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.: 100 Pipers - De Luxe Scotch Whisky

The finest hour, but perhaps the most tragic, of the Scottish Pipers occured in the early 18th century during the Jacobite invasions into England.

Two ill- fated attempts to restore a Stuart King to the English throne culminated in the 1745 uprising under Bonnie Prince Charlie, grandson of the last Stuart monarch.

He marched south with 100 Pipers, drawn from all the clans, leading his army.

Their story was celebrated in the old Scottish song, 'The Ballard of 100 Pipers'.

100 Pipers Scotch whisky celebrates many Scottish traditions. No other brand is so intimately linked to Scottish heritage.

100 Pipers is a unique blend of selected malt and grain Scotch whiskies, which together contribute flavours from all the Scottish whisky regions to the final blend.

Malt whiskies from the Highlands have fruity, spicy characters; Lowlands whiskies have light, gentle, floral notes; and those from Islay have powerful smoky, pungent qualities.

Speyside's famous malt whiskies provide a gentle smoothness and richness. 100 Pipers is blended and bottled in Scotland.

100 Pipers deluxe Scotch whisky
To experience the warmth and friendship of 100 Pipers, enjoy this exceptional deluxe blended whisky over ice with a little water.

Produced by: Chivas Brothers.

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