-⋈- Super Gentle Man Suit Fitting-⋈-  ASMR / Ear-to-Ear / Fabric Sounds / Ironing

-⋈- Super Gentle Man Suit Fitting-⋈- ASMR / Ear-to-Ear / Fabric Sounds / Ironing

Hello welcome to our a speciality tailor session My name is maria, and I’m going to be helping you today if you don’t mind [I] know that you have a very specific Type [of] a suit that you’re looking for correct, okay, and um I know that you have um Decided to wear an outfit that you usually wear underneath your suit, and this is something that I have to work around correct Okay,now what is next????🤔🤔 Would you mind if I just take a look at it? Good Okay just so now I can see which fabric it isn’t [oh] it is around your body. Yes okay, I Can definitely [work] [with] that um I know that we’re going to stick with business casual suits today, right? anything Well first of all I know that are you trying to? Make all compartments for your glasses, right is that the one that you wear right now? Do you mind if I take a look yeah? Thank you? okay, I Know that they don’t have any prescription lenses in them, right? Then you use them mostly as a disguise All right, I know so I’ll just keep him with me randall that I’ll make you cray. I’ll create a special pocket Mm-Hmm And now going to [start] measuring you of a measuring satin [if] you don’t mind just try to Be as you usually are without trying to be too stiff or Tense you know It’s important for me to measure all the real curvature of your body the way you are been The way you sit is when you standing Um all these [little] different [things] [you’re] important and creating perfect El Elegant Fitted suit for you Okay Now that I see what we’re working with I know that it it may be Swim style A suit would be [fast] for your body type It’s going to curve around your muscular chest and your shoulders And your torso, and it’s going to cover up your undershirt perfectly – okay just start the measuring part yep, a Lot of our clients. Enjoy this part because I relaxes them So if you’d like, I can you tangled massage You know the little tattoos the gentle? I just talk to [you] when I measure you the kind of whisper Maybe you wouldn’t do that your whole experience. That’s very important procedures I want to make you happy, so I’m going to start with Madeline’s on your neck You to me [hello] me I’m going to see the length of your shoulder just And now I’m doing this Would you mind breathing in with your full chest to fill up your lungs? Yep, the [per] [second] then just hold the breath [for] me and now release and exhale fully Okay, wonder. Thank you I’m Gonna Come behind [you’d] [imagine] one side Okay I’m just trying to keep your [vice] turn your oh, please right around just to do Straightening your so you [measure] [your] elbow being straight Okay, and now we shoot him right through the same thing but Elmo just slightly From here same thing just straight now Let me write it all down real good So now let’s get on to their shirts Now for the shirts I have picked something for you already [I] think that combination black and white Will work best for your work environment? I don’t let you do your [you’ll] [assam] and right [beside] this good [no], we can pick different types of accessories after this fashion button pocket on the side Yeah, button to call it as well. So you have that option Of course, I’m going to iron it and lent it for you and just after this before we try it on Well, I can assure [extend] [X1Aa] [Japan] Cotton So I’m listing well when your skin Fabric is pretty thick and not see-through So you are a logo will be camouflage this way Well long sleeves just or [to] [you] of course you want to fit it to your size and then to [get] some beautiful Home on your skin Highlighting your features, but at the same time Hiding them. I just enough What do you think would you like to try it on? Against your skin your combination. I think it’s good So now the irons you don’t mind Plus you can loosen out this way and see our area here working air in Stages And then we’ll come back and try it on Good method So we have our ironing surface ironing table ready Just thinking show that there now Well particles that we need to [remove] Seems to be in a good condition so we can iron a shirt The first thing we’re going to do is iron the color So we’re just [weighed] flat Stretch it out pull on the sides a little bit and I’m going to take the iron and Not pulling just not pushing just glide it over Just able to [wait] off the iron itself to do its job this way with great crispiness Next we’re going to arm the shoulder blades so just carve it around the corner like so this way you can see we have access to the whole upper area around the collar [so] [again] again plaintiff And iron it Simply just gliding iron around the Corners Okay, one set at a time. So we do one side on the [other] side Same thing to you, sir to clean it up and glide the iron around Corners up to the middle where we just left off? They’re going to iron sleeves now To lay the shirt down this one create your price That goes down with the seam on the outside on the bottom okay? [you] [Saarland] over again? And you’re gliding her again pictures to Go on one side and stretch it towards the opposite side this or Basically you need to create a pool against The Fabric so it stretches it out correctly [its] battling little creases like this little crease in the corner and we just press on the [carpet], [so] I’m going to flip [it] do the same thing on the other side increases laughs aside You don’t have to always create the scene, but I preferred because it [looks] much more sharper clean much more groomed and just Sure [explain] adjust I think it suits man better wound up shirt is crisp Ironed sharply with edges. Let’s go to this way Let’s do the same thing the other looks and perks and Perfection Let’s make sure that you’re happy without [them] You’re taking care of and you look good I’ll make [sure] to help you with that okay to decide Besides I usually use again the curvature of the table itself and I usually first iron the buttons area So we just carve it around like this you Have stretch through here This will help me gain access around the bottom share you the closure and Looking good closer to the [scene] to just around this area because it won’t have much access after Just curve it further around a tingle And up towards the scene where it [meets] the back And again, I’m going in upwards motions same motion Pressing a little bit extra time over the pocket just to make [sure] that it will stay Flat against the surface of your skin later now. Let’s do the other side I’m going to do the button first again It’s going to be a tricky around the buttons So I usually just go in between them like that I’m just up against the outside [of] the buttons and the cell car corner right here Very good time. We do the same thing got it further up Okay down this stitching between the back You’ll pick a thing or two And again you remember the Corners [are] [no] [hedges] seems like a [smooth] surface, no that’s Kinda bad continue stretching it around the same area down the middle Okay ever so familiar Now we just keep twisting towards us It continues me on with the table itself so it’s much easier for you to work [with] it That’s why you have [all] these groups and the tables Blend it a bit Just to make sure Holdin Electrolytes and things like that Up into noon see here Okay, we’re all done so Our search is nice, and ironed are you how about if we go into put it on yes? A Little nice and crisp for you. It’s going to sit just perfectly on your skin against just Now to place it around you let me come from the back Let’s do this Let me take a look at different hmm. How does the heel so far good? Let me button it up for you I think it’s you look so elegant. [I] absolutely love you, silhouette and this shirt I hope you don’t mind that I’m buttoning you up Just trying to take care [of] you and make you feel comfortable Okay And now let me just take a look at this shirt And you watch I just meant second week to make sure that it fits better on you If it tie it around your [neck] or [is] it okay? So good you don’t want any loose on the sides I’m just going to relax the shirt like this I Might Tickly even a little bit feels relaxing doesn’t it? Kind of it’s nice sometimes to see potential. I’m sure you get helped Not surprised at home Okay So I [think] we’re good doesn’t [I’m] just here at your [waistt] low like this If it’s better this way, I’ll definitely make an adjustment Okay, now let’s take a look at the jacket And again, Mr.. [Burdett] for you. Oh I forgot to show you I’m sorry my God don’t distracted So um as far as this shirt just so that you [see] how well it come up lashes um? You long go I have prepared a [manikin] here for you. Just [to] show [you] what its Gonna look like against the white Um also if you wish well, we would love to provide you with quick release Buttons [just] [so] you can rip it off like this easy cuz time is [money] for you and like we understand it So I can come up with something for you that will release the buttons easily at a certain speed However, not too fast so it doesn’t listen up here today Good just take a look [at] I think I just know it because it’s been standing here all this time, and you didn’t know that. I was there right? [oh] You know okay? [so] you can see how the [locals] stick sound like this I’m [Nessa], so you can see it. I think look just right. What do you think? Oops, but now [that] take a look at this suit. It’s not if you don’t right at the jacket [I] should say so for the jacket I Got there a pretty simple three buttons jacket and three buttons and greens and you have a choice of buttoning up the two last buttons With three buttons it goes like this always maybe never So you don’t really? Tighten up the last button [the] bottom button But you have an option to button up Talk to me This will create a wonderful V-shape on your body which is exactly what you want? especially the slim and then we’ll great sure and double flaps here well pocket right here that you can actually store your glasses [in] if you wish Of course I’m going to make it fit it inside you in arms chest and arms And we have pockets Open up And you can store your long legs and two months that you might bust like here a lot of secret pocket In this version have one right and sent one more on the bottom [mmm]. Yep, another one another top. Oh the back and That is going to look pretty similar to the rest of the suits Nothing to really Watch [that] will stand out course and make sure that shoulders And lift it here, so then we’ll [doctor] your body just right and help you I light your Masculine figure Would you like to try it it on – wonderful? Thank you so much I’m so glad that you’re liking [safari] everything that I offer you um let me come from the packing Okay and [okay], very good We’re looking if there are any gaps to my shirt I don’t Take a look very well I See where I can make a couple corrections just to make sure that it’s it’s better let me button you up a bit to Remember the top one is always the second ones, maybe And the third one [is] never you can also apply that to it to button check into But it will be tap one as always second one is maybe or never what everyone So let’s see Definitely like this you shape That you get attract the attention at the same time it covers up your look on even [more] Because it’s no under a shirt and with a jacket on top of it so it’s almost seamless So I think that now is the time for me to thank you. I’ll make sure to make a lot of These suits for you, so you can dispose of them As you please you [will] make sure to have just enough for you. Oh I know that [too] you also Had a question about your cape right? I know that you brought it with you. You’ll have [to] read there. I’ll grab it real quick I know you said that you had some problems with [that], right? Trying to see make sure that there’s no tearing or of any type It mostly with the closure right that’s not a problem So now I’m going to pick up the special um gifts for you, but that’s in the next session the Session I just wanted to finish up saying thank you. Oh, you are You are our hero It is comforting to know that. There’s such a pre greatest [fan] out there Takes care of us. Oh Cyril You want to truly a good man, and we cherish you with all our hearts [I]? personally admire And I find to be a real hero So thank you [so] much for coming over today This experience was so much relaxing because I know how hard you work You spend helping all of us and I just wanted to show you my appreciation and Tell you live and I personally So for all [of] these suits on the [house] It is our pleasure to work with you. Thank you for being an inspiration [I] like the Dark down You are so good Thank you You deserved appreciation Okay

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