【STEAM+樂器系列2】電子敲擊板 Yamaha DD-75 Drum pad

Whenever a musical instrument lover… should be a musical instrument idiot can’t find a place to put his instruments at home That really has to think about solving the problem Among the instruments Carlos could play, except the piano and the organ, the drum set is the largest And this Yamaha DD-75 Can really solve the problem As a reminder, if everyone likes the channel of Carlos the OrganMan Please click on the subscription in the lower right corner If you want to be notified of new videos as soon as possible Press the bell Also welcome everyone to like and leave a message Quickly unboxed and found many accessories With two pedals and a carrying case There are also upgraded pedals headset Drum stools and more Can it meet my requirements Going to the room to try Actually Carlos’ requirements are not very high I just want a set of drums to help me practice or band Here is my studio Here is the computer desk There are many instruments and music stations here The other side is the workbench There is a corner between the workbench and the music stand I put the drum kit here The entire set of electronic drums is supported by a snare drum stand The top is heavy so the center of gravity is high, not very stable Let me try Let ’s talk about pedals, these are the original pedal 1 and pedal 2 I do n’t think so, I do n’t feel good with the pedal button Changing the upgrade pedal is completely different Kick pedal should be inserted here Hi-hat pedal plug here Two pedals should be placed in a figure-eight shape on the ground It ’s really the same with the drums. It ’s more comfortable to put your feet up. First look at kick pedal What is a kick pedal, what a drummer calls a kick Kick literally means “kick”, which means kicking the bass drum with his feet The kick drum must be strong enough. Light power is silent Strong voice Feel good It’s a little different from real drum stretch, but it’s not bad Take a look at Hi-hat pedal again Hi-hat in Chinese There should be a sound when you step on it Because it will close when you step on it Squeeze on Toe (toe) and make this sound when hit Let go of Heel (heel). Heeling means no stepping down. This sound is made when hitting. The effect of Heel toe heel toe is like this But this feels a bit unreal Because it ’s really Hi-hat, when you use toe, you have to press down Then hi-hat will really close But here seems to step on lightly Take a look at the position of the drum pad. This is the snare drum. These two are obviously two middle drums This is Floor Tom (Middle drum on the floor) The position is roughly the same as the real drum Of course, the proportion has scale down. If there is not enough place don’t ask too much This is a cymbal This is also a cymbal, one on each side This is called ride cymbal (light hit) This is called crash cymbal. This is Hi-hat, as I said just now We try to knock on the pad Is controllable Controllable With dynamics, look at the function later From the left is the master volume, which is obviously the volume control Can be externally amplified, external sound amplifier This dial is used to enter For example, this number is the drum set no. There are more than a hundred sets of drums here. Some are special Playing different music with different drum sounds Some examples below Since Carlos’s main purpose is to play drums, he is not interested in these features Click is the metronome Drummers use a metronome for practice The speed of the metronome can be adjusted like this Does the whole meet Carlos’s requirements? Let’s try to play some drum patterns Basically works, but Carlos has poor eyesight Pad is so small, it’s easy to crook I think it meets my requirements I’m not a percussionist anyway I don’t practice it seriously The main purpose is to clamp the band by yourself Or four brothers clip Band together So my requirements are simple, just use them. And this drum can control dynamics Because I have another electronic drum that can be rolled up It only make a sound or not, it can only be used as a toy It also has a benefit to connect midi Can be connected to the computer, then I can input the percussion track without the keyboard The overall purchase experience is: 100 points If you like Carlos to introduce you to musical instruments Remember to like and comment, goodbye!

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