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The Southern Cross Pipe Band was founded in Montevideo, capital city of Uruguay in South America, in the early 1990s, by a handful of friends that shared their passion for the Great Highland Bagpipe.

In the beginning just a wishful dream, the project evolved throughout the years to become an amazing well-knit group of more than 30 members, including pipers, drummers and highland dancers, performing in almost all English-speaking community events and beyond.

Such an effort in such a far flung part of the world and away from the competition and tuition circuit was not easy at all. In spite of this and with a clear learning and technical improvement attitude, the Band achieved a unique blend of friendship, effort and discipline that has proven paramount to the Band’s success.

In February 2002 the Band achieved a significant 4th place in the Atlanta Highland Games and a 2nd place in the SUSPBA Highland Games in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, in the US, in its very first international competitions. It was a major accomplishment and a great learning experience. In addition to the competitions the Band attended the EUSPBA piping and drumming workshops in Atlanta and received instruction from P/M Sandy Keith (City of Dunedin Pipe Band) and Bruce Gandy.

Some 6 years ago the Band realized skilled tuition was really necessary to keep on improving. Instructors that have made the trip to Uruguay ever since are Canadian piper, PPBSO and RSPBA adjudicator Bob Worrall , House of Edgar Shotts and Dykehead tenor drummer Tyler Fry, Canadian dancing champion Carleigh Leighton, City of Dunedin Pipe Major Sandy Keith, PPBSO adjudicator Ken Eller and Canadian champion piper Ann Gray. Special mentions and thanks go to Bob Worrall that has made the trip to Uruguay 6 years in a row, Tyler Fry that has been to Uruguay 4 times and Ken Eller that traveled to Uruguay twice to teach us!

In addition to the competitions in the U.S., the Band has staged 7 piping Festivals (1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006), and co-organized the First Montevideo Celtic Festival in March 2003 with Jacksonville-Zonamerica. Indeed the event became a milestone in Celtic music in the region starring the best Celtic music bands from Canada, the U.S., Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

The Band is determined to foster and preserve highland bagpipe music and Scottish dancing in a fun and team spirit environment.

The Band’s key drivers?

· The highland bagpipe represents Scotland.
· Fun.
· Team spirit.
· High standard in planned objectives.
· Self-critic.
· Skilled tuition.

Contact us! We will be delighted to help you learn and above all enjoy the highland bagpipe, drumming and highland dancing!

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