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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Household names in piping ...well name me a few....Ian MacLellan and the Strathclyde Police, Robert Mathieson and Shotts and Dykehead, Iain MacLeod and the Edinburgh City Police, Terry Lee and SFU, Richard Parkes and FMM, Nat Russell and Victoria Police...the list goes on..... Oh! I forgot..... Eduardo Silvera and the Southern Cross Pipe Band. Yes that is correct ... household names are always a reflection of where you have travelled, where you have listened to pipe bands and what you have listened to. And Pipe Major Eduardo Silvera is a household name in South America and is spreading the reputation of the Southern Cross Pipe Band around the globe as he and many of his bandsmen travel far and wide to promote piping and drumming in the Montevideo area and learn as much as they can from the various leaders in the pipe band field


Pipe Major Eduardo Silvera, the Southern Cross Pipe Band, Montevideo, Uruguay

It was Eduardo who first approached Bob Worrall and Tyler Fry to visit MVD for an instructional workshop for his band. Several more visits followed. Again, he approached Ann Gray and myself to take part in the first ever South American Celtic Music Festival, with subsequent visits later for tuition. He has entertained some of the greats of the piping world in succeeding years and helped to organize many of the functions in South America - a respected leader in the pipe band community. Well ... he is coming to Canada this week for a short stay. During that time we will renew our friendships with a dinner Friday night and a trip to Buffalo, NY on Saturday to visit the British Shop - and see first hand the fabulous inventory of pipes and supplies that Iain Donaldson carries...then lunch ...a lesson or two and then a family Christmas party in the evening ... sounds like we are cramming as much as we can into his short weekend break from his employer - the Royal Bank of Canada - and that is what we intend to do. Mark my words, Eduardo Silvera is a household name in the pipe band community of South America and we finally get a chance to welcome him here to Ontario.

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