hi long time, the company anchors I just do not want there to Actually this is not a particularly well about him I heard even among enthusiasts wireless headphones, they slowly steel sputtered in recent pets 2 headphones that I had the anchor life 2 left a nice straight the impression so as soon as I have them listened to temper once older version liberty r2 but there prepared to let us understand the incredible sound that loved for more than 10 million people it is a phrase in the box meets tanker liberty r2 is the course we are not but check that people can fall in love with them at least for the packaging is without doubt Through me, they have passed the ship just tueva hucha but still nice when you for your money, as it were already in start give a little more than so expect that this part of the questions not as though by picking apart cable for charging taip si lie and waiting for their part are four pairs Replaceable ear pads and instead of five pairs three are usually put earpads well kept ears layers here ne 2 The situation has not changed but that’s changed now the case, I really it may be called a compact made from opaque gray plastic material a bit like a soft-touch at As fingerprints it collects so normally at the front there are three Charge indicator What is more pleasant when you open the lid immediately headphones They cling to the phone for example jabra elite 75 for you there 13000 rubles do not know how to case so solidly assembled cover virtually no backlash and in the open position held by the springs do not just closed well, more like a bonus for amateur wireless zaryadok then she there until all straight like the one in according to the modern trends opening the lid of the case meets us exploits short blinking white lights on the headphones and you can not help here tense up as if they did not blink at time and you can not relax MIGA well as the at least during Playback does not blink and if the music to pause the starts flashing earphones my ears are relatively small It is holding up well but sometimes correct all also have to well test cap specifically in my the case of failed start to put pressure on the ears not outside the body and not inside where the sound but part of sound waters looks the way just awesome how such a small golden propeller very interesting a decision on the inside of the earpiece or Those guys can not see but if you look closely all there is a small circle which at first does not work but here at comes in the firmware application sound card in it, you can see the charge each individually earphone update which by the way the firmware immediately arrives when first connected, and here I am listening to Headphones can be updated after a meal not become worse as through the application you can adjust the effect of touch headphone touchpads is what I did not have in the shop 2 and they are made then the mind namely protection against accidental clicks you can configure all play pause manage tracks and even adjust the volume down and you are comfortable appeared option to switch tracks on the double touch and hold to change the volume two seconds here, you can activate pause to note the earpiece out of the ear has two minuses after you earpiece I put back the music needed handles re-enable itself it is not included well and adjust the volume gradually carried out not by holding a here once hit earphone on one point volume exchanged want to do more louder or quieter be kind again Clamp two seconds is not always headphones correctly recognize dual tap and you have to dig more but Basically it is rare course as well as any necessary sensors here accustom but generally at the expense and even splyashem Moisture pi x 5 is of course in bin soul beneath them to stand but accidentally rain no problem 7:00 but the company promises to time anchor Battery life on the fact of course I get a little less on maximum volume with codecs petition together with galaxy s 10 I It turned out to survive 4:26 generally normal figure given the fact that the top speed here is clearly to have a margin still standing battery 500 milliamperes hour that probably 3 times recharging Headphones should be enough after headphones village music is switched on one that was not important and it there are still 50 percent of the charge but to various device I connect them It does not work audio delay all standard in the games and it call of duty while she bolshevat in this regard, wireless nowhere escape but in its virtually perfect youtube there is no way they are stable to me too like in conjunction with the 10 I’m still here any failure did not catch the sum of 4 microphone on the headset and life barely Talk plan set very high lath but let’s see what surprise us or no liberty r2 you work microphones Anchor liberty r2 in a quiet area not clockwork machine feeling much Feel handsfree was from 0 to 1 and Speakerphone barrel do not know how on another short called I start 2 there sounded anchoring microphone profit cannon bomb here by I do not know We talk about this microphone and panther liberty r2 machine oven Definition 4 music against the backdrop of nine shumodav running music is muted not imagine that much less than normal death machine to a very strange but older model managed to make anchor microphone and worse top of the tooltip is now come out link on the review of life ne-2 can be compared with wish well, there is clearly working shumodav less efficiently write in comments your thoughts in each earpiece liberty r2 We put a dynamic driver’s alleged diamond coated hardly anyone of you this may boast of chips these headphones lies in the fact that through the application you can customize the type of sound for yourself function is called Giralda it works on this principle stick a headphones ears when it is desirable to be in a quiet room and she checked is that you over 3 minutes into the headphones will be switched on sounds of different frequencies starting with very faint and sand to more low hum with each sound begins with normal volume and gradually volume decreases and your task is to press the button until you hear any sound and release if you already I do not hear well, that did not know I was Just I heard in a quiet room in general, all sounds at any volume button released once at the transition between sounds and so the final schedule in I have only one rise in the vicinity of the upper frequency but a specific and in my case I did not notice a difference at all in fact as well as the meaning is also possible if the hearing is not sharp enough some frequency just do not take it and will helpful but in my case somehow passed although I do not consider myself too human Super some sharp as rumors application, there is still a lot of tabs different presets but I honestly all the whistle and do not listen to perdelki just as on a standard equalizer Now the sounds sometimes it happens that the first once you turn on the headset just the first that came to a song and you know right away Yes gone so this is not about liberty or duo with them I had to be like a week to penetrate and eventually was filled by Compared with jabra or cs5 there is no overdrive at low but the bass It worked through good texture dynamic deep bass and also traced in the middle of good standing with decent enough detail neatly sounds and the high was not desire to somehow diminish in general is very, very decent sound but the pressure of fans drive B speakers may slightly lack the brilliance although in general it is good if there for mike you life 2 is definitely better r2 by the sound of overtaking them one hundred percent Please read through the liberty r2 anchor stand on fifth place in the overall ranking but I want to note that it depends on personal preferences and admit that his serve but will drop liberty r2 probably 80 percent of the people will be to They best know example cases where people moved from jabra or cs5 200 bucks just to r2 which costs us just come to the price of too much 90 bucks is if aliekspresse in Russia well, or they are sold in Moscow for 8000 rubles but let us summarize the outwardly cool Wireless charging is paused on your account ear earphone four and a half hours autonomy at maximum speed sensor with a good functional management really cool sound and surprisingly microphone and which is worse than the life fag but there is one more thing that can be for someone to be decisive in some headphones is present in some No new r2 with the ear cushions which my size is perfect in wish you put unpleasant vacuum less vacuum ear cushions are no longer well headphones in the ears sit worse probably the last time I was so find forts under siege in the general list of advantages and disadvantages clearly more r2 definitely get a list of recommendations He and precisely as possible to try and maybe for you they will best headphones but this is inaccurate sound such a thing but there is what exactly it these headphones, we’re giving away the link the following description will be all the necessary Information as always if the video was helpful and the Like Subscribe to the channel well and see you until the next video


  1. Мне по звуку больше Samsung Galaxy buds понравились немного режут верха. Но зато держит связь хорошо

  2. Думаю самая сбалансированная модель в линейке. Про какая-то громоздкая, да и болячки такие же.
    Правда в других обзорах на микрофон особо не было нареканий, странно.
    Ну а если в след поколении поправят микрофоны и допилят датчик изъятия то будет просто пушка (хотя лично я бы хотел видеть ipx7, tws+ и multipoint даже если это увеличит цену на 30-50$).

  3. Херасе наглость барыг. Спасибо. Было полезно. Продолжаю выбирать…

  4. А что лучше , anker или buds+ . Стоит ли покупать анкеры , если можно доплатить 2к и купить хорошие наушники для самсунга

  5. Так что взять Pamu slide mini(и большой возможностью нарваться на брак) или эти anker (микрофоны ещё наверно могут допилить в обновлениях прошивки)?

  6. Зделай плз обзор на наушники Oneplus!!! Интересно в рейтинге на какое место встанут!!!

  7. Уже месяц пользую эти уши и крайне доволен качеством звука. А про ужасные микрофоны узнал только из этого видео) Хорошо, что я не любитель болтать по телефону, а уж тем более через гарнитуру) Вот здесь очень подробный обзор этих наушников https://www.rtings.com/headphones/reviews/anker/soundcore-liberty-air-2-truly-wireless

  8. Неужели так сложно сделать что нибудь на уровне AirPods?! В апл реально очень достойные спецы работают 🤷🏻‍♂️

  9. Мдаа ,перемудрили , 90 дороговато . наверное львиная доля бюджета ушла на рекламу . А может что то на программном уровне – по правят может. Не понравились . Обзор хороший , информативный все по делу .

  10. Подскажи, на повседнев для метро air 2 лучше buds+ будут в связке с s9 ? С чем сам ходишь до сих пор?) Спасибо!

  11. Наушники зачётные в итоге, для такой цены минусы не критичны

  12. Цена этих наушников прям шок. Я аж вскрикнул. Да плюшек много но микрофон редкостная дрянь.

  13. Крутые наушники)
    Если бы с микрофоном не подкачали – вообще было бы топ)
    Спасибо за обзор!

  14. Видео как всегда на высоте. Вид зашёл, но что то наушники отработали совсем плохо.

  15. Звук микрофона огорчил, а так прикольно всё)) особенно комплектация))

  16. Нуууу наушники не так уж микрофон ужасный и дорогой.но басы наверно топ

  17. Лайк за обзор. Наушники, как и обзор очень понравились 🔥 Микрофон как-то подвёл

  18. Ужасный звук с микрофонов расстраивает. Как и поднявшаяся на Али цена до 126$ 🙁

  19. Харэй обзоры делать, мои саббаты уже на четвертом месте, апитна да.)))

  20. #Слушай братец, твоя таблица сравнения наушников, заслуживает ВНИМАНИЯ (большой труд), но прошу тебя, добавь ещё одну графу – удобство посадки в ухе, на протяжении полной зарядки…

  21. не сc#те пацаны, цена вернулась назад! теперь вопрос: всё таки брать или нет?)

  22. Купил после отзыва человека с 4pda.
    Звук мне понравился больше чем в саббатах, запас громкости большой, слушаю на 65% везде(метро/улица) посторонних звуков не слышу, зарядки хватает на 6.5 часов прослушивания музыки. Микрофон в обзоре скорее всего с браком, очень хороший, одни из первых tws наушников, где не вытаскиваешь их из уха, чтобы ответить на звонок(исключение метро и очень сильный ветер)

  23. Да нахер они нужны за 7 касарей. За 2т можно взять не хуже этих, а то и лучше. Блицы хотябы к примеру. Шикарно раюотают уже пол года и ниначто не поменяю

  24. Дизайн мне зашел. Но микрофон это просто катастрофа, да и ценник ,мне кажется, высокий

  25. Ответ ANKER Official Store на вопрос о проблемах с микрофоном в LIBERTY AIR 2:
    "Thank you for contacting us. So sorry to hear about the issue with your headphones! We would love to make this right for you as quickly and easily as possible.
    Please let me know if these troubleshooting tips are helpful:
    1. Use the default phone call on another phone to see if it makes any difference.
    2. Download the Soundcore APP and upgrade the firmware to the latest version.
    3. Reset the earbuds by the following steps to see if the problem still persists.
    — Place the earbuds back into the charging case and keep the case open.
    — Tap then hold the button at the bottom of the case until both the earbuds' LED lights flash red 3 times. This will clear the pairing information and the earbuds will restart automatically.
    Please also let us know:
    1. What is the model and OS of the device you're connecting with?
    –For iOS devices, please make sure the output device is the "Soundcore Liberty" when you pick up the call.
    –For Android system, please try to turn up the volume on your phone to see if it helps. (You may try to turn down the volume a bit them turn it up as Android devices don't support media volume sync.)
    2. Are you having this issue with regular phone calls or with an App you use for calls?
    3. Where are you usually when the problem happens? Indoors? On a busy street?
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Looking forward to hearing from you!"

    ПС: Из предложенного, можно попробовать сброс настроек или потестить на других устройствах. Если кому-то поможет будет интересно узнать.

  26. Нормальный хабар! (ц) 🙂 спасибо, интересная модель и набор фич. Могли бы и побольше акк в такой кейс. Хотя б на 800. С микро – похоже на брак.

  27. За 1000₽ я готов сыграть в лотерею, а вот 7000₽ контроль качества должен соответствовать. Топ обзор 👍

  28. Недавно трогал в Dr.Head, искал дополнительные TWS. Микрофон, если честно, не хуже, во многих других моделях, главное – он погромче.
    P.S.: Даёшь обзор на Klipsch S1! А то их на русском почти нет.

  29. Привет Друг! Подскажи пожалуйста, pamu slide , действительно лучше по звуку анкеров Либерти 2? Никогда не пользовался беспроводными ушами. Выбираю между этих двух моделей , а сравнить в живую нету возможности. Понравились зелёные pamu slide как думаешь стоит ли их заказывать в слепую?

  30. Эти наушники у меня куплены, и слушаю только на басс присете в приложении

  31. Прикольные наушники, но как то расстраивает работа микрофонов

  32. Очень классно смотрятся, хочу купить, главное чтоб звук было кошерным

  33. Анкер делают годные уши,у самого liberti air,отличные просто!звук достойный,задержек нет вообще ни где. И микрофоны,а их там 4 штуки,хорошо работают,все слышно и меня и собеседника. Авто подключение,долгий режим работы. А если плеер толковый поставить то вообще супер. Брал за 80 баксов)доволен)

  34. давай обзор blitzwolf fey6
    а по поводу микрофоне в остальных обзорах претензий не было, может у тебя брак???

  35. Симпотичные. Но дорого, хотя все продуманно (почти) и просить такие деньги они могут…

  36. Пользуюсь пару месяцев уже AUKEY EP-T10. Мне нравятся. Слышал когда-нибудь? Надеюсь, увижу у тебя их на обзоре со временем.

  37. Нормальный микрофон, у самого p2 и эти, походу обзорщику брак достался

  38. Обзор гуд… тема с хер найди , суПерделки и т. п фраз нормально входит)))еще не один комент будет)… по мне так «уши макароны в тесте на шапку всегда будут провальными) народ наверное аирподсами болен подсознательно! Лучше мифо саббатов в ушах пока ничего не сидело ( имхо)

  39. Добрый день! Отличный обзор👍
    Сделайте, пожалуйста, обзор на SVEN E-707BT

  40. Я жду обзор на Anker liberty neo, когда будет? Или у тебя сосульки только в топе?

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