinch them And this could be very nice also releases tension Helps to drain the fluids from your eyes and from the center of your face I”m going to rub your forehead a little bit just like that just gliding my thumbs off your forehead and very softly Continue on this side now This is for deeper relaxing usually isn’t it? Such a gentle pressure very nice Now we’re going to move on to your jaw muscle You have your joints right here that you use all the time Every time you eat open your mouth Every time you speak it works this muscle So you can only imagine how stressed it is for all this work Suggest you find it on yourself by opening up your mouth a little bit and You can actually feel it tensed up on your sides. It’s usually about this thick so This is my muscle right here and Once you’ve found it are we going to do it. We’re going to press Deeply with our fingers onto it And this will relax it Okay, so let me find Let me find your muscle here I’m now here Okay now I’m going to press and hold press and hold feels good? Press and hold Press and hold Press and hold And I suggest you doing this from time to time just to have yourself relax And the last thing we’re going to do is we’re going to try tissue massage and That is a technique, and I saw a lot of asmrtist use as well as people online and a way to do it is to brush it over your face like so It could tickle your face a little bit And also the Crinkle sound can help your relax As well as this helps you close your eyes faster So hopefully this is relaxing Also play with the background here Goodnight

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