The reason I wanted to die, was that seagulls were squawking down by the wharf. They floated off at the mercy of the waves. Peck away at my past, too, before you fly off. The reason I wanted to die, was that our apricot tree blossomed on my birthday. When I dozed off in its dappled sunlight, I wondered if I could join all the dead bugs and return to dust. Peppermint candy. The lamplight of a fishing harbour. A rusted arch bridge. A discarded bicycle. In front of a stove in a wooden station building, but there’s nowhere my heart can embark. Today was exactly the same as yesterday. ”If you want to change tomorrow you have to change today!” I get that. I get it. But still… The reason I wanted to die, was that my heart had become hollow. The reason I cry about how unsatisfied I am, is surely because I’m wishing for fulfillment. The reason I wanted to die, was that my shoelaces had come untied. I was never really that good at re-tying them. My relationships with others are same way, too. The reason I wanted to die, was that a teenager was staring right at me. And now I’m prostrated atop my bed, apologizing to my younger self. The dim light of the computer. The ambient noise from the floors above. A bird-caged boy, plugging his ears to block out the interphone chime. I’m fighting with an enemy I can’t even see, like I’m Don Quixote in this 10×10 bedroom. And in the end, what I’m fighting for is a truly unseemly thing. The reason I wanted to die, was that I was called a cold-hearted person. The reason I cry that I long to be loved, is that can’t unlearn the warmth of another person’s touch. The reason I wanted to die, was that you smile so beautifully. The reason I can’t stop thinking about death, must be that I take living too seriously. The reason I wanted to die, was that I still hadn’t met you yet! If the world has people like you in it, then I like the world a little bit more. If the world has people like you in it, then I have a little bit more hope for the world.

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  1. Is anybody free to talk about existentialism. Cause im feeling super nihilistic these days. This song says that "The reason i want to die is because i take life too seriously" and that the reasons before are because of these, but isnt this what existence is either you take it seriously or somehow you go indifferent about it. Unless there is that interest or motivation( An objective or reason) that take up as a reason for living without thinking about the downs and hardships of life( which i admire and want but at the same time seems masochistic). Which makes me think that life seems like a glorified life of masochism.
    I hope that in my life i find something i love so that i can go along with bitch called life.

  2. Tears don't symbolize weakness, neither sadness, tears are the ones who clean out your heart. For every time you cry, you purify your heart. That's why, when you are experiencing tough times, cry, clean your heart out.

  3. Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa umineko ga sanbashi de naita kara

    Nami no manima ni ukande kieru kako mo tsuibande tondeyuke

    Boku ga shinou to omotto no wa tanjoubi ni anzu no hana ga saita kara

    Sono komorebi de utatane shitara mushi no shigai to tsuchi ni nareru kana

    Hakka-ame gyokou no toudai sabita AACHI kyou suteta jitensha

    Mokuzou no eki no SUTOOPU no mae de doko ni mo tabidatenai kokoro

    Kyou wa marude kinou mitai da asu wo kaeru nara kyou wo kaenakya

    Wakatteru wakatteru keredo

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa kokoro ga karappo ni natta kara

    Mitasarenai to naiteiru no wa kitto mitasaretai to negau kara

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa kutsuhimo ga hodoketa kara

    Musubinaosu no wa nigate nanda yo hito to no tsunagari mo mata shikari

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa shounen ga boku wo mitsumeteita kara

    BEEDO no ue de dogeza shiteru yo ano hi no boku ni gomennasai to

    PASOKON no usuakari joukai no heya no seikatsu on

    INTAAFON no CHAIMU no oto mimi wo fusagu torikago no shounen

    Mienai teki to tatakatteru rokujou hitoma no DONKI HOOTE

    GOORU wa dousei minikui mono sa

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa tsumetai hito to iwareta kara

    Aisaretai to naiteiru no wa hito no nukumori wo shitte shimatta kara

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa anata ga kirei ni warau kara

    Shinu koto bakari kangaete shimau no wa kitto ikiru koto ni majimesugiru kara

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa mada anata ni deattenakatta kara

    Anata no you na hito ga umareta sekai wo sukoshi suki ni natta yo

    Anata no you na hito ga ikiteru sekai ni sukoshi kitai suru yo

  4. I tried to kill myself once, it was more like a bet, will a car catch my head come trhough the bus stop or will they miss it? tried poking out for about 5 minutes
    I survived, felt really bad, then healed a bit, then I realized death wasn't worth it, you cant do nothing after you die, but you can always try to change something for the good of your life while you can, you may have to make sacrifices, let go of some stuff, but you still can reach for what you want.
    Im still very lonely and sad sometimes, but the thought of killing myself hasnt come back, because I love myself, I love being me and I love proving that nothing can bring me down because I already crossed the line, I can still be happy… because Im still alive.
    Have a nice sleep

  5. Hey, Channel owner!!! How about you give some credits to the singer?
    Her name is 【芝麻】Mochi. She's a Chinese singer who mostly covers Japanese songs. Here's her Bilibili channel.


  6. Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa umineko ga sanbashi de naita kara 
    Nami no manima ni ukande kieru kako mo tsuibande tondeyuke 
    Boku ga shinou to omotto no wa tanjoubi ni anzu no hana ga saita kara 
    Sono komorebi de utatane shitara mushi no shigai to tsuchi ni nareru kana 

    Hakka-ame gyokou no toudai sabita AACHI kyou suteta jitensha 
    Mokuzou no eki no SUTOOPU no mae de doko ni mo tabidatenai kokoro 
    Kyou wa marude kinou mitai da asu wo kaeru nara kyou wo kaenakya 
    Wakatteru wakatteru keredo 

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa kokoro ga karappo ni natta kara 
    Mitasarenai to naiteiru no wa kitto mitasaretai to negau kara 

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa kutsuhimo ga hodoketa kara 
    Musubinaosu no wa nigate nanda yo hito to no tsunagari mo mata shikari 
    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa shounen ga boku wo mitsumeteita kara 
    BEEDO no ue de dogeza shiteru yo ano hi no boku ni gomennasai to 

    PASOKON no usuakari joukai no heya no seikatsu on 
    INTAAFON no CHAIMU no oto mimi wo fusagu torikago no shounen 
    Mienai teki to tatakatteru rokujou hitoma no DONKI HOOTE 
    GOORU wa dousei minikui mono sa 

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa tsumetai hito to iwareta kara 
    Aisaretai to naiteiru no wa hito no nukumori wo shitte shimatta kara 

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa anata ga kirei ni warau kara 
    Shinu koto bakari kangaete shimau no wa kitto ikiru koto ni majimesugiru kara 

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa mada anata ni deattenakatta kara 
    Anata no you na hito ga umareta sekai wo sukoshi suki ni natta yo 

    Anata no you na hito ga ikiteru sekai ni sukoshi kitai suru yo

  7. would my family sad if i committed suicide? i hate my dad. he left us 10 years and we just reunited but everything is unexpected. he is worse than living with my mom. he always right and never believe in me, but he believe other. his attitude toward me and my sister is like a stranger. i do not know what to do now

  8. "The reason I wanted to die." Heard that from someone I was sweet on some, well going on ten years now. She was alone, I was too.
    We were going through the usual shit kids go through, she looked to me for comfort.
    Well, being the cold person I was I, bluntly told her to get over it.
    It got to the point she was talking about suicide, I looked her in the eyes and said.
    "No point rushing to the end, it's like trying to cut in a lineup. When it's your time, you'll be called up. For now, enjoy the ride so you have a story to tell."
    Well, whether it was my callous handling of the situation or another factor.
    She decided to jump ahead of the queue.
    I don't regret being cold at the time, certainly not now.
    It was then I came to the realization.
    I am alone, but never lonely. For I have my past, failures and successes, to look for comfort.

  9. You know, I was one of the most famous kids in my junior high school. I didn't want to be famous, I didn't want people to have high hopes for me, I don't want to live a life where everyone is expecting me to be there, I truly don't. My parents keep pushing me into extras and simply said "It's for your own future" while simply don't mind about me going insane from the pressure.
    The Reason Why I wanted To Die, is because I realize that no matter how many times I tried, no matter how much money I make, my dying girlfriend won't ever come back to me. She was the only person that is keeping me sane, the only one that I would struggle for, the one that loves me even when my own family doesn't.
    Life has given me nothing but pain and suffering. Even when I see a light at the end of a tunnel, Life simply just took it away in a flash.

    The only thing that is keeping me alive is how disappointed and sad she will be if I take my own life.

  10. 13岁 今年初中生 家庭还算富裕
    记得6年级的时候 我认识了一个人 我们不仅有共同话题 而且她对我很好 我也很喜欢她 至少到那时侯是这样
    跟她相处了一阵子 不知道为什么 我觉得她变得有些奇怪 有一次 我跟她一起吃饭 吃完后她跟我说 xx你去买单吧 我觉得这句话有些奇怪 就问她什么意思 当然是连我的一起付款吖 反正你那么有钱~ 我当时就懵B了 你自己的吃的 为什么要我帮你付款 然后她就高兴了 说我小气 要和我绝交
    第二天 我去买零食 她看见了就突然和我好了起来 还叫我也买给她吃 后来才知道她只是为了我的钱才靠近我

    和这首歌没关系 只是说一下我自己的小故事 必竞 我没有朋友可以听我诉说呢

  11. 死了就真的什麼都沒有了,千萬不要放棄;看看留言的一群人不向命運低頭,人生不如意十之八九。只要家人平安健康那就是最好的禮物!

  12. always trying to find a purpose for this life, I almost drove myself insane.. that point where you feel like your about to break and lose all control. We as humans tend to think alot, the thing that saved me was my realization that.. in this life, we don't need a reason for living, we don't need a purpose, we should just live just to live, we only get one chance anyways. so might as well see it through and forget about all the complicated stuff. Even if we found out our true purpose, its not like something like that would save us from ourselves anyways.

  13. 在此評論的人想也必有段坎坷的過往吧
    就這樣死去 也不會有人因此而感到悲哀
    每天的清晨起來 你們還不是好好活著嗎
    [只要活著 就不用想死去的事 各位加油]

  14. 天道本無情





  15. 我住在台北, 如果任何原因讓你覺得生命是一片漆黑, 無力走下去, 我沒甚麼太多的能力, 請你吃一頓飯喝一杯珍奶, 聽你訴苦的能力還是有的.

  16. Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa umineko ga sanbashi de naitakara

    Nami no manima ni ukande kieru kako mo tuibande tonde ike

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa tanjoubi ni anzu no hana ga saitakara

    Sono komorebi de utatane shitara mushi no shigai to tsuchi ni nareru ka na

    Hakkaame gyokou no toudai sabita āchi-kyou suteta jitensha

    Mokuzou no eki no sutoobu no mae de dokoni mo tabidatenai kokoro

    Kyou wa marude kinou mitaida ashita o kaerunara kyou o kaenakya

    Wakatteru wakatteru keredo

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa kokoro ga karappo ni nattakara

    Mitasarenai to naite iru no wa kitto mitasaretai to negaukara

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa kutsuhimo ga hodoketa kara

    Musubi naosu no wa nigatena nda yo hito to no tsunagari mo mata shikari

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa shounen ga boku o mitsumete itakara

    Beddo no ue de dogeza shi teru yo ano hi no boku ni gomen'nasai to

    Pasokon no usu akari joukai no heya no seikatsu-on

    Intāfon no chaimu no oto mimiwofusagu torikago no shounen

    Mienaiteki to tatakatteru rokujouhitoma no donkihoute

    Gouru wa douse hidoi mono sa

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa tsumetai hito to iwa retakara

    Aisaretai to naite iru no wa hito no nukumori o shitte shimattakara

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa anata ga kirei ni waraukara

    Shinu koto bakari kangaete shimau no wa kitto ikiru koto ni majime sugirukara

    Boku ga shinou to omotta no wa mada anata ni deattenakattakara

    Anata no youna hito ga umareta sekai o sukoshi suki ni natta yo

    Anata no youna hito ga iki teru sekai ni sukoshi kitai suru yo

  17. 聽哭。。。曾經我相信每個人,現在。。。我所相信的,幾乎全是騙人,從小到大,經歷了無數次傷害,現在以傷痕累累的我,心中滿目瘡痍,也曾想過一死了之,聽完這首,感觸良多,希望之後,能忘卻不如意之事,只求能勇往直前

  18. Quererlo tanto que olvidas todo, un solo momento que paso aún te extraño, extraño mis sueños lo dejé todo por solo ver tu sonrisa, ahora te digo adiós

  19. 僕が死のうと思ったのは ウミネコが桟橋で鳴いたから
    波の随意に浮かんで消える 過去も啄ばんで飛んでいけ
    僕が死のうと思ったのは 誕生日に杏の花が咲いたから
    その木漏れ日でうたた寝したら 虫の死骸と土になれるかな
    薄荷飴 漁港の灯台 錆びたアーチ橋 捨てた自転車
    木造の駅のストーブの前で どこにも旅立てない心
    今日はまるで昨日みたいだ 明日を変えるなら今日を変えなきゃ
    分かってる 分かってる けれど
    僕が死のうと思ったのは 心が空っぽになったから
    満たされないと泣いているのは きっと満たされたいと願うから
    僕が死のうと思ったのは 靴紐が解けたから
    結びなおすのは苦手なんだよ 人との繋がりもまた然り
    僕が死のうと思ったのは 少年が僕を見つめていたから
    ベッドの上で土下座してるよ あの日の僕にごめんなさいと
    パソコンの薄明かり 上階の部屋の生活音
    インターフォンのチャイムの音 耳を塞ぐ鳥かごの少年
    見えない敵と戦ってる 六畳一間のドンキホーテ
    僕が死のうと思ったのは 冷たい人と言われたから
    愛されたいと泣いているのは 人の温もりを知ってしまったから
    僕が死のうと思ったのは あなたが綺麗に笑うから
    死ぬことばかり考えてしまうのは きっと生きる事に真面目すぎるから
    僕が死のうと思ったのは まだあなたに出会ってなかったから
    あなたのような人が生まれた 世界を少し好きになったよ
    あなたのような人が生きてる 世界に少し期待するよ

  20. The voice is just mesmerising, just a slight bit of huskiness and vulnerability seamlessly naturally. Love it. So unique. And what flow! How I wish I was fluent in Japanese.

  21. I have set a death horizon for myself for many years. If I start to become unhappy for too long and I try my best and cannot change anything for about a year or two then I have lived on this earth long enough and it is time to bring it to an end.

  22. La gente no piensa en morir. piensan en escapar. Huir de un problema al que no se atreven a enfrentar.

    Esa es la razón por la cual 9 de cada 10 intentos de suicidio prevenidos no vuelven a intentarlo más. La muerte es mucho más aterradora que cualquier problema mundano.

    Se que no sabré nunca de todo por lo que has pasado y estas pasando, de lo jodido que es puede a llegar a ser la vida de verdad. Pero sé que lo único que puedes hacer frente a un obstáculo, es superarlo. Buena suerte.

  23. 願所有曾經想自殺的人,能好好的活著,生活再痛苦,自殺後雖然一了百了,但還活著的親人.朋友會比你們更痛苦,留下的人往往是失去最多的

  24. 看到大家留言後,發現自己真的很幸福。父母健在,沒有財政壓力,考上了大學….可是可是我內心還是覺得很空,開心不起來

  25. 我傷心難過就會自殘。可我永遠不瞭解,為何班上的一些女生,明明看起來一點也不難過,卻每次都要以自殘來博取同情,還私底下説我的自殘根本沒傷到。我已經流血了,你還說得出這種話……我們不是曾經最好的朋友嗎?…..

  26. 我是同性戀

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